Your 8-Step Process to Living Your Biggest, Boldest Life

Welcome to episode 26 of the Free and Fearless podcast. I’ll now share with you 8 steps that I consider important for anyone who wants to be bold enough to live their biggest life, and – of course – create not just a business, but their dream business. We’re here to aim high and go big!

Tune into the episode below:

Show Notes:

  • [02:02]How what you don’t want in life can be more useful than what you want
  • [03:51] Examples of strong boundaries in my business
  • [06:08] How I’ve used a special kind of guarantee in my latest offer to set the right expectations
  • [07:50] What comes after the hustle stage
  • [08:53] The role of manifestation in living your boldest life
  • [10:28] The kind of growth uncovering your traumas can lead to



1. Find clarity 

Identify anything in your current life, environment and way of thinking that isn’t what you truly desire or which doesn’t resonate with you. Start eliminating ruthlessly. 

Then, define what you want, make a plan, and start working on it.

When my personal growth journey started, I spent enough time to realize that, to be honest with myself, to define what I really want and make a step-by-step plan on how to get it, here I am.

Waking up with excitement, having a smile on my face while working, writing daily – which is my favorite thing. Inspiring people and being productive and disciplined without needing anyone to make me do any of it.

But it wasn’t until I found out my passion – personal development, combined it with the best way to express myself and the right medium for me – writing, and read everything I could on how to turn that into something more.

Then, I found out that freedom and independence were more important to me than I thought. I did what I could to become self-employed and location independent.

So barriers like country, having a boss, working a job I don’t enjoy, being stuck in an office 8 hours a day, being told what to do, having to wake up at a certain time, just don’t exist anymore. Because I did what I could to remove them.

My point here is: elimination is one of the key processes in life, and it’s beautiful. Defining what you don’t want in life turns out to be more useful than trying to figure out what you truly want. Removing the toxic people from your life is better than always looking for attention and approval by finding new ones.

So if you really don’t know what to do with your life, start by eliminating what you don’t like about it.

Don’t get others involved in that. It’s your path to walk. They have nothing to do with it.

I almost never share my goals with others, I just mention stuff every now and then and once it’s achieved, I’m more open about it. That lets me stay focused and it doesn’t let other people’s opinion interfere.

You can do the same.

When I have a new business goal or switch to a whole new business model, it’s easy and fun to start by reading about everything related to it  and learn from people who’ve achieved what I’m after.

But if you’re not much of a reader, that’s totally fine. You can buy a course or work with a coach. You can also get out there, talk to people and learn directly from them. Or simply start working on something and see how it goes.

Just do something.

That’s probably the best advice I can give you.

As for success and happiness, they’re inevitable once you’re on the right path. Stay consistent, and you’ll be creating your boldest life possible.

2. Speak your truth. 

Radical authenticity is the name of the game. Nothing else will feel as good as this. 

I rarely meet people who speak their truth, but when I do, I have nothing but respect for them.

That might mean offending some people, being brutally honest, rejecting and breaking society norms, but that’s part of the journey.

3. Set strong boundaries.

You decide who gets to enter your energy field. 

I say No more often than Yes, and while that sometimes means missing out on opportunities, it also means protecting my space, the life I’ve created for myself, and my vision.

Here are some examples of setting strong boundaries in my business:

  • Not replying to emails or DMs right away.
  • To some of them – not at all.

Usually, the promotional ones or people offering free stuff and only taking my time, especially when it’s obvious that they will want something in return down the road. 

I used to respond to all of these out of politeness. I kept explaining myself, or just diving into collabs or checking out people’s work, and it cost me much more than just my time. Also my attention and my motivation. Things like that lowered my vibration on a daily basis and only more and more emails were coming. 

Now, after having skimmed what feels like a million of them, it takes me a second to see what’s worth my attention, what can wait for later and stay in my email box for a bit, and what can be deleted right now.

If you don’t set any boundaries abut this, you’ll end up spending hours weekly responding to people who aren’t here to grow your business but just want something out of you. Because of that, you won’t have enough time to work on important projects and pay attention to the people and ideas that actually feel aligned and are meant to grow you business.

  • Another examples of boundaries in my business is that I don’t do any calls or any live content.

I know that sounds too drastic for some, but it’s just my way of doing things. Of course that won’t be the case if you’re a coach, but that’s one of the main reasons why this isn’t the business model I chose.

What drains my energy and doesn’t make me feel good, doesn’t need to be in my business activities at all.

I think it’s cool that actually these 2 – calls and going live on socials – aren’t a necessity to be a full-time blogger or course creator. Good times we live in. You can choose what to do based on what you love the most, how much of an introvert you are, and what your favourite way of teaching is.

  • Another boundary I set is related to expectations.

You need to set limits with clients, students, email subscribers, social media followers, and even blog readers.

You get to decide how often they get to hear from you, how much support they get in a paid program, in what detail you respond to their questions via email, and even what guarantees you have for your products.

One of my latest offers, for example, has an anti guarantee, which means I don’t offer any refunds. That’s because it’s a Blog Audit and this offer is so exclusive and the PDF you’ll receive contains such powerful information, that once seen/used, it can’t be unseen/unused (meaning, you will have received far more than what you paid for). I state this clearly on the sales page and with that, I make sure no one can just buy and ask for their money back. It’s all up to you. Which brings me to the next point.

4. Be your own boss.

If you haven’t started a business yet but want to, go for it. Go for it with all you got.

There’s at least one thing you’re really good at. Devote your life to finding it and mastering it. Then, start teaching it (you just need to know a bit more than beginners to actually do that). 

Choose your business model and learn the ins and outs of it, and start building your very own empire.

If the kind of business you want to create has to do with blogging or digital products, then check out previous episodes of the podcast because that’s my specialty.

5. Know both hustle and alignment. 

My own revolution began with a hustle period, in which I put a lot of effort and pressure to turn what I love into my career and become as independent as possible. That was necessary for me to build discipline, learn things from scratch (and eventually develop the mindset and ability to learn anything I set my mind to much faster), lose hope many times and find it again.

Then came the alignment phase. When I learned that more work doesn’t mean more income, and actually the opposite can be true as we live in an abundant universe. You can work minimum hours, have fun, live your best life and at the same time have all the freedom, make impact and earn more than you can imagine.

I talk more about this in episode 13 of the podcast: How to Go from The ‘Hustle’ Phase to The ‘Alignment’ Phase

6. Get into manifestation.

Study personal energetics and manifestation and learn the laws of the universe. Everything is happening for you, not to you.

If there’s a desire in your heart and a thought in your mind, it was put there for a reason. You have all it takes to bring it to fruition.

There’s a lot to learn about and practice when it comes to manifestation, so find the books, podcasts, blogs and anything else that resonates with you, and dive in.

One of my courses, Fearless Content, combines branding and marketing with spirituality and personal development. I use the principles of Human Design to help you understand your unique energy and use it in business to unlock your best content and create profound impact.

It’s a beautiful program that hundreds of students have enrolled into and if your brand and business aren’t nowhere near the abundant and aligned reality you imagine, then you might want to check it out too.

7. Self-love, compassion & forgiveness.

Living your boldest life and running your dream business doesn’t involve anger, judgment or being hard on yourself.

We’re all in this together. When you meet people who are on the same or different journey than yours, send them love and compassion.

This is key as not forgiving yourself or others can actually prevent you from growing your business or enjoying any aspect of it.

The next step of the process takes this even further.

8. Heal traumas.

Your traumas are not your fault, but your healing is your responsibility. One of the main phases in your personal, spiritual and business growth is to get to know your traumas, get to the bottom of them, and start the healing process.

This is bigger than you and me. The moment you start doing it, you get unstuck, break generational patterns and pave the way for a new legacy.

There are some bestselling books about this that can really change your life. The one I have, and which I’m slowly going through as it’s so profound, is called It Didn’t Start With You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End The Cycle.

The title speaks for itself so there’s nothing else I need to say about it. There are cycles to end that weren’t started by us, and the sooner we work on that, the better.

I know this kind of inner work isn’t for everyone, but for me, it’s a necessity. It’s the only way to liberate yourself, unleash your potential, find peace, and live a bold life at the same time. 

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