How Arfa Nazeer of She Means Blogging Turned Her Blog into a Real Business - interview

Welcome back to the show and thanks for tuning in today. This is Lidiya and you’re listening to the Free and Fearless Podcast, where I teach you all about business, mindset, manifestation and so much more. Today I have one message to share with you, one reminder that I so want you to keep in mind at any moment of the day and to take action from that place.

Listen to the episode below:

Show Notes:

  • The reality in which you run your dream business
  • An exercise for you
  • The cause of not dreaming big enough
  • How to stop giving your power away in business
  • The negative story we tell ourselves
  • Giving yourself permission


You’re meant for more in business. You don’t need to settle down for less than you desire.

If a project, business model, niche, client, investment, tool you use or pricing you have feel off, then it’s not the right one for you and you get to choose something else instead. Or at least, to walk away from this thing so you can have space for something better, something that’s truly meant for you.

There is a reality in which you don’t just run a business, you don’t just have great consistent revenue, but you’re actually doing the work you want to be doing, on your terms.

You get to work only with soulmate clients, writing only on topics you’re passionate about, charging only what you desire, connecting with people that light you up online, learning from those that inspire you and teaching those that adore you.

All this is available to you but it’s easy to focus on your current reality. Where the income might not be enough, you have many things on your plate, and the goal is just to quit your day job or make enough to provide for your family. Then business becomes a survival tool and the mindset for that is different.

It’s okay to go through that stage and it’s quite possible to go into business full-time whatever your reason for that is. But then comes a moment where you might realize you aren’t happy, the income isn’t passive or stable enough, you can’t spend time with the family you’re providing for, or you feel like an employee in your own company.

This is when you can once again remind yourself that you’re meant for more. You can do big things and you can do hard things and you can have the kind of business you dream of. 

You can build a membership and get enough members that pay you month after month so that you don’t need to look for any other people. You can just keep serving those that are already in.

You can stick to high-ticket offers only and welcome just a few clients per year, but make sure that’s more than enough to live the comfortable lifestyle you want to design for yourself.

Or you can follow your passion and creativity, like me, and change business models every few years based on the next thing that just feels right for you and which seems like the best way to help others.

So I’m asking you today, what are you settling for?

Why? What is the price you pay for it? And what is the benefit it’s giving you?

Because for any not so pleasant factor in our life right now, there’s something we get from it that keeps us in that place.

If you remove the benefit and choose to let this go, whether it’s security, doing the work you’ve always been doing, not taking big risks, not investing in programs or coaches, then you face the unknown. And while it’s scary at first, it’s also empowering to go through it and get on the other side as the best version of yourself.

You can do an exercise now. Write down the things you’re settling for in your business. If you aren’t earning yet, you might be thinking small in terms of your goals and vision so write about that.

Imagine what your life and business will look like 6 months from now if you keep doing things this way. Try to describe that scenario in detail and really feel how you’ll feel then.

Then do the same for 1 year from now and even 3 or 5 years.

Now let’s do the opposite. What is the action you know you are meant to take now that is scary, uncomfortable and risky, but which will end up either growing your business or teaching you the lessons that will help you do that later on?

Write down how your life will look like 6 months, a year and a few years from now if you do take that action. And what it would be if you take that kind of action consistently.

Not dreaming big enough is a result of limiting beliefs, usually related to lack of self-worth. I invite you today to work on them, to uncover them and reframe them.

One day you’ll look back and wonder why the heck you settled down for less when you could have lived your ideal lifestyle so much sooner.

Today I just want to empower you, to remind you that you take all the decisions.

That you can stop giving your power away to customers that don’t treat you and your business well, that want refunds or are negotiating your rates. You can give yourself permission to not allow any low energy like this in your space.

Instead keep working on what feels good. You have all it takes to work only with the most amazing clients and students, create the most transformational programs, wake up energized and grateful for your business every day, and create wealth and abundance in your life as a result of that.

Business can go together with pleasure, with making a lot of money working minimum hours, with having passive income while you travel or live your best life, with meeting the most amazing individuals online and making friends.

But first, you gotta stop settling. You are meant for more in any area of your life, but usually no one comes to tell you that.

There’s this story we are telling ourselves that our journey needs to be long and to involve hustle for many years so we can deserve the income and freedom later on. But it’s not like that.

It’s your own limitations in the form of beliefs and distractions and playing small that keep you where you are and that prevent you from taking bold action.

You’re often one decision away from growing a business or running your existing one in a much more pleasurable and easy way. But no one can take that decision other than you, no one can give you permission.

Because the real permission comes from within. Once you allow yourself to not just dream bigger, but to believe anything is possible and time isn’t a limitation, you get to achieve anything and become the version of you ready to run that profitable business much sooner.

Now this one reminder won’t be enough to reframe your limiting belief around what you’re meant for. Hopefully, you’ll think about it more. You’ll look for more evidence. You’ll realize that you’ve been believing something that was stopping you from growing the business you dream about. And you will then make sure the new vision you have gets to your subconscious mind because that’s where the real change occurs.

Let me know what you think, what you are settling for and what the next level looks like for you. And please, dream bigger than you feel comfortable with. Dream bigger than what makes sense. Dream bigger than what others think is normal.

We are in business to do what has never been done before. So you are allowed to dream in a way that no one has ever dreamed before.

Thank you so much for tuning in today and have a beautiful day.