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Here’s what you’ll get:

The Abundant Biz Journal Challenge is a FREE 7-day challenge to tune into your potential and do business from a place of love and abundance.

Every day you’ll get an email with journal prompts and affirmations on the following topics:

  • Day 1: Clarity
  • Day 2: How you feel about your biz
  • Day 3: Limiting beliefs
  • Day 4: Taking back your power
  • Day 5: Your Dream Biz
  • Day 6: Calling in what’s next
  • Day 7: Celebrate your wins

On the final day, I’ll also send you the workbook with all 56 journal prompts and 38 affirmations in one place.

what others are saying

Ayelen testimonial

“I’m loving this challenge, I’ve been postponing doing it for months, and I’m finally here, because I decided I want to turn my “willingness” into something real, and build my online business once and for all. 

Thanks for putting this out there. It’s just amazing. I’m already feeling inspiration and abundance, 2 things that I was lacking and think I actually need a lot.”


“Thank you Lidiya, I am really so blessed I found your blog.
Before the Abundant Biz Journal Challenge, I didn’t know where to start! Thank you very much for breaking down the detailed steps to get started.
I gained a lot of clarity from your daily email with journal prompts.
I highly recommend this challenge. It’s so easy to get started and not feel lost and afraid. I have looked at other challenges, and there is always something missing.”

Radha Aragona
abundant biz journal challenge testimonial