Once in a while, you will need that extra ounce of confidence.

Have you just been sacked, or have you had a break up recently? Those are among the things that mostly mess up with someone’s confidence.

You do not need to sulk and get lost in that. As much as regaining your confidence may not be easy, it does not mean that it is impossible too.

There are plenty of proven ways (scientifically) that can help you get your self-esteem back after a period of darkness. The following are some of the ways that you should put to the test and see how your self-esteem turns out.

1. Wear a signature cologne

At this point, there is that particular cologne that you like to identify with. Smelling great equals high self-esteem.

Not only does how you smell to give you a reflection of who you are, but it also breeds a certain perception of you by other people.

The better you smell, the more confidence you appear and the more people tend to get attracted to you.

2. Go hard on black

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Black is modest, yes. But did you know that both genders, male and female view black as a color that depicts self-confidence and attractiveness? Why not use it to your advantage.

Wear a black dress for that office meeting. You will be surprised by the effect that you will have at the conference or boardroom.

The catch is that you will even appear more intelligent! No better way to boost your self-esteem.

3. Selfies will come in handy

Studies have shown that for a fact, selfies have a significant impact in raising one’s confidence, hence self-esteem.

If you are the kind of folk that loves to hate on your colleagues who are addicted to taking selfies, it is time for you to join them. It will work wonders in getting you back your confidence.

Take a couple of those every day and sit back and admire your cheekbones or hair. Selfies will make you happy.

For instance, if you take one and post on social media platforms, someone will like it and comment. Going through those you will find yourself smiling at it.

Remember that the happier you are, the higher your self-esteem becomes.

4. Interact

Interact with the right people, and you will find that your self-esteem will go a bar higher. Learn to be around supportive and positive people.

Such friends will have a significant effect on how you feel about yourself. Likewise, avoid being around people that do the exact opposite: contribute to your loss of confidence and don’t make you feel good.

Care to join social groups within your locality, school or workplace.

5. You need music

You re most probably aware that music does have an impact on people’s moods. Some music will make you feel sad and emotional, others hype and others will make you feel good about yourself.

Use that kind of music to boost your self-esteem.

To be more precise, music with a heavy bass will be perfect. It can be confirmed with a study that was conducted on about 78 students.

The test was done such that instrumentals were played twice: with different bass intensity. After the feedback was collected, it was found that the one with a stronger bass made the students’ confidence vamp up as they felt empowered and determined.

Music has a role to play in boosting your self-esteem: give heavy bass a shot!

6. Take care of your appearance

The other scientifically proven way of getting your esteem up is ensuring that your appearance is on point.

That starts with your hair. It is the first thing that someone will notice when they see you.

You might want to make a good first impression. Great hair, a freshly exfoliated skin, and manicured hands will get your esteem where it out to be.

Use the tips mentioned above on a regular basis, and you will notice something different about how you feel about yourself. Leading a healthy life will also go a long way in boosting your confidence. Cheers to high self-esteem!

There are plenty of proven ways (scientifically) that can help you get your self-esteem back after a period of darkness. Here's how: #boostselfesteem #confidencetips #confidentwoman