It’s time to take a step back and consider what exactly you spend your day doing.

Now ask yourself this question: Do I really have to perform this task, or can it be automated?

If you’re unsure of the answer, look no further. Here are eight business tasks that can easily be automated.

1. Bill payments.

Quit sifting through piles of statements, and mitigate the risk of missing a payment. You can do it with programs that keep everything you owe in one place.

Schedule payments, get a fast overview for better budgeting, and more.

2. Customer support.

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Personalized customer attention is everything, but fast response times and addressing issues in the order they were received is key as well.

The latest systems help you keep your customer support organized, and can also assist them in how they should respond.

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3. Emails.

Whether it’s marketing or business-wide memos, we no longer have any excuse to sit and type out messages all day long.

Identify your optimal time frame and schedule emails that go out to particular departments, customers, and more.

With customers, you can also get valuable data on how your email marketing efforts are performing.

4. Payroll.

If you’re manually entering payroll data, a few things could go wrong.

Errors become more common with repetitive tasks, and you’re wasting time better spent elsewhere – such as getting a complete overview of your finances.

Make better staffing decisions with systems that handle payroll for you.

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5. Social media.

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Creating and posting social media content doesn’t have to be a daily task.

Spend time just one day per week crafting your best posts, and then schedule them to be posted periodically throughout the week at peak times. It’s the hands-off way to stay engaged.

6. Data analysis.

Collecting and analyzing data is a must, and this is where the right digital transformation agency comes in. This is also very helpful when your data is separated by department.

Take advantage of analytics that benefits your entire business, helping you take the next step in confidence.

7. Web performance.

How’s your website doing?

Do you go through page by page, attempting to determine what need to be changed, what should be optimized, and what’s muddying the waters? You shouldn’t, thanks to today’s automated web performance measuring tools.

Find out what works and what doesn’t at a glance.

Here’s a tool to help you analyze your website for free.

8. Backup.

Backing up your files used to be a real process.

Now it can happen automatically with the variety of tools out there for automatic backup and disaster recovery, some of which even offer superior protection for your most precious data.

Having these backups occur automatically ensures that you’ll never be caught without what you need due to failures, hacks, and more mishaps.

The secret to your continued success lies within your areas of focus. Are you scheming for the future, or just getting by day to day?

Lighten your load and leave more room for innovation when you automate all of your essential business processes. Who knows – in addition to a more reliable, productive workflow, you could find the space for more time off.