How Liza Went from Being Stuck to Starting a Successful Coaching Business at 23

This is an interview with Liza Marie Leiss of Liza Leiss Coaching.

Hey, Liza. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

Hi Lidiya, thank you so much for having me today. I’m Liza Leiss from a little tiny village from Western Germany, living in Norway. 

I’ve always been that kind of girl who loved to give a helping hand whenever it was needed and also someone who knew that keeping a balance between giving and taking is essential to my well-being.

I love traveling and exploring other countries and cultures, I love cooking and eating, going for walks (even do walking coaching hehe) and enjoy the times that I’m able to spend with my loved ones.

Making it my mission to HELP other women in their mid 20s to mid 30s to create a life they actually enjoy and are in love with, has truly given me that sense of fulfilment & purpose that I was looking for for so long.

To answer your question; I am a certified life coach and I teach females how to ditch self sabotage & reframe limiting beliefs by using my 90 days TSB method in order to find their inner peace and confidence to actually get shit done (personally and professionally).

What did you do before becoming self-employed and how did your life look like back then?

When I finished school I was overwhelmed by the options that I had, so I decided to study health care & tourism management in my Bachelors. 

As I enjoyed biology in high school and traveling in my free time, I thought this was the perfect Bachelor program for me.

Quickly after I started, I realized that tourism management was not actually you traveling all the time, so I concentrated more on the health care and leadership classes in the program instead. This gave me a lot of knowledge in regards to stress management, burnout prevention, systemization and leadership classes etc.

I also worked for a global German Fashion brand and was able to go to the New York Fashion week which was so exciting – but it wasn’t the life I WANTED TO LIVE.

I then took my Masters in Leadership and Global Management and it gave me the opportunity to start a side hustle (3 to be exact) and also to work for a tech company where I looked deeper into corporate culture.

You know, corporate culture is kinda like the family dynamics that you have, just in a company setting. I made it my thesis topic to transform an unhealthy culture to a healthy one again and it’s been so educational and interesting BUT again, it wasn’t the life I WANTED TO LIVE.

So during my Masters, back in 2018, I started working with a coach and realized this was THE job that would be PERFECT for me. Independence, Leadership, Service, all attributes that I so love and wanted to create my life around. 

While I was then writing my thesis, I started my coaching certificates in life coaching, NLP coaching, EFT, TIME and hypnosis and graduated as a MBA and a coach in all the mentioned fields.

After that, I started coaching full time, even though I heard many voices around me asking “if this would be the smart thing to do after just graduating” and things like “who would even come to me, a new-be?”

What inspired you to start a business?

I guess mostly because of the independence component, I soooo much love freedom. To choose where I live, how many clients I am able to serve, when to hire my first team member etc.

Second, my mom. When I was a baby, my mom started her own business. That meant my dad would stay at home with me and my brother and at that time, this was not super common. But she did it anyways and still runs it, pretty successfully after 27 years. 

Third, I went through a rough time, this was when life didn’t really make sense to me. The school system always told us what to do next or what to achieve to be good etc. And then out of the sudden, I needed to choose something for me, but how should I know what I wanted when before, I didn’t really make choices except where to travel next?

So, there were quite a lot of question marks on my mind until I finally made a decision. Long story short, I felt lost, didn’t know how to get from stuck to flow, from self doubting to self trusting.

There have also been many losses and unexpected events in my family that let me lose faith and trust in my entire surroundings. I knew that I didn’t have to feel this way, but I just couldn’t see the end of the tunnel – until one day I did.

Once I started to take back my power, I realized how many other women and men out there were facing the same struggles as I did. So I knew I needed to change that and provide them with a methodology that has helped me achieve freedom (financially, personally, professionally, location-wise). 

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How did you decide that the best business model for you was coaching? 

As my mom works sorta in the same industry, I knew that this is SUPER interesting.

Diving deeper with someone and being able to shift SO MANY aspects of their life with my work and methods has been incredible. I believe, seeing other ambitious women + men stepping into their full potential, starting to enjoy and love their life + their relationships, dropping perfectionism and cultivating a life of ease, fun and balance through inner mindset work is simply just so so so so rewarding. 

What steps did you take first to become a coach? 

I invested in a coach myself to see what she was doing. Then I invested in a group coaching and observed what she was doing. Then I invested in my first business coaching and observed and implemented what they were doing.

I pretty much dove deeper into different services in order for me to work on myself and on my business so that I was able to step into the entrepreneur version of myself that I am.

On the other hand, I also chose to do so many coachings because it was helpful for me to see what I actually wanted to offer. There are so many different business models, and finding the right one for me was crucial for my success. 

How did you shift your mindset in order to become empowered and take massive action?

I have always been an action taker and wanted more out of life. But I guess one of the things that have helped me SO much was that I called it my 1 year experiment.

I had one year to try it out. And this helped me to take action and motivated me in a no-matter-what-way.

How long did it take you to become a full-time coach?

3 months.

Who’s your ideal client and how do you find them?

small business apps

Ambitious females in their mid 20s to mid 30s find inner peace by identifying+understanding+navigating mindset blocks that keep them stuck so they gain clarity, confidence and self-trust back. 

AND: soon-to-be entrepreneurs to step into their entrepreneur self (money mindset, service-program building, biz foundation)

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What do you love the most about being a coach?

I absolutely would say: Helping others 

  • find clarity and inner trust to thrive in the unknown
  • find the love of their life, 
  • release weight, 
  • release old limiting stories, 
  • communicate non-violently 
  • finding acceptance and the strength to forgive
  • Seeing amazing transformations and shifts
    • messages like “I had the most challenging day and your voice and exercises kept me present and being resilient.”

ALL these transformations of my clients never fail to leave me absolutely speechless.

What practices do you use to help your clients overcome limiting beliefs and unleash their true potential?

  • Inner Child Healing (Shadow work)
  • NLP
  • Nonviolent-Communication
  • EFT
  • TIME
  • Hypnosis
  • Leadership through People Skills Certificate
  • Intercultural Communication Certificates

What products/services do you offer?

  • 12-14 week True Self Blueprint
  • 6 week Group Coaching, launching in May (6 week to gain charisma, authenticity, confidence. ADD ON: 4 week: biz foundations (from basics to building program, money mindset)

Send me an email, if you want to be one of the BETA testers here: or contact me on instagram @liza.leiss

What happened in your business in the first year?

In my first year, I have been able to help 20+ TSB-clients to feel lighter and more confident (see above) and 15+ female entrepreneurs in business blockages, money mindset.

I hired my first intern and soon to be employer and I hit my first year financial monthly goals.

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What aspects of your business are you outsourcing and why?

The reason why I outsource is mostly the TIME.

My time as a coach is limited and if I’m able to only coach and delegate all other tasks, that would be ideal.

So far I’ve outsourced translations. I usually write my content, worksheets etc. in English but many of my clients come from Germany or Austria, so I hired a translator.

Then I outsourced the coding part of my online TSB course to a website developer.

I built my own website (this was one the businesses that I started while studying) but time didn’t allow me to do the coding anymore, so I wanted to have more time for the things that I enjoy the most. And outsourcing a lot of recurring and creative work to my intern.

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What are the main issues your clients struggle with?

The main struggles of my clients are:

  • not knowing what to do (lack of clarity)
  • self doubt (in abilities and self)
  • perfectionism
  • recurring discussion, misunderstandings in relationships or at work
  • time management (lack of consistency, lack of taking action, lack of productivity skills)
  • Fear of not being liked, of being rejected, judged…
  • Sometimes:
    • low self esteem
    • a lot of limiting beliefs
    • don’t believe that they are worth investing in

How has being an entrepreneur helped you grow as a person?

Hmm.. good one, I guess it’s seeing my worth even clearer.

Seeing that I can help people on SO many levels to becoming self employed themselves, to negotiating a higher salary for those who work full time, to finding a partner that they are now available for (conscious wise), to strengthening their relationship with themselves so much, to believing in themselves, their abilities and the unknown future

What’s your advice for anyone who wants to build a coaching business but isn’t sure where to start?

Wait for my mentorship launching in May, I will teach you actually everryyyything what you need to know about, confidence, integrity, authenticity, charisma, AND how to build a coaching biz.

I mean that hehe but one other advice, DON’T GIVE UP. The more you feel like giving up, the closer you might be to that breakthrough. 

What’s next for you and Liza Leiss Coaching?

Definitely launching my group coaching program which I am just so so excited about. That’s my main focus this year. 

Thank you so so much for this interview. I so appreciate you taking the time. THANKS. 

In this interview, mindset mentor Liza Leiss shares the story of starting her coaching business at the age of 23. #coachingbusiness #howtobecomeacoach #tipsforcoaches #mindsetcoach #mindsetcoaching