4 Ways to Use Technology for Your Small Business

4 Ways to Use Technology for Your Small Business

Technology is an integral part of so many aspects of our lives. And of course, with every next year, small businesses understand they need it if they want to level up.

Some business owners that have been avoiding novelty for some time now, might be feeling left behind. So they need ideas on how to use the technological advancements in their business. Here are 4 such ways, each of which can improve an aspect of your work.

1. Stay productive with the right tools.

Productivity in business is closely related to finding and using the right tools, automating them and thus saving time and getting things done faster.

While you might think it will cost you too much to change your current systems and workflow that have always been working for you, you need to give different tools and apps a try.

Here are some examples:

Use a project management application like Trello to keep track of everything you and your team are doing. It allows you to create lists, boards, and cards to organize your work, communicate with others, share files, prioritize, and more.

Install a time-tracking software to understand where you’re spending the most time online. Most of these are free, give you reports daily or weekly, and let you see the big picture of what you’re doing wrong.

Then, use automation tools for social media, payments, lead generation, etc. If you’re looking for a complete sales and marketing automation software, invest in a service like Infusionsoft.

2. Measure everything.

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Thanks to technology, we can analyze everything that we’re doing online and see the results. From how a visitor is coming to your website and what actions he takes and buttons he clicks, to how they engage with your social media posts and what content performs best.

Analytics also lets you monitor bounce rate, cost per conversion and the rest of the key metrics that lead to more sales and better rankings in Google.

3. Follow the latest trends in tech.

Different technology trends are dominating every next year. If you’re running or are about to start a digital business, you need to be aware of each. That matters because your customers are already using these products and services, and some might even expect you to have them as part of your payment process, content creation, marketing funnel, etc.

In addition, knowing what’s going on in the tech world will help you spot trends and know where to invest more time and resources this year. Companies must embrace new technology and use it to their advantage. Otherwise, you’ll let your competitors outrank you.

Start with a site like Packagor, that offers guides and tutorials on anything related to Mac, Windows, Android and more.

4. Create all types of content.

Content creation is cheaper than ever these days. While you can hire a freelancer to do that for you for a small cost, you can also make use of all the great softwares available.

Here are 3 solutions, for instance, to up your visual, audio and video content:

  • Use tools like Canva and PiktoChart to create beautiful infographics, eBook covers, and social media image quotes;
  • Use your smartphone or iPhone to make videos, upload them to YouTube to get in front of a new audience and enhance your brand;
  • Get a mic and a free audio software like Audacity and start recording podcast episodes, then distribute those on iTunes or elsewhere.

These are just 4 ways in which you can use technology for your small business. And that’s just the beginning. Once you make it your norm to stay up to date with the tech industry, you’ll gain a new perspective and use it to grow your business.

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