Hey and welcome to the very first episode of The Free & Fearless Podcast.

This show is about mindset and business and how to use your gifts, monetize your passion and turn it into your career, how to create the ideal lifestyle for you and do work that lights you up and helps others. 

That’s through content creation, finding your dream clients or readers or subscribers or followers or course students, and giving them the best information you can whether that’s in audio or video format, or through social media or blogging.

Whatever your niche is, your business model, your journey so far, your limiting beliefs, current lifestyle and interests, or ideal audience or income goals – one thing is sure. 

You have amazing things to share with the world and we live in the best possible times to turn that into an actual business, become your boss and create financial and time freedom in your life while inspiring others, helping them achieve a certain result and getting your message out there so it can reach those people who need it the most.

I’ll also talk about personal development a lot as that’s where it all starts, together with focusing on your spiritual journey and building a strong mindset. Actually, that’s all part of story so let me share it with you.

Show Notes:

  • [2:25] The turning point in my business journey that started it all
  • [3:50] When and why I started Let’s Reach Success
  • [4:20] How I made my first money online
  • [6:22] What my blogging income made possible for me
  • [8:15] The one-way ticket that changed my life
  • [10:55] How I diversified my income & had my first $5K month
  • [12:13] How I achieved consistent $5K months
  • [13:20] My next goals + what I’m doing about them



My name is Lidiya and you might know me from my blog Let’s Reach Success which I created back in 2013 when I knew absolutely nothing about blogging. But I had this desire inside to write about personal development.

And that’s when things started happening. It was a turning point in my journey that I realized my passion was self-improvement and always will be, and found out the best format for me to focus on it – through writing.

So I began blogging as a hobby. 

But let’s go back even further.  

I was reading a lot about successful entrepreneurs, lifestyle designers, people making money online and quitting their day jobs to travel the world. It wasn’t anything I’d ever dream of doing with my life, but I kept reading. 

That planted ideas in my mind, and as you know, everything that was ever invented or achieved started with a simple idea, a thought in someone’s mind.

Over time, I realized it’s possible to design my life the way I want and it’s a matter of focused work. But that’s where most people get it wrong.

You need to actually put in the work (and do it for years) before you expect anything back (like money, freedom, independence and all the other benefits).

But I stuck with that and thank god I didn’t give up. Because now, years later, that same blog I started back in 2013, gets a million visitors, is approached by sponsors all the time and earns me thousands of dollars each month thanks to the different monetization strategies I’ve implemented.

It’s turned into a platform informing and inspiring people from all over the world. I now cover different niches and teach people how to start a blogging business and achieve financial independence.

And there’s more to that. This income has allowed me to leave the 9 to 5, travel, leave my home country and start a whole new life in my dream destination (that’s Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and it’s where I’ve been living in the past 4 years and it feels amazing).

Not to mention there’s so much creative freedom that I can easily change business models. I can change niches, platforms I use, type of content I create, marketing and sales techniques I use, and so much more.

It’s all connected to where I currently am on my journey as I want to document it and teach others what I learn along the way.

I’m convinced an online business can do the same for you, no matter where you are coming from.

And here’s something important:

I remember when I was still in my home country, without any idea of what I wanted to do with my life but knowing I can’t have it average anymore, I was already blogging a bit and had decided to maybe have a 3-figure month thanks to my income as a freelancer and see if it’s possible.

So I wrote on a piece of paper $80/week.

That was the magical number I was going after and even that scared me so I wasn’t sure if I should even dream that big.

Now, I’m absolutely fine with saying my next income goal is $100K/year, during a global pandemic, and while I’m sort of changing my whole business model.

Now, I set goals from a place of abundance, I create more value in the world and for the right people and have more freedom and independence in my life than ever.

All that, because I was able to overcome the doubts and all the other limiting beliefs, and I kept going even when there were a million signs telling me not to.

Hey and welcome to the first episode of The Free & Fearless Podcast. I share all about my business journey so far and how I got here. #podcastsforwomen #bloggingbusiness #businesstipsforwomen #femaleentrepreneur #femalebloggers