Why You Need Downtime to Promote Efficient Uptime

Why You Need Downtime to Promote Efficient Uptime

This post was written by Alex Eriksson, the founder of Anabolic Health, a men’s health blog dedicated to providing honest and research backed advice for optimal male hormonal health.

Stress is a beast that is hard to tame.

Even more so is workplace stress, which even though being subtle, can negatively affect many aspects of your health and wellbeing.

Though many people dismiss the effects of working long hours, and wear it as a proud badge of honor, it should be no way of living long-term, as you may soon experience the downsides of being overworked.

Throughout it all, it is important to remember that cortisol, our body’s stress hormone, is essential for our survival as a species, and for coping with the hustle and bustle of our lives.

What is not normal, however, is having chronically elevated levels, which is when the real problems arise.

But cortisol is not alone. It usually works in tandem with another popular hormone; estrogen.

The Connection Between Cortisol and Estrogen

Though it may not seem obvious at first, estrogen and cortisol do have a lot of dealings under the surface of it all, with cortisol even indirectly leading to an increase in estrogen levels.

Now ladies, before you say estrogen is not bad for you, it actually is; or at least too much of it. Yes, it’s true men experience the worst symptoms from high estrogen levels, but either gender can experience a state of estrogen dominance.

Estrogen dominance occurs when the checks and balances that normally keep hormones at a optimal ratio go out of whack, causing a much higher than normal, or far from normal amounts of estrogen circulating in the body.

In relation to the connection to cortisol, it is due to the stress hormone’s role in depleting progesterone, one of the hormones that keeps estrogen in check.

Did you know that cortisol is synthesized from progesterone? Which explains why estrogen dominance is more likely to occur when under high-stress situations, leading to depletion of progesterone.

Progesterone is a primary hormone in women that keeps estrogen levels optimal.

Progesterone also keeps estrogen and weight gain in check in men, with a study demonstrating that obese men almost always have low progesterone levels.

How Do I Know If Estrogen Dominance Is Affecting Me?

How to Decide What Product to Build First, Validate Your Idea and Get to Work

There are a few telltale signs, including frequently:

  • Reduced sex drive (both genders)
  • Weight gain and water retention, as estrogen is a fat sparing / promoting hormone.
  • Altered, unpredictable emotional states, such as increased likelihood of experiencing depression and anxiety.
  • Hot flashes.

How Can Excessive Estrogen Be Managed?

Excessive estrogen can, and should be managed.

Given, it may be considered easier to get a grip on excess estrogen levels if you are a man, as you can make use of effective estrogen blocking supplements. However, that is not all you should do, as a multi-faceted approach works best.

Other tips you can make use of include:

  • Eating a diet rich in estrogen-blocking foods: this is advised, as there are many plant based foods which block the effect of excessive estrogen in the body, break them down into less potent forms, or prevent testosterone from being converted into estrogen (primarily in men). Include foods such as cruciferous vegetables, pomegranates and grapes which are rich in resveratrol.
  • Lift Weights: lifting weights has so many benefits that is would take forever to list them all. But of particular note to us, is the fact that weight lifting can help combat excessive estrogen levels, as it raises testosterone levels. Testosterone and estrogen share a balance, with one regulating the other. In like manner, is the relationship between testosterone and cortisol, since as one increases the other decreases in similar fashion.
  • Eliminate external estrogenic sources: these include things such as using plastics that  contain BPA, reducing your intake of troublesome foods (such as soy, sugars) and focusing on living a more holistic life.

The Other Side Of The Coin: Cortisol

Understanding How You Work to Dramatically Improve Your Personal and Business Life

Overworking can be one of the worse things you do.

Whether it’s in the gym, or in the office, constantly working and not allowing enough room for downtime is a recipe for disaster. You need to make time for rest and recuperation, with one ideal technique being meditation.

Too many people do not take meditation seriously.

A simple 10 minute meditative session performed daily can immensely reduce the impact cortisol has on your life, as was proven in a study. But while meditation is a wonderful tool in your quest for health and wellbeing, you also need to make other lifestyle changes.

For example, sleeping 6 hours per night is not sufficient, regardless of how you feel the next day. The way you feel is just your individual response to stress, with some people having higher tolerances than others.

Likewise, you need to be smart with the time you spend working every week. Sure, we know that overtime pay really helps a bit, but at what cost? Your health is definitely not worth the trade.

Try to work enough so that you are able to comfortably sleep at night (for about 8 hours hopefully) and wake up feeling refreshed. If you constantly feel resentful in the mornings, chances are your cortisol levels are high, and your dopamine levels are low.

Make time for holidays, whether or not you leave the country. A period of two weeks not focusing on work is excellent for health, and leaves you recharged to handle another year of it.

Wrapping Up

Multiple things can fly out of whack after just one seemingly innocuous thing gets out of place.

If you can honestly say you are spending too many hours working, back off and let your body heal itself. Meditation is a godsend, and when performed while living a sensible lifestyle, your body will love you for it.

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8 Ideas for Fundraising Promotional Products for Your Next Charity Event

8 Fundraising Promotional Products That are Perfect Giveaways for Your Charity Event

Fundraising events play a vital role in raising money for your organization that it needs. Whether you are fundraising for a building project, a particular disease, operating costs, or to help others, events are a great way to go.

Event ideas can range from fundraising dinners to car washes to auctions. Whatever you choose, fundraising events are a great way to go. These events are conducted with the sole aim to support a noble cause and it is important that more and more people engage in the fundraiser.

As they are mostly directed towards raising money, the most exigent task however remains is to convince donors and contributors, earning their trust to support your cause. Logical thinking and proper planning will surely spell success for such events.

Fundraising promotional products are a great way to influence the public to contribute to your cause. Let’s discuss how.

How Fundraising Promotional Products Can Help Your Charity Event

Explore new Ideas

Well, every day new ideas are invented and different NGO’s and organizations find a unique way to motivate more and more people to support their cause.

The use of promotional products for fundraising events has created a pathway for those organizations that want to influence more and more people to support their cause.

Organizations make different strategies while choosing the different fundraising promotional products. From daily use products to attractive gifts, the market is huge. You just need to focus on your promotion strategy and target audience; the rest will be done by the products.

The market is full of wide range of promotional products that can be used for various events. Nowadays, people are supporting various causes such as Cancer, Child Education, Breast Cancer, etc. For this, they need funds and for funds they need people.

Fundraising events become successful when more and more people are involved in the event. Organizations need more and more charity and for that, they need to impress the public. If the public is happy and motivated, it will surely contribute and support the noble cause.    

Promotional Products for Fundraising

To make your fundraiser success all you need is a good and handy promotional campaign. The right marketing campaign can easily benefit your business firm by helping you reach out your target audience. 

Effective marketing strategies combined with the right set of tools and products are bound to produce positive results. You need to focus on some productive Fundraiser Events and Ideas. C2BPromo™ is one of the distinguished names in the industry that specializes in providing the widest range of promotional items at the best prices.

Customized products can prove to be quite spectacular when it comes to fundraisers. The fundraising promotional products can entice your guests and make them contribute positively.

Fighting for a social cause such as breast cancer awareness, child education, etc demands the use of effective strategies and innovative products that can catch the attention of the guests. Products such as customized ribbons, flash drives, coffee mugs, water bottles, t-shirts, etc turn out to be the most effective promotional products that can be the best giveaways for a fundraiser.

Have a look at the other creative, innovative, and productive ideas that are trending in the market.

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Power Banks

The power bank is an effective tool to giveaway your audience and gets the attention you deserve. For an effective marketing strategy, tools like these can easily boost your promotional campaign ensuring that your brand name reaches wide and far. These are a daily-use item and with your brand logo imprinted on it, it will make people aware of your cause.

Digital Cameras

Cameras can be a great promotional gift. Providing digital cameras with your brand name imprinted to the customers is an effective way to retain your customer base.

The lucky customers who’ll get these promotional giveaways would keep supporting your organization and also the other people will come to know about your NGO. These customers would also advocate for your brand name and stay loyal to the firm for a long time. This kind of technological gifts attract the customers and provide value.

Fitness Trackers

Another unique giveaway is a fitness tracker.  These are one of those handy promotional gifts and giveaways that can easily create a buzz around the market. T

hese trackers not only track the health status but they also prove fruitful in your promotional needs. People are into fitness these days and whenever they are going to have a run, a walk, or workout, your brand name is going to get more popularity.

Bluetooth Speakers

These speakers have the potential to increase brand awareness and target the right marketing audience with ease. Bluetooth speakers are the reliable fundraising promotional products preferred by the clients for your marketing needs.

Fundraisers are all about making the audience aware of the cause you are supporting. Wouldn’t it be great if you use speakers that have a pre-set audio that tells the people about your organization?

Custom VR Headsets

Beyond Online: How Digital Marketing Has Progressed Past the Laptop

Virtual Reality (VR) Headset is an innovative tool that is quite popular among the audience. Gifting such popular items for free is bound to produce some positive results for your promotional campaign.

C2BPromo™ offers the best-in-class customized VR Headsets at factory-direct rates to the clients. You can choose these kinds of innovative accessories that are trending in a market and people are interested in such products.


Insulated mugs keep hot beverages at the desired temperature. When any kind of fundraiser is held outdoors on a blustery day, filling these with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate helps keep participants going. They are attractive enough for everyday use and feature a sturdy handle and a thumb slide lid that helps prevent beverage spills.

The bottom of the mug is designed to fit into the cup holder of the automobile and BPA-free material eliminates the fear of contamination.

Sunscreen Kits

A unique promotional item can also be a sunscreen kit that spreads awareness about cancer. Two packets of sunscreen, one packet of lip balm, adhesive bandages, and antiseptic and wash-up towels are contained in a case that fits into the glove compartment or a briefcase.

Charities can have their logo imprinted on the lid of the case, advertising their support. Quantity discounts are often provided for promotional items like this, making it worthwhile for charities to order enough for events throughout the year.

Pink Ribbons for Cancer

People worldwide wear pink ribbons to express their moral support for women and men who have breast cancer. The ribbon is imprinted on clothing, bags, and promotional items like mugs, cups, and water bottles. It has even been designed as a magnet for display on automobiles.

Charities shopping for promotional items may be able to design their own breast cancer awareness ribbon that features full-color printing and an image of their choice. These thick magnets are water-repellent, fade resistant, and designed to be used outdoors.

One way to build exposure for your business is to get involved in community events.

Whether it is a town festival, fundraiser, or parade, community events are a great place to give away your branded products. In this situation, you are able to reach a large group of people quite easily. Using a promotional item as a prize or simply as a giveaway allows you to get your business information out in the market.

Plus, you are able to associate your business as a leader in the community. This type of goodwill cannot be found through traditional advertising.

Whether your organization is large or small, promotional products can be highly effective tools for spreading your noble cause to a great extent. These branded items can be given away at events to gain valuable exposure for your cause. Fundraising promotional products are an affordable means to increase visibility for your NGO among your target market and help you get the maximum charity.

So, explore a diversity of products at C2BPromo™where you can get the best promotional products at factory-direct rates.

Fundraising promotional products are a great way to influence the public to contribute to your cause. Here are 8 ideas for such items to create brand awareness and help your next charity event and business growth: