50+ Confidence Boosters That Have an Immediate Effect on Your Self-Esteem

Sometimes all you need to boost your self-esteem is to do what confident people do all the time.

Here you’ll find 60 confidence boosters. That includes hacks, ideas and tips – all ways to develop self-esteem, turn your life around and see tremendous results in any area.

Start with a few and become mindful of them. Implement a method or two in your daily life for some time and practice it.

They are all little actions to take, small changes in the mindset and the way you approach things. You can build them the way you start any new behavior and stick to it. That’s by focusing on one thing at a time, dividing the habit into small tasks and then making it your priority to take that little step.

Repeat this long enough and you’ll soon see changes happening inside you and in real life, and will be ready to move onto another confidence booster from the list.

I believe that if you use that approach to at least 20-30% of the confidence hacks you’re going to read below, you can become incredibly confident in yourself.

Then, you’ll love it that much and feel so powerful and unstoppable that you’ll make it a habit to move forward and improve your self-esteem even more.

Once you dare to dream big, you’ll get back to the things you’ve always wanted to achieve in life – your deepest desires.

But this time nothing can stop you because unlocking the confidence within means eliminating all the limitations that prevent you from succeeding – fear, doubt, comparison, insecurity, past failures, future worries, thinking it’s not the right time, not feeling prepared, caring too much about what others think, etc.

Now you’ll be ready to do great things with your life.

I believe we’re all worthy of living a good life, feeling confident enough to admit our successes, approach people, feel comfortable in our own skin, walk with our head up and have massive goals.

What we need for all that is a little more self-esteem. I can even say that confidence can be considered the one tool you need that will get you to the life you’ve always imagined.
It’s the one skill that can help you see progress in all areas of your life. So if you focus on mastering it, you can do wonders.

You don’t need anyone else to help you or motivate you along the way. That’s a path you can walk alone.

These confidence boosters are easy, simple and often take no time. But they are also smart, proven and powerful. It’s what all successful people have found works best. So you can’t go wrong here.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

60 Confidence Boosters to Improve Your Self-Esteem

1. Groom yourself.

A quick shower and a fresh look can change everything. Use this confidence booster daily.

2. Stop spending time with people who bring you down.

The more you’re around them, the more your level of confidence decreases. Until it’s gone and you can no longer achieve anything in life because you lack the mindset and belief which are the foundation of success (and they go together with self-esteem).

3. Don’t obsess over your weak spots.

Still work on your weaknesses every now and then, but don’t let them define you. Don’t think you’re a failure because you can’t master something that doesn’t come naturally to you or which you don’t enjoy.

A small shift in your mindset can work wonders.

As for your weaknesses, simply seeing yourself putting effort in improving yourself will increase your confidence.

4. Kill negative thoughts.

Whenever you find yourself doubting your abilities, immediately stop and say “I can do it!” out loud. Turn this one of the confidence boosters into a habit and watch your self-esteem grow daily.

5. Smile as much as you can.

Study finds that smiling makes you happier and more confident.

6. Have a good posture.

That’s a simple body language technique to make you feel comfortable in your own skin around other people, and give you a quick self-esteem boost. Just pull your shoulders back and keep your head up.

7. Have your own style.

Wear, say and do the things you like and always do it with style. Express your individuality through anything you do, say and wear. That’s one of the most important traits of highly confident people and an immediate self-esteem booster.

8. Set goals and go after them.

That gives you a purpose, a direction and path to follow. It makes you more determined, motivates you and thus you gain confidence.

9. Understand that no one is perfect.

See other people’s flaws and realize no one is perfect.

Then go back to your life and improve what you can, while feeling good about the rest.

10. Stop trying to please others.

We’re all born with confidence, but things like fear, doubt, other people’s opinion, insecurity and negativity got in the way.

You can always get it back, though, if you eliminate all these and let go of everything that prevents you from believing in yourself.

11. Daily gratitude.

Gratitude can be a powerful confidence booster.

You already have many reasons to be confident in yourself and your abilities, to feel good about the way things are, and even be proud of what’s happened so far. You just need to be reminded of them daily.

So start every day by thanking for all the things you have in your life and the version of yourself you’ve become.

12. Take decisions fast.

Thinking too much causes doubt, which is a sign of uncertainty and lack of self-esteem.

Most of the times it’s just better to choose one of the options in front of you and try to make the best of it than to wait, dwell on it and overanalyze the situation.

13. Don’t mind being judged.

The next one of the confidence boosters is to realize that people will judge you anyway. So be okay with that and don’t let it stop you from living your life.

14. Dress for success.

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You can’t deny the fact that any person looks more confident when dressed well (and feels this way, too).

Clothes help you create a good self image and present yourself to the world in the best way possible.

Formal ones many not be your thing, but the point is to put on something which makes you feel great and wear it with confidence.

Fill your closet only with clothes like that and your self-esteem will be higher than you can imagine.

15. Do something you don’t want to do.

Even a little thing like calling an old friend, engaging a stranger in a conversation or taking the stairs when you’re tired can boost your self-esteem.

All these are little confidence boosters you can try to increase your willpower. That will show you that you can do everything else that feels uncomfortable and scares you which will then unlock your inner belief that you are capable of much more.

16. Use a perfume you love.

It’s a proven way to immediately feel good about yourself.

17. Don’t chase people.

Stop running after people who show no respect and interest towards you.

Don’t chase, let things come to you naturally. As you radiate confidence and know your worth, you’ll also attract the right people.

18. Don’t be afraid to look people in the eyes.

Eye contact is a powerful trick to become strong and confident. The only way to get better at this is to practice it daily.

Look at least one person in the eyes for longer and when you feel like quitting, keep doing it a few more seconds. Do it once a day for a start.

19. Be direct.

This is one of my favorite confidence boosters.

Whatever it is that you have to say, just say it now. Don’t mumble, wait for a better time, doubt it, or try to make it sound better.

20. See yourself confident before you actually are.

Visualize yourself being powerful, determined and with a strong mindset, doing all the things you lack the self-esteem to do now.

21. Speak louder.

If you don’t, you appear and feel shy and it’s like you’re not sure about the things you’re talking about, don’t have an opinion, are afraid to say what you think, etc.

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22. Be prepared.

You can’t be confident if you don’t feel prepared.

Maybe you think everything may fail, you don’t believe in luck, you’re scared, don’t know what might go wrong, etc. The possibilities are many.

But if you go out there prepared (study for the exam, know what you’ll talk about on a date, have your gym clothes with you just in case, dress sharply and look good in case you meet someone or the coffee meeting turns into an official dinner, and so on), you’ll be absolutely confident in yourself. You’ll feel great and surprise others with your performance.

23. Track your success.

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Even if it’s the completed to-do list at the end of the day, you’ll still feel accomplished, have a higher opinion of yourself and unlock your hidden confidence.

Thanks to this confidence booster, you’ll also be motivated to do things even better tomorrow.

24. Take photos of yourself.

Seeing yourself on camera, or your pics on social media, gives you a self-esteem boost and you feel better about the way you look.

25. Take risks.

You won’t feel more confident if you keep doing the same old things, speak with the same people and stay at the same place. So get out of your comfort zone and do the opposite.

26. Change your habits.

Start small, focus on one habit at a time and do it in tiny steps. This way you can replace all your bad ones with good ones, and turn your life from negative to positive.

Your willpower will improve significantly and you’ll be proud of your transformation.

27. Style your hair.

That’s a huge confidence booster.

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28. Change your attitude towards failure.

Accept it as a way something doesn’t work, but which takes you closer to the solution. This way you’ll never feel bad after you fail again.

29. List all your good qualities.

Whenever you need a quick self-esteem boost, write down all your good qualities, appreciate them, remind yourself of what you’re worth and feel great.

30. Walk with attitude

This is another way to use body language to appear super-confident.

Your walk should be energetic, fast and you should look determined – like you’re going somewhere, are in a hurry for something important, have a direction in life and know exactly what you’re doing.

31. Expect yourself to act confidently.

Expectations aren’t always helpful, but what if we turn them into an empowering mindset trick? What if you simply expect yourself to be confident in any situation and do your best?

With time, your subconscious mind will start believing it and you will do everything with more determination and confidence.

32. Speak up.

Whenever you’re in public and are doing everything possible not to grab any attention, do the opposite – speak up.

Ask a question in class, share your opinion when a topic is discussed. And basically speak up at least once every time you’re around people.

Simply do it and never forget that others are probably dealing with the same problem.

This way you may give them confidence boosters too. Over time, you will feel confident to speak in front of anyone. You’ll never feel inferior or lack self-esteem in public again. Practice!

33. Go to the gym.

Working out, seeing yourself in the mirror exercising, being around other fitness enthusiasts while being soaked in sweat, doing different exercises and improving your body – these are all a result of going to the gym regularly.

You’ll level up your life in so many ways and will soon have unshakable confidence.

34. Use powerful words.

Add some new words to your vocabulary, words that will make you feel more professional, positive, determined and successful. Start using them daily.

35. Don’t complain to others about your low self-esteem.

This will only make it worse. Stop confessing that and making your weakness even bigger.

Focus on fixing it by telling yourself that you’re becoming more and more confident every day. Use some of these confidence affirmations for that.

36. Breathe.

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One of the fastest confidence boosters is to take a few deep breaths and ground yourself.

37. Stop playing different roles.

It’s a sign of insecurity to be a different person in front of different people. It means you’re trying hard to please them and answer their expectations.

Stop doing that. Accept yourself for who you are and focus on getting better at things and achieving goals in life.

Then you’ll have only one role – of the confident person you’ll become.

38. Change your environment.

It affects you more than you think.

Take a careful look at the people in your life, the clutter in your home, your closet, etc. Fix it so that it can answer the upgraded confident version of yourself.

39. Celebrate your wins.

Every evening before you go to bed list all the things you achieved today and the ones that went well.

Even things like completing an old task from your to-do list, fixing something broken, doing a few pushups and being polite to someone should be on the list.

These are great self-esteem boosters. Feel positive and proud about that.

40. Put some heavy bass music on.

You’ll instantly feel like moving, will be more energized and powerful.

41. Let go of perfectionism.

Instead, start appreciating the person you already are. Have a high opinion of yourself and keep getting better.

42. Remove what’s not making you confident.

Define all the things you put up with in your life, the ones that lower your self-esteem and self-worth daily, and start eliminating them one by one.

43. Find mentors.

It’s always a good idea to have people that push you to be more when you lack the motivation, to encourage you, and to even kick you out of your comfort zone.

44. Ask loved ones and friends to tell you what they like about you.

You can use those around you as confidence boosters too. Ask them what they like about you. Then you’ll be aware of your great qualities and will build some more confidence by becoming familiar with good traits of yours you haven’t noticed.

45. Speak slowly.

Together with the powerful words you use and the confident diction and loud voice, that will make you sound like an authority. Others will take your words more seriously.

46. Know that you yourself are enough.

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Don’t depend on other people to feel complete, contented or successful.

47. Learn to say ‘no’.

People often try to take advantage of your kindness and take control of your time. But from now on you’ll have to start rejecting them and take back your time.

Saying ‘no’ is one of the most effective confidence boosters and can work wonders.

48. Eliminate negative words from your vocabulary.

You don’t need them. They only make you believe more in problems, things you can’t do, and what you don’t have. Instead, talk about positive stuff.

49. Show off your best skills.

If you’re good at something, share it with the world. That will give you a confidence boost in every area in your life.

50. Don’t be afraid to talk to the opposite sex.

In fact, you should always look for opportunities to do it. Each time you practice, your self-esteem will increase.

51. Learn from the past.

Figure out what makes you feel confident by recollecting some past experiences, and what you were doing at that time. Then do more of it.

You’ll reveal specific confidence boosters that worked well for you and can do more of the same.

52. Raise your standards.

From now on, don’t let anyone disrespect you. Also, don’t limit yourself to having small goals, or letting others take decisions for you.

Start going out with more positive, ambitious and successful people. Dream bigger. Aim higher.

53. Stop comparing yourself to others.

You’re the best you can be at that moment. Tomorrow you can be better. It’s your journey, though, and others have nothing to do with it.

54. Accept compliments.

Ignore all the bad things you’ve heard about yourself. That says nothing about you and a lot about the people who said it.

Instead, be open to compliments, accept them and keep them in mind.

55. Have rituals.

Some behaviors – little actions we do before something else – can have a huge effect on a lot of things in our life. You can benefit from that by using it to gain more confidence.

Doing a few pushups before going out, hitting the gym early in the morning, saying affirmations in the mirror or meditating – these can all be things that contribute to how confident you are in front of people throughout the whole day.

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56. Stop making excuses.

Instead, take responsibility for your actions, admit your mistakes, move on and keep your head up.

57. Have a strong handshake.

This one of the confidence boosters related to body language is proven to make a good first impression. It provides more information to people than we think. A firm handshake signals strength.

58. Don’t dwell on the past.

It makes you have regrets, relive past moments, wonder whether things would have been different if you had done something else, etc.

You start thinking you’ve taken wrong decisions and made bad choices. All that brings uncertainty and damages your self-esteem.

59. Learn a new skill.

Find something you’re interested in and get better at it. You don’t need to master it but the act of putting consistent effort into something and seeing progress is enough to boost your self-confidence.

60. Analyze confident people you respect.

Those you look up to that walk around like they own the world have some specific traits, use body language, walk and talk in a particular way.

Figure out what it is that helps them be like that. Then try to implement it into your behavior.

I hope you enjoyed this list of confidence boosters and will use these hacks, habits and tips to increase your self-esteem in daily situations and live your life to the fullest.

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