The constant rigor and pace of life can be a struggle to keep up with. Whether you work remotely, head a major business, travel more often than you find yourself at home, or are the head of a bustling family, keeping yourself productive and on task can be the difference between success and unnecessary hiccups or failures.

The secret to productivity is two-fold: doing more in less time and using your time wisely.

Those who have incredibly busy lifestyles that they manage successfully understand these critical components.

So how do you use every inch of your day and work smarter, not harder? Here are some essential tips you’ll want to implement in order to increase your productivity no matter where you are.

Time Table.

There are aspects and tasks within a day that you sometimes would rather not do. Things that take up time you don’t have to waste.

Waiting in line at the grocery store, in the doctor’s office, the downtime in the airport or en route to the next location. All of this can seem monotonous after a while and like a colossal waste of time.

If you’ve paid attention, these types of situations often annoy off at least one person you’re in earshot of. They rattle off their irritation in overt fashion and bring unnecessary tension into a room.

These moments are just as valuable as any other block of time you have and steadfastly use throughout your day.

Take Up Every Minute.

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Write lists so that you always understand what the next task is. Then order them by importance.

If you’re waiting in the doctor’s office, book that flight via your phone that you’ve been meaning to schedule. Review those notes from a meeting you’ve just attended and jot down actual implementation strategies you want to start that week.

Choosing to complain about the time you’re “wasting” while you’re being made to wait is what makes it a waste of time.

Technology allows you to access different modes and functions of programs that will enable you to work wherever you happen to be- that includes the too-long line at the grocery store.

The best use of this time is during air travel as this typically can take hours. Ensure you’ve packed everything necessary for comfortable air travel and then get to work!

Maintain Healthy Habits.

This is one of the biggest productivity hacks that there is. Getting enough sleep, eating balanced meals and getting some exercise is what will allow your body to work most efficiently in the pursuit of your dreams.

According to a 2016 study from Johns Hopkins University, dreams can fall apart if you aren’t taking proper care of yourself.

Spare 20 minutes from your work schedule to get a bit of exercise in. Some jumping jacks, squats or a couple sets of resistance exercises with workout bands are critical to not only your physical health but your mental clarity.

Get enough sleep. While eight hours is simply untenable for some, getting enough sleep is imperative for your ability to focus, be productive and deliver on the task at hand.

Stay Organized.

Part of being productive is not wasting unnecessary time looking for specific documents or items that should be in a certain spot but aren’t.

When you start a complete overhaul of your life, organization is of the utmost importance. Everything has a place, and everything should return to its proper position. If not, you may be susceptible to a mini panic attack when something can’t be located at the drop of a hat.

Becoming more organized will also allow you to think more clearly and completely because physical mess can often translate into mental and emotional chaos.

Keep things tidy, labeled and in their proper places. Throw away items daily that do not serve a purpose or are no longer necessary. This includes your car, briefcase, and purse. As well as virtually via Google Drives, Dropboxes, and flash drives.

Interrupt Procrastination.

Poor time management is one of the number one reasons people don’t get as much done during the day as they potentially could.

Becoming distracted by things that don’t matter, being worn out and sleep deprived, or feeling like work is consuming you can all lead to certain types of procrastination that may be promptly tanking your productivity.

Try interrupting these moments with mantras, inspirational quotes or by redirecting your attention to something more pertinent and worthwhile.

Using your time as wisely as possible is integral to getting the most done as possible.