How to Find Business Loans When You Have Bad Credit

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When applying for a loan, the lenders will ask for the first thing that is the credit score. The lenders will definitely not be impressed by a low credit score.

There are just a few things indicated by a low credit score. Mismanagement of the money may be one of the reasons. Secondly, you may have gone through some hard times. Thus, this tends to be a risk element for the lender, and he becomes alarmed as he can see this as a sign that you will default on the loan.

So, where to find business loans with bad credit?

Loans independent of credit score

The operating history and strength of your business will play a vital role in getting a loan instead of looking at your credit score. The customer has to relate the terms of the agreement, plans of payment and interest rates.

However, your business needs to be old than at least one year for obtaining these loans. With the business being less than a year old, even a good credit score may not be sufficient for securing a loan.

If the credit score is above 600.

With a credit score above at least 600, you can secure a loan from StreetShares. But the business has to be old enough to be eligible for the loan. And the revenue collection must also be about $25000.

The maximum amount that you can lend is $100.000. Interest ranges from 9 to 40 percent.

When you have to apply for a loan, then you should also look for different other loans and compare them to land with the best deal.

With a credit score above 500.

If the credit score is above 500, then BlueVine and OnDeck, both are willing to lend you some amount. The revenue collection must be $100,000.

In case, you pay back all the loan amount within the allotted time, then the lender will report this positively to the credit bureaus, thus helping you to improve your credit score.

If there are any unpaid invoices and credit score is at least 530, then BlueVine may be a good option.

When the credit score is below 500.

Now, if your credit score is falling even below 500, then you have to search for a lender who will not take your credit score into account.

For this purpose, you can also look to go for a credit builder loan. Fundbox and Kabbage are probably good options to go for in this regard because they do not have any minimum credit score requirement.

The businesses that need funding of up to $100,000 can look over Kabbage and Fundbox. Fundbox doesn’t even have a minimum revenue requirement. However, to get a line of credit from Kabbage, you will need to have a revenue of $50,000. What’s more, the business needs to be more than a year old.


Loan applications to the banks get rejected quite often owing to a bad credit score. So, depending on the credit score, the above-mentioned lending options can be tried.

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