How Sara Went from a Travel Blogger to a Purpose and Success Coach

This is an interview with Sara Cardinale of Bloom and Manifest.

Hey, Sara. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

Hi there! I’m from Sacramento, California and have been a blogger for about 6 years. I started as a travel blogger but eventually ended up starting a spirituality blog called Bloom and Manifest.

Bloom and Manifest expanded to offer coaching to empaths and spiritual entrepreneurs. My mission is to guide others to find their purpose and build a successful business that intertwines with their soul’s calling. 

I am now a Purpose and Success Coach, working with clients one-on-one and through group programs. I also have some self-paced courses in the works! 

What was your life like before your healing journey began?

At a young age I began to have visions and was always very spiritually aware. That being said, I also went through a huge phase in middle school / high school where I repressed this part of myself.

I had to go through a huge RE-awakening process to begin healing the parts of myself that had been hidden for so many years.

When did you get into spirituality and how did that change you?

I grew up in a spiritual home so always had a working understanding of what that meant. However, when I was 18 I started going to yoga classes that inspired my re-awakening journey.

From there I followed the inspiration to study all things spiritual. I leaned into different religious texts, ancient teachings and the wisdom of nature which all changed my life very drastically.

When did you feel ready to start a business, and what was the first step?

When I started my travels around the world back in 2016, I came across several travel blogs that inspired me to create my own travel blog as well.

I was always interested in making my travel blog a full time business, but it didn’t quite work out that way.

I pivoted many times- starting a travel planning business, a website design business, a reiki healing business, until I finally landed on what brought my soul alive, spirituality blogging and coaching. 

Once I had this realization I jumped all the way in. There was no way I COULDN’T do this. It brought my soul alive!

The first step was building the new spirituality blog, and the rest fell into place after that.

How did you pick the right business model and niche?

Trial and error. I spent a lot of time trying and testing what worked for me. I decided to choose a niche that felt most comfortable to me and that represented a past version of myself. 

What role does your blog Bloom and Manifest play in your work?

Bloom and Manifest not only allows clients to find me, but it also serves as a resource library for the clients who find me on Instagram. A lot of questions I get asked are often answered by the articles I’ve written for the blog. 

Its been really helpful to have a central place that houses all of the things I teach about and help clients with.

How did your intuition guide you on your business adventure?

My intuition is the CEO! I always try to make decisions and create content, products and courses that come from an intuitively aligned place.

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Who do you help and how do you find them online?

I help people who are going through spiritual awakenings, are empaths, or spiritual entrepreneurs. They tend to find me through the blog articles I write, or through Instagram.

Instagram has been a huge influence on the way I connect with clients. Its helped me build so many connections!

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What’s your content creation process like?

I tend to create content based on what feels inspiring in the moment. As my business is growing, I’ve begun to make more time and priority to batch create content. I’ll spend several hours making content all at once so I have material to post throughout the week.

I always make a ritual out of my content creation. I make a ritual out of most things in my life, haha! 

I have a specific candle that I light before sitting at my desk to create. Sometimes I light incense or diffuse essential oils to help get me in the zone. I set out a few of my favorite crystals, like citrine for example, that helps me get into a high vibration and channel my creativity. 

If I feel blocked or distracted, I take a few minutes to move my body through dancing, stretching, walking or yoga. This has been so powerful for me! 

How did you become comfortable selling your offers?

I started to think about it differently. Instead of focusing on selling my offers, I started focusing on selling the transformation that occurs through my offers.

Highlighting what the benefits are and how the lives of my clients can transform has helped me to be much more effective when selling.

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What roadblocks have you experienced while growing your business?

My business is not an overnight success. I think often in the online space we see these high-figure earners who make it seem so easy.

The reality is, it takes a lot of work. There are so many facets to running and growing a business and at times it can feel discouraging when you don’t see quick results. 

The biggest roadblocks I’ve faced are mental. Training my mind to be consistent and to continue showing up even when I wasn’t seeing results was what changed things for me.

How are you using Instagram for business?

I use Instagram to share content that speaks to my ideal client. I want people to feel inspired, but also motivated to integrate the things I share. Instagram has helped me to build a brand and connect with my clients. 

Sometimes it is hard to show up and be seen, but the more I show up and be seen, the more my business grows and enables me to impact more lives. I try to focus on the outcome and use that as motivation to push through moments of doubt or low motivation.

>> you can follow Sara on IG @bloomandmanifest

Are you in business full-time?

I still currently work part-time as an American Sign Language Interpreter. I plan on quitting over the next few months so that I can focus on my business full time. Being a Sign Language Interpreter is a huge part of my heart and my culture so it isn’t easy for me to let go completely.

What are the top 3 things your clients struggle with?

The top three struggles I notice are probably confidence, taking action and finding clarity around their purpose. I LOVE to help inspire them and guide them with practical methods to approach all of these things!

What are some mentors, books or programs that have helped you grow and get better at business?

There are so many! 

Last year I worked with Ashley Linnane, a spiritual business coach,  who really helped me clarify my business mission and create a group program that best serves my ideal clients. I took her group program The Elevated Entrepreneur and loved every moment of it!

I also really loved Cathy Hellers book “Don’t Keep Your Day Job” and also am a huge fan of her podcast.

You also run a travel blog. Why and when did you start it?

The travel blog really is an abandoned hobby. It led me to where I am today which I am so thankful for. My heart is no longer really with travel blogging, but I do still LOVE to travel. 

If I didn’t start my travel blog, I would have never been able to successfully (and quickly) start my second blog which is where my passion lies. I’m thankful for each step of the journey!

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What are your favorite spiritual practices?

I LOVE working with oracle cards. There are so many beautiful decks out there that deliver just beautiful and profound messages. 

What’s next for you and your business? Any big plans for 2022?

Right now, I am pouring into my 1-on-1 clients and helping them build foundations for their businesses and upleveling their lives. 

For 2022, I am working on building a new program focused on helping spiritual entrepreneurs build their businesses. I will also run another round of my first group program, Prosperity Path, which is focused on helping others find their purpose and manage their energy, among other things. 

Im really looking forward to this year and have a lot of good stuff planned! I can’t wait to connect with more people and help more amazing, talented souls find their purpose and start living their dream life. 

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