the things I believe in

I love seeing what a person is all about.

There are core values, principles, beliefs, existential questions and truths in everyone’s mind and they are so different from those of any other human being.

Here are the things I believe in:

12 Powerful Things I Believe In

1. Potential.

Everyone’s capable of much more than he believes he can do.

There’s hidden potential in each of us. And that means we can turn our lives around at any moment and can start moving forward, and eventually do great stuff with our life.

2. Second chances.

I’ve been given them when I’ve least deserved them. I’ve given them to others too.

And it’s almost always for the best. You should do it too.

3. Power of habits.

The things we do daily control us. They are our habits, our identity and eventually our whole life.

But we can change them, replace the bad ones with good ones, and take back control of our present and future.

4. Self-education.

Education itself is nothing much. Just the ability to pass tests, form relationships, and know how to find the right moment to share what you know.

But self-education is what makes us actually learn, understand and improve.

The best way to learn something is to be passionate about it, to want to understand it, to do it without being told, to know your why and to invest time in that daily.

I’m all about self-education. And many successful people think it’s crucial too.

The books you choose to read at home are more powerful than what your professor talks about at university. In the first case, you’re opening your mind completely to the knowledge, reading between the lines and letting your imagination work. In the second, you’re probably bored to death and feel like another authority is trying to make you think his way.

Also, the mistakes you do in life are a much better experience than the internship you’re obliged to do in order to be qualified for some regular jobs.

5. Passion.

How 15 Successful People Describe Passion

I believe that if you’re doing anything at all, you should be passionate about it. Otherwise, nothing unique and useful will come out of it.

We have enough average stuff these days. Don’t create another one.

Be extraordinary by dedicating your time and energy to what you enjoy doing and believe in. Describe passion, see what your skills and talents are and follow your dreams.

6. Strategies.

Most people wander through life, following other people’s steps, caring about society’s opinion and expectations, doing what they are told they should do.

But that’s not the smartest way to live your life. Instead, you should be a strategist.

These are the people who choose just a few things to focus their time on, find faster and better ways to do more in less time, learn and grow on the go, and achieve some kind of greatness and leave a legacy.

Such people have the qualities to become rich, get fit, change their habits, save time, do business, form relationships, communicate easily, sell products, be super productive, and basically hack every area of life they want to.

7. Offering value.

That hasn’t changed since money was invented.

If you want to make real money, and keep that for a long period of time, you’ll have to offer some value to people. To answer their questions, give solutions to their problems, give them the information they’re looking for, help them do something better or faster, or at least to inspire and motivate them to take action, and show them how to do what they want to do.

Are you doing that in favor of the money you’re receiving?

8. Confidence.

The next one of the things I believe in is confidence. Everyone should be confident in their abilities.

If you’re currently lacking self-esteem, then fake it. Use body language, certain confidence hacks and techniques that will help you appear confident.

Eventually, you will be and the beautiful things will start happening. Because in order to succeed in something, you need to be sure you can do it.

9. Hard work.

I believe that you should be willing to work hard, should be investing more than 8 hours daily now if you want to make money from your idea later.

Hard work pays off. It’s just that it takes too much time, patience and willpower for people to wait till the results come.

10. The power of a single thought.

Thoughts become things.

That can be a good thing or a bad one. It’s up to you.

Be careful what you focus your thoughts on, as it will be part of your life when you least expect it. And there won’t be anyone else to blame but yourself.

11. Internal happiness.

The things in our surroundings change, whether we like it or not. We can’t always have the objects we desire, we lose close people or don’t have the chance to spend time with them because they don’t like us, at any moment we can lose our job, house, savings, etc.

And these thoughts can kill us if we keep thinking about what bad might happen.

The solution then is to let go of being attached to outer factors in your life. And instead, to embrace change.

Know that if you lose something you have now, after some time you’ll get over it and will find something new.

There will be new people to love, new passions and hobbies to dedicate time to, new stuff to buy, new goals to achieve.

Accept that and be happy now, with exactly what you already have.

12. Gratitude.

If you wake up each day and thank for the people in your life, for your past successes, for the chance to be alive today and do whatever you want with these 24 hours, for the opportunities around you, you’ll be happy and will live in abundance. And what you’re grateful for will increase.

So these are 12 of the things I believe in. They are all great stuff, right?!

What are your beliefs?