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Have you ever seriously considered starting a badass side business that involves vehicles? What comes to your mind when we mention cars and business?

It doesn’t matter whether you are thinking of running your transportation business as an in-town service or if you are considering a long-range transport.

There are a variety of ways to start your own business in transportation. You will decide when and start depending on your skills, investment, and personal interests.

Read on to learn more about different transportation ideas that can be used as a side business.

1. Cab Service

One unbeatable example of successful taxi services is Uber, which is active in about 65 countries.

The main attraction here is the opportunity to grow your small business at a rapid pace.

Suppose you are an independent investor with a flexible schedule. You can start as a cab driver and use your own vehicle. If you sign up with Uber, you will be paid according to a weekly schedule.

However, you are more likely to take up car maintenance costs and insurance on yourself as an independent driver. If you are considering setting up your own cab service, you’ll need to know how to get a usdot number.

According to financial analytics, it can benefit from the highest cab rates in New York.

2. Limousine Service

If it’s not a cab, then it can be a limousine that can provide transportation services to people.

Driving a limousine requires a good reputation so that your service can be trusted by regular people.

When people demand a limousine service, they usually pay extra attention to the vehicle’s condition. This means that you will have to pay special attention to the maintenance of your fleet.

If you own a single limousine, you might want to kick start the side business by driving and operating the transportation service yourself. This will also make it easier for you to maintain and look after your fleet of one limousine.

After gaining a good reputation with your customers and excellent reviews, you might want to expand your fleet by adding vehicles and hiring professional drivers. The incorporation of ideal marketing tactics also plays a crucial role in the expansion of your business.

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3. Renting Bicycles

You don’t necessarily have to focus on cars and limousines. You can even kick start your side business if you have bicycles.

Yes, you read this one right. Depending on certain regions, renting bikes can become a thriving source of income. This is specifically true for those cities and areas that are popular for recreational tourism.

Suppose you happen to reside in such a site. In that case, you can kick start your side business by having a storefront located near a hotel or recreational resort.

These are the places where the majority of your potential clients are likely to contact you. The store will provide you with the necessary space for the storage of rental bikes.

This business works with the customer renting the bicycle, riding to their desired location, and drop the bike there at a stand. If you think your town is ready for this mini version of the transportation business, you might start working on this idea.

4. Van Business

If you have a van, you can consider starting your own moving business.

With a single van, you will be starting on a smaller scale. It is important to know that the competition for smaller moving businesses is high; especially, among college students. 

This means that you will have to level up your game and initiate your moving business professionally. For instance, you might include the offer of temporary storage space in-between moves. Depending on the type of moving you are planning, you will have to arrange your moving truck accordingly.

Additionally, you will also require extra space to park the van or moving truck when it is not being used.

You know that moving is no one-man job. This means that you will require the services of at least one additional employee (apart from you, if you are starting on a smaller scale).

According to statistical analysis, more than 200 thousand people use their vehicles to earn money. That being said, it is never too late to start a business.