How to Define What You Want in Life (+ The 23 Keys to Success)

Every success starts on the inside, it’s where the real magic happens.

There are many processes taking place in our mind when we’re between mediocrity and greatness. And your way of thinking makes all the difference.

One of the easiest things to do is to eliminate everything that doesn’t have any place in your mind – and your life – and thus make room for better things.

Freedom, independence, peace and contentment are all things we’d love to experience all the time. And in order to have them, we’ll need to let go of the rest.

Here’s how to do it:

8 Things to Leave Behind

1. Excuses.

They’re one of the many enemies of progress.

And our mind is quite creative when it comes to coming up with reasons not to do something. After all, that’s why we procrastinate daily.

In order to get rid of that habit, be more mindful. Know that your mind plays tricks on you sometimes and be prepared.

When it starts thinking of excuses not to do something, stop it and focus on the opposite – think why you need to take action now and how that can help you improve.

2. Thinking about what happened in the past.

The only point of going back to yesterday is to learn from it. But if you stay there too long, you may start reliving past situations and experiencing negative emotions all over again, or having regrets.

So focus on the now. It’s where you can do something about your life.

3. Don’t fear what might happen.

The future is uncertain, but that doesn’t mean you should spend your life imagining the worst that can happen tomorrow and fearing it.

Instead, realize that whatever happens will be the best for this exact moment, and you’ll be okay with that. And look forward to the many great things that will come your way.

We often start relationships because we fear we might end up alone or leave our partner because we fear we won’t be happy in this relationship or marriage for too long.

But before you take a decision based on fear, take your time to analyze your emotions and what causes them. It’s often worth taking a look at yourself and trying to fix your attitude, instead of leaving.

That’s why couples therapy, pre-engagement and premarital counseling exist. You want to make sure you truly want to be in or out of a relationship, and a counselor can help you find this out instead of doing something you might regret.

4. Comparing yourself to others.

Let go of the need for comparison.

Not only is it unnecessary, but it also ruins your present moment by making you focus on what you don’t have, and even being jealous of others.

But you can’t really compare the lives of two people. We’re all unique in our experiences, past and future, dreams and fears. Everyone wants and is ready for different things in life. Don’t forget that.

That will also make your communication with people easier. If you don’t compare yourself to them, you’ll just listen to their problems, give advice, share what’s on your mind, and talk about ideas and plans. Nothing else. That will make relationships simpler too.

5. Perfection.

Why strive for perfection? Does it really get you far?

I say do your best, and know that you’re improving, gaining knowledge and experience. But don’t create ideals or push too hard.

6. Haste.

Being in a rush brings stress into your life. And more often than not you don’t get much done and your performance is poor.

So start doing things slowly. Eat, talk, walk, drive, read and write slower. This will help you experience the activity, pay your full attention to it, and thus enjoy it more.

7. Seeking comfort.

The comfort zone is something everyone’s been in at some point. But only those who manage to get out of it see what life is all about.

Comfort is another enemy of progress. You don’t get things done when you have it, you don’t challenge yourself, and are a prisoner of your fears, worries and doubts.

But if you break free from it, you start experiencing life, going beyond average, learning new things about yourself, and getting more out of every day.

So let go of your comfort zone by doing everything you’re afraid of, by challenging yourself or simply doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

8. Unimportant things and distractions.

Real productivity is all about focusing on what’s important and doing more of it, while eliminating the rest.

So identify those time-wasting, unproductive activities in your day, and every little thing that fights for your attention but which is not important and won’t get you closer to your goals. And simply remove it.

That’s how you develop a powerful, new mindset and build discipline, make room for inspiration and joy, find time for better things, do what you love and get things done.