Today I want to talk about another one of my favorite topics and something I got really good at over the years – structuring my life for maximum freedom.

Things weren’t always the way they are now and my mindset was far from how I see things today, so I want to walk you through the steps I’ve taken over the years, the decisions I made, how I prioritized freedom even when it didn’t make sense, how I set boundaries, what factors I remove, and also how I achieved different types of freedom, such as emotional, creative and time freedom. 

Tune in below:

Show Notes:

  • A day in my life + how everything is created with freedom in mind
  • How your freedom will trigger others and what that means
  • Freedom and family
  • What do you do when things don’t seem to be working out?
  • The real definition of time freedom
  • Freedom and relationships
  • Freedom and traumas
  • How reclaiming my freedom broke generational patterns



This is a beautiful topic and one very dear to my heart because I did all I could in the last 10 years to earn my freedom. But truth is I never needed to put that much effort, it was always available to me. I just had to let go of a lot, claim my time and my desires, stop living life according to other peoples’ rules, and just walk my own path.

Of course I didn’t know this back then. Now my philosophy in life and in business is that you can lean back and receive, the hustle mentality isn’t necessary, you can choose what resonates with you, what is aligned with your soul and reach your goals much faster.

Because the rest of the time we are just dealing with unnecessary distractions, working on things that don’t get us far, and even learning from the wrong sources, for example in business. And that’s okay, it helps us build valuable skills, find out what doesn’t work and then we eventually still create the life we desire, it just takes a bit longer.

The obvious kind of freedom you might desire is the one that lets you be your own boss, live anywhere, be flexible, and do what you want with your time. Add to that financial independence and some might consider this the dream life.

But that’s not how it works. Many business owners get into entrepreneurship and do well in their first years but end up creating yet another job for themselves. They either have too much client work, don’t truly enjoy what they do or are never satisfied with their revenue and results. This isn’t real freedom. If it costs you your happiness and peace of mind, something needs to change.

Today I want to talk about the freedom that exists on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Because when you are so free and independent, nothing can bother you, the challenges are there to help you grow and learn, you structure your business based on your lifestyle not the other way around, and you aren’t defined by where you come from, your industry, the people in your life or your current revenue.

A day in my life

As I prepare the content for this episode, I’m at the rooftop of my building and the sun is shining on me. Earlier I slept in, then I did my morning routine which is a set of activities that empower me and set me up for a peaceful and high-vibe day. 

I usually send out my weekly newsletter on Tuesday, which is today, but I only felt inspired to create this episode now so it will be out tomorrow. Which means I choose to email my audience then and share this new piece of content, regardless of what day of the week it is. It’s all about value in the online business world after all and often we gotta follow inspiration not strategy to deliver that.

Earlier when I was answering some emails, I rejected an offer for a feature in a big publication. A paid one but from someone I’ve worked with before so it was a sure thing. Not every opportunity that comes our way resonates though and saying Yes to one thing comes with a certain responsibility and with saying No to a few other things.

In a bit, I’ll answer the questions for an interview a small publication is interested in doing with me. That’s a free feature and it’s a more genuine approach to building your online presence. Not to mention I’m always grateful when someone takes an interest in my work and wants me to share my business journey with their audience. I’m on both sides of this as I often interview self-made business owners for my blog too. 

After that, I plan to finalize some things for a 3-day training on money mindset I’m releasing and which will only be available as a bonus to those who join Bold Business School, my membership experience for course creators. You can learn more and join the waitlist here.

That’s the program I feel called to do as the online course business has been my new passion for the last few years and now it’s my mission to teach others what I’ve learned along the way.

This is closely related to the topic of freedom as creating your own program and learning how to promote and sell it can be a turning point in your business journey. It might mean passive income, total flexibility, profitable launches, 6-figure years and serving your students in the best way you can.

So if you’re interested in learning all this and being supported by me and the other students in the program along the way, definitely join the waitlist to be the first one to know when doors open and get the lowest price.

So, I shared the little things I did and am going to do today to give you an idea of what it looks like to make sure that every little thing about your life is designed the way you want to. 

There is another version of this. I could be up early today to do freelance work for clients, just like I used to many years ago when freelance writing was my main income stream.

Or, I could quickly create a new podcast episode on another topic yesterday only so I can email my people on Tuesday as I usually do. Or I could have accepted the paid feature opportunity from that email and feel accomplished, when in fact these moves would have been made for the wrong reasons.

That’s inauthentic and if you want to build something sustainable and valuable online, you need authenticity.

Let me give you more examples. I’m drinking coffee from my mug right now which says CEO with 6 zeros added after it. I might be far from that revenue, but I’m so sure in my vision that I have no problem mentioning it or having it in visible places like that.

I made sure I’m surrounded by things that remind me to play a bigger game and all this makes my big goals and desires feel totally normal. In my mind, it’s just a matter of time till I have them. And with my content, I try to encourage you to think in the same way.

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How your freedom will trigger others and what that means

Freedom also comes down to giving yourself permission to do what you want to do and to stop doing what isn’t aligned. It takes guts, for sure.

Because it means some people will be offended, others disappointed. Some will manipulate you, tell you you’re changing in a bad way. The stronger your boundaries are, the more you’ll trigger other people.

But please keep in mind that this has nothing to do with you. It triggers them because they either want the same but aren’t willing to take action to change their life. Or because your behavior and new lifestyle show them what they lack, what they have failed at or what they never even tried to get. That’s part of their journey and it’s not your responsibility to make them feel good.

Freedom and family

An example would be my family. Some relatives are hurt, others are offended by the fact that I left the country 5 years ago and never looked back. I also visit less and less often. When we meet or have conversations, they notice my boundaries only get stronger. 

I come from a chaotic and toxic family environment and many unresolved issues and knew that this wasn’t the place for me. I moved to my desired destination and to this day have no doubt this is the place for me. 

However, that doesn’t mean I ignore what’s happening at home or that I’m over it. It still bothers me every day and my real healing process began once I got myself out of these. I’m triggered easily any time I’m around family or even talking to them, and that only shows me how much more healing I have to do. And that’s okay.

What do you do when things don’t seem to be working out?

You keep the vision in your mind and trust both yourself and the process. A deep sense of self-trust is required to design your dream life and live it on your own terms. That takes time. It’s also a journey of self-love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. If you haven’t dived into these subjects, now might be the time.

Many people will try to talk you out of your goals. They will see things differently and if you’ve shared their opinion before but have a new perspective now, they might try to convince you that you’re wrong. 

It’s important to stick to your own desires and goals and not let others interfere. Only you know deep within what’s right for you. 

Your desires are yours for a reason. It means they are available to you. You can have what your heart craves, as long as it’s not an Ego desire or anything that isn’t meant for you.

What about time freedom?

Well for me that is not just working flexible hours, but being able to ditch your laptop for a day or a few whenever you feel like. Being able to work just 3 to 4 days a week and doing active work only for a few hours each day. That’s totally possible and that’s the kind of business I’ve created.

But because I love what I do so much and I have a lot of free time and bigger goals to achieve, I work more than that. I can easily stop creating new programs now because I already have plenty of courses. But Bold Business School is just something that can help so many people build a digital product business and use that income to live their best life, that I can’t stop until it’s out there.

And this is gonna be different. I’ll challenge myself by creating something bigger and more valuable than ever, not just a course but a digital membership experience. It will eventually become my most expensive and expansive offer.

The first and probably second time doors open, the price will be lower so I can welcome the founding members, give my most dedicated readers and listeners a chance to get in, and also be able to get feedback because I’ll be creating the content while the first students are already in.

This is a lot of responsibility especially when I know that I will have a pretty severe surgery in the last quarter of this year. I might not be able to or have the motivation to create any new content for a month or two, who knows. But I can’t use this as an excuse not to take action in the months prior to that. So I keep living my best life, aiming higher than before, and working on that transformational program. 

Freedom and relationships

This is also an example of freedom. If something feels so right but it doesn’t make any sense, go after it. It will work out, you just don’t know how yet. 

To make freedom and independence your priority, you’ll also have to structure the other aspects of your life based on that. So if you’re in a toxic relationship or dating a person who just isn’t a good fit, or living together with someone for so long just because you don’t wanna hurt them, well, you know what to do.

If you fear being single or alone in some way, let me remind you that this is freedom. But it’s not freedom to be stuck in a relationship or any situation that you don’t want to be in.

Identify all the factors keeping you stuck right now. Write them down over the course of a few days as new things come up. Many of these might be feelings, so you can dig deeper and get to the root of the issue. 

You might find out there are people in your life bringing you down and which don’t really add anything to your existence. It’s okay to leave them behind.

You might see that some hobbies, old interests, habits or thought patterns have become your comfort zone but they aren’t getting you anywhere near to what your heart desires or where you’re headed in life.

Freedom and traumas

If you explore more, you’ll get to the traumas. The events or recurring situations in your life that trigger you the most. You can’t be free until you work on these. Acknowledge them for a start, understand that they don’t define you. 

Your traumas are not your fault, but your healing is your responsibility. This is one of the main themes in my life right now as I study inherited family trauma and face all the unpleasant memories and realizations that I didn’t wanna face in the last years. But they were always keeping me stuck.

It’s even possible that your business isn’t growing because, let’s say, you haven’t forgiven a parent. Your deeply rooted beliefs need to be uncovered and reframed.

Once I had a lot of freedom, I noticed something fascinating.

I was the only woman in my family tree that was truly independent, at least in the generations I personally know and the ones way back that I’ve heard about. That’s a privilege and I don’t take this lightly. I thank for it every single day.

Many women in my family have been or are repressed either by society, their country, a man, a relationship, or anything else related to the old paradigm. 

My mom is no exception. She actually told me last year that I’m living the life she was dreaming about.

A funny thing about manifestation and spirituality is that in this lifetime, we might not manifest what we desire right away or at all, because we haven’t learned the lessons we needed to. But we can manifest it through someone else. So, she isn’t living the life she wanted to and things turned out differently for her, but she experienced all that through me and it’s enough for her.

Maybe all that I’m saying now is a totally new side of freedom that you’ve never explored before. But it gets to be this deep if you really want a life on your own terms.

I can talk about this much more but I think it’s enough for today. I mainly shared examples and I believe these are relevant and can apply to many of the situations you’re dealing with in life.

Let me know how you feel about this, what triggered you and why you think that is, and how freedom looks like for you.