The confidence we carry within ourselves is one of the most important aspects of life. Our self-esteem determines how we feel in our own capabilities and worthiness.

Although it is often difficult, we must try to maintain a higher level of self-esteem if we are to achieve our goals and feel comfortable in most situations, especially social gatherings. Fortunately, there are some clever brain hacks that can help you build up your self-esteem.

1. Maintain a confident posture.

According to a study conducted by the European Journal of Social Psychology, maintaining a confident posture for two minutes can raise your hormone levels significantly, helping your self-esteem to rise as well.

Try standing straight up for a few minutes next time you’re in need of a quick self-esteem boost.

2. Repeat someone’s name after you learned it.

Amidst conversation, repeat the person’s name. If you just learned their name and are holding a conversation with that person, repeat their name during the conversation so that it absorbs and you’re unlikely to forget it.

3. Feed off emotion during public speech or conversation.

When introducing yourself to a new crowd, remember that people are likelier to listen to you if you speak with emotion.

Try to stimulate these three emotions: interest, laughter and excitement.

A little mystery behind your speech will lead to these three emotions. By pausing when you speak, watching your tone of voice, and painting a picture for them, you’re creating a more memorable speech, one that will encourage those listening to remember the information they’re retaining.

4. Write a list of 10 values you believe you have and arrange them in sequence.

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Write down a list of 10 values that you think you have and that are important to you. Arrange this list with number one being the one you desire or believe you carry the most. Then write down why next to it.

Once your list is complete, write out two paragraphs regarding what values mean the most to you and answer the following questions:

  • To what extent does your top-ranked value influence your life?
  • To what extent is your top-ranked value part of your self-image?

According to a study, people who completed this practice showed more confidence within the following two months.

5. Fake it until you make it.

The old saying stands true. Fake it until you make it. You can trick your brain by showing confidence in your actions even if you stand unsure.

You are what you believe you are. This practice is ultimately rewiring your brain to think positively.

6. Keep your environment clean and tidy.

A clean and well-organized environment will encourage a heightened level of productivity. A well-kept home will attract highly esteemed traits.

Cleanliness evokes positive energy and encourages higher productivity which is why you may notice many well-kept, tidy businesses.

7. Create an alter ego.

Turn yourself into a superhero in your head. Although this sounds slightly childish, no one will ever hear or know about the alter ego you created for yourself.

According to sociologists, creating a superhero idea of yourself will only heighten your self-esteem by encouraging confidence and your ability to face fear.

8. Don’t speak of your goals to anyone.

By keeping your goals to yourself, you are refraining from the feeling of disappointment. When others know of your goals and you have failed to achieve them as quickly as you had planned, their discouragement will only enhance the feeling of disappointment that you might get from your inability to achieve what you had set out to. You may ultimately lose your interest in achieving the goal you set.

9. Gain respect by imitating body movements.

By matching the body movements and speech of a person whom you value, you are more likely to gain their interest and respect.

This doesn’t mean that you must copy them to the “T” but if they show excitement, return that same emotion. If they talk clearly and with enthusiasm, do the same.

Don’t try and converse with someone you highly respect while showing a poor attitude or a lack of excitement. This only negates what they’re telling you and makes them lose interest in the conversation.

10. Exercise for at least 10 minutes every day.

Working out creates more self-confidence and even stimulates brain power. Exercise is known for giving a person more energy, flooding your body with endorphins, and improving your self-image.

The more intense your workouts, the better off you are when a higher level of self-esteem is achieved.

Although the list of brain hacks for self-esteem improvement could go on, practicing what you have learned here will prove to be more than helpful.

Continue to practice the above brain hacks and you should notice an improvement in your self-esteem right away. The amount of confidence you gain will only heighten the more you practice this advice and you’ll find new ways of encouraging self-growth along the way.

About The Author

Crystal Eynon is an entrepreneur and a writer for First Security Services. For over 10 years she has had to remain confident with her skill sets and education to continue a career that allows her to work from the comfort of her home.