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Every moment is a chance to change the course of your life. Your future is in your hands, but you’ll have to take a risk.

“It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.”
S. Lewis

We’ve all come to a point where we just need to do something different with our lives. Often, something drastic.

Sometimes we’re in our comfort zone – where nothing new and interesting ever happens – for so long that we lose direction, purpose, motivation and desire to live the life we deserve.
But every now and then, we realize that it could have been better, and that it’s all under our control.

We see other people moving on after serious accidents, we see our friends chasing their dreams and reaching goals. And we start to see the state we’ve been in for the last few weeks/months/years. That’s when we know what we need.

A change.

Change is the ultimate way to start fresh, experience new things and become someone. No matter what kind of change we’re talking about, it is always for the better simply because it means that we are doing something different. That we get out of the prison we live in and get out there.

If this time we want things to be better, we need to take action.

Action is the beginning of change and it precedes success and all the beautiful things that will come into our life.

All you need is the ultimate desire, the determination to change and the belief that you can do it. Otherwise, if you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities, nothing permanent will happen.

So realize that this time your decision is final. You’ve decided to change and nothing can distract you from your goals. You now have the power to take every direction in life and achieve whatever you put your mind to.

Change is, however, often difficult. That is why if you want to do things in the right way and once and for all, you need to take extreme measures by doing something so decisive and final that you won’t be able to get back to the place you’re now at.

Here are 5 drastic things you can do right now that can change the course of your life:

Drastic Things You Can Do to Change

1. Quit your job.

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It’s often one of the things that prevent you from succeeding and unleashing your true potential.

I know you probably need it to make a proper living, but if it gets you nowhere, brings only stress in your life, has turned you into a negative person, and doesn’t give you any chance to show your qualities, you don’t need it.

People often think they need their current full-time job because it gives them the security they are looking for. Well, it doesn’t because security nowadays is an illusion. Read more about that here.

So if you want to become someone and change the course of your life, if you have many ideas, want to start a new business and develop your personal projects, just quit your job and start working on that immediately. But work your ass off for a while so that you can start making an income sooner.

Doing it on the side first is usually a good piece of advice and works pretty well. You’re basically keeping your job to pay the bills and investing all your free time (weekends, evenings, early mornings, lunch breaks) in your passion project until you start making money from it.

Then, once that income is bigger than your current one, you have no reason to keep living the 9-to-5 lifestyle.

But this doesn’t work out for everyone, and we’re talking about drastic things you can do right now that will change the course of your whole life. That’s why I suggest leaving your job.

It’s risky and you’ll have to use your savings for the first few weeks/months. But that’s the single most important thing that will help you stay consistent and motivated.

You won’t be in the comfort zone of a regular job, won’t have money coming in and will fear going broke. And that’s exactly what will help you wake up super early and hustle till the evening, say no to many things, resist temptations, stop spending money too much, do your research and test everything, connect with influencers, and so on.

The job you now have is most probably killing your potential. Don’t let your boss/colleagues/boring tasks at work let you down and make you put up with this forever. You deserve more!

But to start something like that you need the motivation to really succeed. Quitting your job and having to start something new right away is the answer. A bit drastic one, but it sure works.

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2. Move to another place.

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Living in a new place is a great way to change the course of your life.

It’s not an easy thing to do considering the fact you will have to leave everything behind. That includes your family and friends, home, the places you are used to going every day, your past, acquaintances and connections.

But if you have already experienced and seen everything there is and know that nothing new or exciting is going to happen, then you need to leave and thus change the course of your life.

Sometimes the place we live in, no matter how much we love it, limits us. And within them we can’t evolve and improve. That’s when we need to go somewhere else.

Most of the times it doesn’t matter where you’re going. It must be a place far from home that has many opportunities for you and where you can exceed in life.

This way you will break free from your comfort zone and will have many new people, places and things in your daily round. Once you move there (it’s better if it’s another country, maybe even a culture totally different from yours), be open to everything new. Try new things, learn stuff, be brave, take chances and level up.

At some point, you may feel nostalgic, lonely and homesick. But keep in mind that even though this is a drastic thing to do, those feelings are temporary.

You can go home whenever you want after you create a better lifestyle, spend some time in an unfamiliar environment, come to interesting conclusions about yourself and your life, and grow spiritually.

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3. Get an adrenaline rush.

Confront your fears by doing something extreme. Try bungee jumping, hang gliding, paragliding or else.

Once you feel the adrenaline this experience gives you, you will be able to look at the things in life from a different point of view.

However, getting an adrenaline rush doesn’t mean you should put your life in danger and do something that could harm you. What if you go skydiving and the parachute fails? You should do something that changes your life for the better without necessarily exposing you to death.

Doing this, though, will be a drastic change only while taking the action itself.You will see yourself as someone powerful who overcomes their fear of speed, height, etc. and will thus believe you can achieve more.

After that you may easily go back to your old habits. So it’s up to you to decide whether you want to feel that more often or you prefer the safe environment you’ve always had.

4. Take the journey of your life.

traveling is great for the soul
Travel the world to change the course of your life.

If you are tired of your daily life and want something more, then you need to see and experience new things. Drastic things that are completely different from what you’re used to.

That step usually requires resources and money, but not always. Even if you go to the other corner of the world, you can do it with minimum expenses. Check out the sites that offer tips on how to save money, travel light and be a minimalist in every aspect of your life.

Start with The Ultimate Guide to Traveling When You Have No Money.

What I’m suggesting is taking a long journey, to a place totally different from yours, to a country that is far away, and to experience every second of it by meeting the local people there, visiting famous and ancient places, eating different food, living like the locals, learning the language, etc.

Here are two examples that will change the course of your life even when you get back home after the trip.

Go to a country of the Third World. See how people live there, join organizations that help them, volunteer, make a difference. Going there will make you appreciate what you have, be compassionate and show understanding.

That will definitely be a life-changing experience after which you will no longer be the materialistic person with everyday issues that society taught you to be.

Or visit Thailand, Indonesia or The Philippines. Stay there for a couple of weeks so that you have time to visit its most interesting parts.

Communicate with people and try to learn as much about the culture as you can. Eat local food, go to the beach, swim with the dolphins, ride elephants, sleep in a tent, visit islands, try new challenging things.

You’ll love that life so much that when you come back you’ll be ready for some drastic changes in the way you think and live.

5. Make a big investment.

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That may be a risky one but big changes always require insecurity.

Improve your financial IQ. Learn the most important things about personal finance, investments, the stock market, banking and so on. Then use that knowledge to choose something promising to invest a certain amount of money in.

You may win a lot in no time, you may lose everything or your bank account may stay the same. The only thing that is sure is that once you invest, you will become a more responsible person who makes big decisions.

After that, you’ll be open to try new ways to make money and will change your perception of what risk is. Big things won’t scare you anymore.

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Are you ready to do something drastic?

So if you want to start a new life, to change some things about your current lifestyle, to evolve and try new and exciting stuff, you need to be able to take risks and serious decisions.

I hope you enjoyed this list of drastic things you can do.

You need adrenaline, new people and places, insecurity and even a bit of peril. Only then will you be able to change your understanding of the world, to expand your horizons and be ready to achieve more and live better.