The Mirror Technique: How to Use It to Build Self-Confidence

The mirror technique may be the answer to all your problems. The following guide will tell you why…

If we could all have one quality that would get us ahead in every area of life, it would be confidence. Because that’s what we need more of, and that’s the tool that can help us kickstart every day and be a winner in life.

Confidence is the ultimate success, as even if you don’t have the right qualities for a job, or else, you can still do it simply because you believe in yourself to such an extent, that all uncertainty, doubts, and fears are gone. And you see yourself successful before you actually are.

Once you have this mindset, nothing can stop you.

But how do we become so confident in our abilities? What is it that makes us believe in ourselves so much that no outer factor can affect our performance anymore?

By simply talking to ourselves in the mirror.

The Mirror Technique: Definition

The mirror technique is a confidence-building exercise. It lets you use your subconscious mind to appear and feel more confident in a matter of minutes.

Talking to yourself in the mirror: How to do it?

All you need is a mirror. You stand straight in front of it, with your head up and shoulders back. You look into your eyes, breathe deeply and start repeating powerful affirmations out loud.

This practice has a huge impact on many areas of your life if done daily. You don’t need any preparation, knowledge, experience or even a little confidence.

All you need to do is look at your reflection and say positive, successful, motivational statements about yourself as a person and your life in general.

How often should you do it for maximum results?

Start with twice a day – in the morning right after you wake up, and in the evening before you go to bed.

These are the two best times of the day for this exercise. Here’s why:

What you do first thing in the morning sets the tone for the day.

Your mind is most susceptible in the first minutes upon opening your eyes, and if you engage it in such an activity, the affirmations you’ll repeat in the mirror will take your consciousness to a deeper level and you’ll feel an instant self-esteem boost.

Then, do it again in the evening to make the effect even bigger.

People often wonder how long they should do the mirror technique each time. Truth is, the longer you manage to do it, the better. But for a beginner, it’s going to be hard to keep doing it for 10 minutes from scratch.

That’s why you should start small. As we do with every other new behavior.

Do it for a minute today. And for the next few days. Then you’ll feel more comfortable doing it, won’t forget and will soon feel like it’s easy to keep it up for long. That’s when you can do it for 5 minutes. Then 6. And so on.

By the time you do it on autopilot, the mirror technique will already be an important part of your daily schedule and you’ll be increasing your confidence day after day.

Mirror Technique: Benefits

Here’s why the mirror technique is the best confidence building exercise:

• you start feeling more comfortable in your own skin;
• you accept the way you look and behave;
• your communication skills improve;
• each time you do the exercise, you’ll give yourself a self-esteem and a motivation boost;
• you’ll be more positive;
• you’ll start believing in your own abilities and thus be ready to try new stuff;
• you won’t feel inferior to others anymore;
• you’ll appreciate yourself for who you are and will embrace your good qualities;
• you won’t be afraid to look people in the eyes;
• you’ll appear more confident in front of others;
• you’ll have a higher opinion of yourself;
• you won’t have doubts;
• you’ll be more decisive;
• you’ll set higher goals and will be more confident in your chance to reach them;
• you’ll look and be stronger and people will start treating you differently.

What makes the mirror technique unique and practical is the power of the mirror, the effect saying positive affirmations out loud has on our mindset, the benefits of doing such successful activities every single day and the magic of believing.

It’s a combination of hypnosis, psychology, pep talk, gratitude, positive thinking, focused thoughts and a strong belief.

Mirror Technique: What to Tell Yourself in Front of The Mirror

Looking in the mirror and talking to yourself does help.

So many successful people are doing it even after they’ve achieved a lot, only because they know how powerful this little habit is, and how when done daily, can be the one thing that turns their life around.

And the little secret is that saying things in front of a mirror really does make you believe it. It doesn’t change anything in the physical world, but it puts strong, focused thoughts in your mind. And they shape your reality later on.

But what should we say to ourselves in the mirror so that we can hack our self-esteem and actually become more confident?

Here are some positive affirmations that will help you feel the benefits of this technique (plus exact lines to tell yourself every morning and evening to gain self-confidence):

1. Your good qualities.

Start saying out loud all the good things you’ve ever heard about yourself, the compliments you’ve received, the things you like about yourself, your good sides, the stuff that makes you different from others.

Say things like:

I believe in myself no matter what.
I’ve succeeded before, I can do it again.
The only limitations are the ones in my head, and I won’t let them stop me from going after what I want in life.
I’m an individual and have the right to love, be loved, fight for what I believe in and achieve success.
I’m beautiful and people see that.
I make the right choices.
Every day I get stronger, more experienced and confident in myself.
I have the potential to do great things with my life.

2. Positive things about the following day.

Today is going to be a great day.
At the end of it, I’ll be proud of how much I’ve achieved.
Wherever I go, I’ll radiate confidence.
Others will respect me and look up to me.
I deserve the best and only good things are coming my way.
I’m surrounded by other confident people.

3. Confidence affirmations.

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I’m proud of who I am.
I’m self-reliant.
My voice sounds confident.
I trust myself.
I look people in the eyes.
I am confident of what life has planned for me.
I respect myself.
I deserve the best.

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Other Questions You May Have about The Mirror Technique

How long does it take for it to work?

If you keep doing it twice a day and do your best to say the affirmations in the mirror as confident as you can, you’ll feel much better and your self-esteem will be higher in a week, or 10 days.

And from then on, you’ll feel more comfortable with yourself after each time you practice the exercise.

Does smiling in the mirror help?

Yes, it does. It makes mirror work even more powerful because you’re using body language, and not only your mind but your body too believe what you’re saying.

Is the mirror technique only for building confidence?

No. It can be used for any other thing you want to believe in. With it, you can change your approach to life, become more optimistic, get over a traumatic event, etc.

I talk to myself in the mirror. Is that okay?


Some people who haven’t heard of this exercise may realize they’ve already tried it. And that’s great.

It’s a successful technique so many people use, that helps them believe in themselves and thus achieve more in life. It’s nothing more than using body language and the power of your mind to build some confidence.

So that’s all you need to know about the mirror technique. Now you have no excuse not to practice it daily and feel its amazing effects.

Ever heard of the mirror technique? This guide will tell you what it is and how to use mirror work to boost your confidence and manifest your best life: