100 Confidence Affirmations to Boost Self-Esteem and Reclaim Your Power

Welcome to the ultimate list of confidence affirmations that you can start using right away. But before we get into it, let’s talk about the role self-confidence plays in our life and what living with low self-esteem looks like.

What if I told you that lacking confidence leads to most of the things you don’t like in your life? Here are a few examples.

Not setting goals and not achieving anything as a result. 

You might be insecure when it comes to your qualities and abilities and don’t even dare to dream, you don’t think you have any potential, are sure you’ll fail and others will laugh at you. As a result, you don’t even try. 

Bad communicative skills. 

You feel uncertain when speaking with others, don’t believe you have something important to share and are too shy. This leads to not being able to approach people and meet new ones, not improving your relationships (even ruining them) and having no social life in general. 


You can’t start working on important tasks (and thus can’t finish them) because of your low self-esteem. You simply don’t believe you can get things done as then you’ll have succeeded in something and you can’t even imagine that. So you choose to procrastinate, to put important projects and urgent tasks off until later. 

This way you won’t be judged for your performance, can postpone the disappointment and fear of failure, and can just forget about all that. 

You stay in your comfort zone. 

You need to be confident in yourself in order to take risks, try new things and do stuff that scares you. But without that quality, you just do the things you’ve always been doing and get the same results. 

You can’t make decisions.

You’re so uncertain, overthink and doubt everything, that having to make an important  decision becomes overwhelming and you just can’t handle it. 

Without confidence, you also have a hard time making daily choices. 

You don’t speak up. 

You’re afraid and in doubt about whether what you have to say is the right thing, so you don’t even say what’s on your mind at all. You become a person with no opinion and people stop taking you seriously. 

You don’t ask the questions you have and thus never get answers. You don’t get out there and say what you want in life. So you never get it. 

You don’t take care of yourself.

You don’t like who you are, anyways, and soon you stop doing anything you used to do to look and feel better. 

I can go on like that forever. But you get the point. 

A shy person, one who has such low level of self-esteem that they don’t believe they can do anything, be liked or even take a proper decision, is destined to live a miserable life. 

But confidence is a skill and – as any other – can be learnt. 

Confidence as a skill

It can even become your second nature if you decide to change for the better and work on making it a part of your daily life. 

Before that, however, you should realize why you need confidence so that you can want it bad enough to take action. 

A life lived confidently is a life of opportunities, positive emotions, great social life, exciting experiences and progress. All that increases your level of happiness and contentment. 

Having enough belief in yourself opens countless doors in front of you. You get to work hard, change yourself, look great, become the best version of yourself, and affect other people’s lives too. 

You can be respected and looked up to. You’ll see yourself receiving a promotion, getting attention and compliments. Everything changes for the better once you are confident in yourself and actually believe you’re capable of much more. 

You start forming great relationships, taking decisions immediately (even if it’s just the option that sounds better at the moment) and making the best of them, taking opportunities, having a purpose, ambition and a vision, and doing something to get closer to them every single day. 

That’s how your life will be once you boost your self-esteem. 

Whatever your situation is, no matter how uncertain and insecure you are, you can start working on that at any moment. If you stay consistent, you can become the most confident person you know.

Using affirmations to boost confidence

There are many ways to boost your self-esteem, but one that works wonders is using affirmations. That’s what this article is all about.

If you don’t know what affirmations are and how to use them successfully, you can learn more here.

In a nutshell, these are powerful statements that you say to yourself over and over again until you truly believe them. Once they have reached your subconscious mind, you start feeling as if you’re already the person living that life and having that thing you want and you start taking action from that place.

Eventually, once your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions align, you change your reality and get the result you want.

But first, you have to reframe those negative beliefs you have (which you might not be aware of) that are stopping you from feeling better and from taking inspired action.

In the case of self-esteem, you’ll use confidence affirmations. These are empowering statements that will make you feel good about yourself, show self-love and compassion, believe in your abilities, allow yourself to go after what you want and take risks, overcome anxiety and the fear of failure, approach people without fearing judgement or rejection, and so much more.

Below, you’ll find a list of 100 confidence affirmations to boost your self-esteem and take your power back in any situation. Pick your favorites and start practicing them. Repetition is key.

100 Confidence Affirmations to Tell Yourself

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1. I love myself deeply. 

2. I take deliberate decisions without hesitation. 

3. I have the potential to achieve whatever I want in life. 

4. I am a strong individual. 

5. I have high self-esteem. 

6. Every day I get more and more confident in myself and my abilities. 

7. I accept myself for who I am. 

8. I admit all my past failures, learn from them and don’t let them affect my present. 

9. I deserve the best. 

10. I respect myself. 

11. I’m not afraid to approach people and can freely communicate with anyone I meet. 

12. I choose to live a happy life, to have faith in myself and be confident. 

13. I’m brave and courageous. 

14. I learn to let go and move on. 

15. I feel comfortable in my skin. 

16. I take care of myself and look better every day. 

17. Other people respect me. 

18. I’m independent and don’t need anyone else to feel complete. 

19. I attract other confident people in my life. 

20. I don’t seek attention and approval. 

21. I am confident in what life has planned for me. 

22. From here on, I can only improve and get better in every area of life. 

23. I can offer great value to the world. 

24. I trust myself. 

25. Whatever unexpected happens, I try to make the best of it and don’t let it bring me down. 

26. I choose to face my fears and do things that scare me. This way I expand my horizons and become more and more brave and feel alive. 

27. I have control over my mind and my life. 

28. Others can’t speak on my behalf. I myself express my opinion. 

29. I focus on my good sides. 

30. I look people in the eyes. 

31. I use powerful words in my vocabulary, and eliminate negative ones like ‘can’t ‘, ‘lack’, ‘problem’, etc. 

32. I was born confident. 

33. There are hidden powers inside me waiting to be unleashed. 

34. I’m confident in having a relationship with someone from the opposite sex. 

35. I accept compliments. 

36. I don’t feel inferior to anyone. 

37. I’m turning into a confident human being, able to achieve big goals

38. I’m not afraid of change and embrace new things coming my way. 

39. I keep my promises. 

40. People’s opinion can’t make me feel bad. 

41. I believe in myself enough to know that if I stay consistent, I will succeed. So quitting is not an option. 

42. I’m aware of my good qualities.

43. I take action upon my dreams daily and with determination.

44. I’ve succeeded before, I will succeed again.

45. I attract happiness and great people.

46. Every day I change for the better.

47. I like what I see in the mirror.

48. I’m outgoing and communicative.

49. I have a strong opinion about everything and am not afraid to share it.

50. I’m good at many things.

51. I accept challenges and always do my best.

52. I let go of all doubts, fears and uncertainties.

53. I free myself from the burden of past mistakes and focus on the present moment.

54. With my daily determined actions I create my future.

55. My opinion is important.

56. I’ve got style. 

57. I have the knowledge and competence to do what I want with my life and achieve a lot. 

58. I say ‘no’ to others and easily reject them in order to be in charge of my time, money and feelings. 

59. How other people treat me doesn’t affect my high level of confidence.

60. I have my values and principles and live by them.

61. I don’t do things just to please others.

62. I expect the best to happen. 

63. I help others, and receive gratitude and love in return.

64. I’m self-reliant.

65. I’ve got high standards.

66. I see problems as opportunities. 

67. I speak slowly, loudly enough, use strong words and appear confident. Because what I have to say matters. 

68. Nothing is impossible if I take a decision and want it bad enough.

69. At any moment I can turn my life around.

70. I don’t find it hard to adapt to change.

71. I’m constantly on the grow. 

72. Each day it gets easier for me to do things with confidence.

73. Being the best I can be is a top priority for me.

74. I carry no jealousy. I don’t compare myself to others.

75. I’m proud of who I am. 

76. I’m doing great things with my life.

77. People feel good around me, they want to be in my company.

78. I deserve the life I want.

79. My voice sounds confident.

80. I like being on my own.

81. I leave a mark everywhere I go.

82. I appreciate the long way I’ve gone.

83. I become a role model for others.

84. People look up to me.

85. I don’t want to look like anyone else.

86. Every day I get 1% better.

87. I walk with confidence.

88. I’ve got a good posture.

89. I don’t feel intimidated by other people. 

90. I’ve got a strong mindset.

91. I’m destined to greatness.

92. Whatever I want, I can get it.

93. The ideal lifestyle is possible.

94. I am successful, and can only become more successful.

95. I am worthy of love and respect even by strangers.

96. Confidence becomes my second nature. 

97. I like the way I look.

98. I appreciate my body and work on getting in a better shape.

99. I radiate confidence.

100. I naturally appear and feel confident in every situation I face daily. 

How to use the confidence affirmations

Now that you’ve gone through the list of confidence affirmations, you might be wondering how to use them and how to turn them into a habit. Here are some tips.

Pick the ones that resonate the most and start with them. You definitely don’t need all 100. Change in your mind (and later in your life) can happen with just 10 or 15 mirror affirmations, as long as they are the right ones and you feel connected to them.

Then, start saying them to yourself. Have specific time of the day to do that, such as first thing in the morning or before you go to bed. That’s also when our mind is most susceptible so they are more likely to stick.

To make the exercise more powerful, you can use the mirror technique. It’s all about saying those confidence affirmations out loud while looking at your reflection in the mirror.

This enhances the practice and its effect as you’re using your voice and looking at yourself, and over time you start to really believe what you’re saying.

You can also put post-it notes all over your home with the affirmations written on them so you can keep them in mind all the time. You have to live and breathe these statements if you want them to become your ultimate truth.

Which of these confidence affirmations do you like the most? What can you do today to turn them into a habit?

Here are 100 confidence affirmations to tell yourself to boost self-esteem, reclaim your power and live your best life every single day.