Belief and our self-belief are complex things. Mastering them, though, can be a key to success.

Having a greater level of belief in yourself and understanding that you should be far more confident in yourself is important. So, how do you achieve it?

1. Think positive.

We all have the power to choose our thoughts and direct them into whatever direction we want.  When we think optimistically life is kept flowing forward in the same direction as our thoughts since our actions follow our thoughts naturally. 

In order for positive thinking to actually work we can’t just think passively and expect a miracle to happen.  Our thinking needs to be backed up with determination, follow through and hard work.  All of us are destined to be successful and all of us can get there when we believe that we actually can. Belief is a complex thing as this post from Mind Persuasion discusses.

We need action to back up our beliefs, and some patience to go along with our perseverance. 

These days, many people get impatient if success is not immediately manifested by their positive thinking.  Which is due to the fact that when positive thinking is not backed up with hard work, positive thoughts are reduced to just wishes.        

2.  Set goals.

We need to experience winning in order to develop our attitude of a winner and have self-belief.  That is why it is important to create agendas that are backed up by goals that are achievable and that have target dates to achieve them by. 

Dr. Dave White is an incredible business coach who says that we tend to overestimate how much we can achieve in one year. At the same time, seriously underestimate what can be achieved in five years. 

In sessions with a coach you can set goals, explore, plan and achieve things on a weekly basis. 

Setting small achievable goals can help to inspire and motivate us towards having and achieving larger goals.  Every goal that we achieve builds more confidence and helps us enjoy the journey towards success.

3.  Be passionate.

In order to become success in all areas of our lives, it is necessary to not just believe in yourself, but also love the things we do. 

Waking up to a job or career that we don’t have any passion for won’t provide for us emotionally very well, even when it might financially provide for us. 

The growth that we can experience, both financially and personally, is limited whenever we just go through the motions in order to earn money.  The most successful people love what they do. They understand that what they do is greater than what their own self-interest is. 

When we are able to see that the things we do make a significant and positive difference in other people’s lives, that is when we will want to get out of bed first thing in the morning and get moving.   

4.  Be gracious.

When instead of entitlement we live with grace, we don’t expect anybody to do all of our hard work for us.  Instead, we do everything we can to propel ourselves forward to become successful. 

We aren’t afraid of whatever hard work is needed in order to be successful.  Nobody owes us anything.  Being an entitled person will do more to crush a career than anything else.   They have a tendency to bully, are self-centered, poor relationship builders, and some of largest complainers in the entire corporate world. It is important to ask for help when needed, help others, be gracious and have patience. 

Let’s accept things that frequently are unfair, be thankful and make the commitment to work hard.  If there are goals that we want to achieve, then we have to depend on ourselves and our self-belief to accomplish them.   

5. Keep good company.

The company that we keep is a direct reflection of who we are. 

Attitudes and emotions are contagious.  That is why it is so important to greatly decrease, or avoid, having interactions with individuals who gossip. Or are defeatists, overly negative or jealous. 

We really can’t get anywhere when carrying these emotions with us.  Our lives need to be filled with individuals who are motivated, hardworking, realistic, optimistic, happy, supportive and confident.  Such kind of energy is what allows us to keep moving forward.  

6. Grit.

the confidence habits that helped me increase self-esteem

Success is always about determination, persistence and being stubborn enough to never give up. Rejections and setbacks are part of all great endeavors. Which is we we need to stay optimistic and driven. 

Obstacles are what helps us grow, explore, increase our knowledge, solve our problems, and do better as we move forward.  Having a winning attitude allows us to view failures as opportunities, instead of problems that are insurmountable. 

They are springboards to greater success and can help guide us to reinvention and growth. 

7. Believe in yourself.

It is important to focus on working on and discovering our unique strengths so that we can develop a sense of strong self-belief.

We need to step outside of those things that are familiar to us in order to increase our personal development and self-knowledge.  

There is no such thing as a perfect person. So we need to stay humble and be inspired to continue working on improving the shortcomings that we have, while not being too hard on ourselves.

There are ways that we can learn to work with them, such as delegating. Instead of allowing those aspects to bring us down.  It is important to have faith in ourselves. That’s when the power of self-belief can help us exceed.