Monetize your Instagram account with these 5 popular and easy ways to make money on Instagram

In many ways, your social media platforms are the backbone of your business. After all, social media is one of the most inexpensive ways to market your business but still guarantees excellent results.

Not only does it increase the visibility of your company, but it can also humanize your brand, helping you connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Furthermore, it can be used to drive traffic to your website and increase your sales. In short, if you don’t have a social media account for your brand, you’re selling yourself short, especially as we spend more time than ever before online. 

While most businesses have multiple social media accounts, you must choose the right platform for your business based on your target audience.

While you can use social media analytic tools to figure out the success of each post, it’s usually best to focus on the platform that you know your audience use most frequently. For example, those aged 20-25 are more likely to follow and engage with brands that post on Instagram.

With that in mind, here are different tricks you can use to optimize each and every one of your socials. 


Despite being a relatively new platform, TikTok has over 14.43 million daily active users, meaning that it’s an excellent tool for brands looking to extend their reach.

A carefully curated post, capitalizing on current trends, can help bring your brand into the public consciousness in a way that is impossible to achieve elsewhere. It can also help users begin to understand exactly what your brand is about, as it allows you to show off your personality a little too.

However, TikTok is about more than simply posting funny or entertaining videos; you also need to ensure that you figure out the best time to post on tiktok.

For example, you must post your content at the time when your followers are most likely to be on the platform, as this will guarantee higher engagement.


Your success on Instagram relies almost entirely on your feed’s aesthetic, as it is a platform that is pretty much all about the visuals. As a result, you should create a visually interesting and cohesive feed on your account.

To do this, you should use the same colours and fonts whenever you create graphics. When taking pictures, you might want to use the same lighting or add filters and presets after the fact so that they align perfectly with each other. 

Instagram stories are also a great way to connect with your audience, as they now have various interactive features built into them. You can give customers the chance to ask questions or respond to polls on your stories, which helps them develop a relationship with your brand that feels a little more human. 


Your Twitter account is another great way to promote your brand because it makes it easier than ever to engage with your followers.

You could post Twitter polls asking your customers for their opinions or for feedback on your new products. Not only will this increase your engagement, but it will also give you the insight you need to move forward and grow your brand.

This can also help you develop a stronger relationship with your followers as it shows them you are willing to take their opinions and perspectives on board. 


Customers are more likely to stick around when they feel valued, respected and as though they are part of a community. One way you can achieve this goal is by making Facebook groups in addition to a brand page.

This way, you’re able to engage with your customers on a much deeper level. While you don’t have to post in these groups every day, they are a great way to get to know your target audience a little better, which can help you immensely moving forward. You can also use these groups to make your customers feel special.

For example, you could post about upcoming products or exclusive discount codes on these pages first – so that they are the first to know when the big day comes. 

Facebook is also excellent from a marketing perspective when it comes to targeted advertisements. You can pay a little to have your posts promoted onto the feeds of your desired audience, which can help you to increase your following significantly.

The more people that like your page or engage with your content, the more sales you can expect.