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When it comes time to sell a home, most people feel overwhelmed.

There’s a lot involved, from tracking down a great offer to deciding when the perfect time to enter the market is. Even thinking about where your stuff will go as you transition to a new place is a stressful process.

But there are tons of secrets to making moving out easier. Read on to find out the three secrets most real estate agents don’t want you to know about selling your home.

3 Things Every Home Seller Should Know

1. Consider Companies That Will Buy Your Home Directly—For Cash!

If you’re looking to make cash quickly, check out redevelopment companies. They offer an easy solution to offload your property.

Sometimes billed as “real estate solutions” companies, these businesses will often purchase homes of any quality to flip and redevelop them.

These businesses are the ideal solution for sellers who don’t want to wait for cash.

While you might take a small hit on the offer compared to listing your property, it saves you a ton of time. This solution is perfect if you’ve inherited the property, or your home has extensive damage that you’ve realized is not worth rebuilding.

More often than not, these companies offer cold hard cash with a quick turnaround. This quick deal allows you the financial freedom to move on to your next chapter. 

2. Remember that De-Personalizing Is Key

Another thing that real estate agents might be hesitant to tell you when they take on your home is that the more personalized your space is, the harder it is to sell.

This idea may be a hard point to understand. Your home is yours because it’s personal, right?

But the walls covered in family portraits, doorways marked with your kids’ heights, or event an atypical paint color can be too much. The more personality a place has, the longer it typically takes to sell.

The key to a good showing is finding a way for people to imagine themselves living in your home or property.

When there are touches of your own family life inside, it is harder for potential buyers to imagine themselves there.

Trust us when we say that taking your presence out of your home is the best way to sell it fast.

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3. Learn to Spot the Serious Buyers Poking Around the Neighborhood

A good indicator of whether someone is seriously interested in buying your property is how many questions they ask about the neighborhood, either to you or your neighbors.

More serious and experienced home buyers will know that a neighborhood during a showing isn’t precisely what they’ll experience in day-to-day life.

So naturally, they’ll ask more questions about things like local traffic patterns, construction, schools, and even noise and light levels.

If someone is throwing these kinds of questions around, it’s a good indicator that they are interested in your property.

Something you can do to help entice these curious buyers is by creating a guide to daily life in the neighborhood with lists of:

  • Local restaurants you love
  • Information on local laws and ordinances, including HOAs
  • Contact information for neighbors nearby (make sure you get their permission first!)

The more knowledgeable and at ease they feel, the more likely you will be able to cinch the deal.

In The End

Selling your home doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. If you ever feel overwhelmed, start with our three tips.

They can take a load off your plate. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to take on the process of selling your home!

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