How to Start a Moving Company as a Side Hustle

The internet has become a common platform for entrepreneurs to start their businesses and make a great deal of money. Furthermore, the internet is also taking up a significant part of the business going on in the world these days. 

So if you want to know how to start a moving company as a side hustle or your primary source of income, the internet can be very helpful.

You will need an excellent website for customers, an Arbitration Program household goods as a legal requirement, and the tips included in this guide to begin. So let us get started.

How to Start a Moving Company

1. Plan Your Business

A clear plan is the first essential requirement for starting a business.

A plan can help you determine your timeline and map out your company’s specifics. Here are some of the aspects you will have to go over:

  • Costs Involved

The first item on the plan can be the costs involved with opening a moving company. Since you will be based online and will not have a physical location at first, your costs would be significantly lower. 

You will have to think about payroll, payroll taxes, insurance, vehicles, equipment, and fuel for the major part. Other costs like marketing, running a website, and a business phone should also be included. 

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  • What You Are Going to Charge

Many moving companies offer an hourly rate to their customers, but there are some who work on a flat price.  With either method, you need to make it clear that standard moving services will only be included. That means you will also have to clearly outline the standard services. 

The standard charges could be based on the weight and number of items, the mileage, the difficulty you will have to face, and a part of the other costs your company will incur. The general hourly rate for standard services is $25 to $35.

Moving companies get the opportunity to make more money with additional services related to the customers’ needs. You can outline them and their costs as well. 

  • The Requirements

In addition, you need to think about the requirements for starting a moving business. You read above about the arbitration, but that is only one thing.

You will also need to:

  1. Register your business legally
  2. Get the necessary licenses
  3. Get insurance
  4. Register for taxes
  5. Open a business bank accounts
  • Aims for Growth

While many people only focus on opening up shop and getting clients, you can try to plan some future goals for the company.

Companies that report high profits do much more than just offer moving services. If you are not able to offer them initially, you can try to add the following as you go.

  1. Packing and unpacking
  2. Storage
  3. Charging more money for the difficulty to access homes and places with stairs
  4. Adding commercial moving to your list of services

2. Getting the Necessary Equipment

The next aspect of learning how to start a moving company is getting the equipment.

You will need plenty of equipment. However, you can start with the vehicles. 

While most moving companies have vans, pickup trucks, and other loading vehicles, you can simply begin by using a hatchback or wagon if you own one. Otherwise, you can consider renting on the days that you have jobs.

If you decide to lease or get an auto loan, you will enter into a long-term commitment. So don’t take this decision lightly. 

After you have made a choice for the vehicle, you will need to purchase or rent the following items:

  • Ropes
  • Moving pads
  • Moving dollies
  • Furniture belt
  • Moving boxes
  • Wrapping and packing material

Keep in mind you should only get the items that match the services you are providing.

3. Having Website & Marketing Your Business Locally

The next step in learning how to start a moving company, is to create a website and do some marketing.

You will need to design an excellent website that provides a great user experience to launch your business. Your site also needs to be incredibly clear about the services and products you offer. Then, establish a social media presence.

For the marketing aspect of it all, you will need to figure out:

  • How to promote your company
  • How to market to the local area outside the internet
  • What digital marketing methods you should use
  • How to keep your clients coming back

Now that you know how to start a moving company, you are ready to give this business idea a try.