How to Choose a Real Estate Agent When Buying or Selling a Home - 5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Try This Year

Being a successful real estate agent won’t happen without brushing up on your marketing skills.

Whatever it is that you’re trying to sell these days, you can’t go without a few important elements that have to do with getting the word out there and keeping people’s attention. Once you have it, you’re much more likely to turn visitors into buyers.

You’re probably asking yourself questions such as:

  • How do I market my real estate business?
  • How do you get leads in real estate?
  • What does the competition do differently?
  • How do I establish myself as a real estate agent in the area?
  • What new technology or marketing techniques can I use to make my listings stand out?

There’s a lot of competition in the real estate industry, indeed. And things are changing fast. You can’t risk being left behind and need to explore new ways to promote your name and properties.

Let’s check out some real estate marketing ideas:

5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

1. Know how virtual reality is revolutionizing real estate.

For a start, VR is here already. It’s affecting some of the biggest industries, and the way we live and think.

As a real estate agent eager to grow their business, you should be aware of exactly how virtual reality is changing the real estate world.

Convincing people to buy something isn’t that easy on the Internet anymore, with so many other options they can choose from at any moment. So you need to give them something extra. That’s not just to have a professional website, be available daily, have the customer service experience done well, and pride yourself in great photos.

You’ll want to make them experience what you have to offer. To create a picture in their minds and make them imagine they are already living there.

The usual questions you hear from potential real estate buyers are related to:

  • The location;
  • Neighborhood;
  • Age of roof or else;
  • Condition of walls and attic;
  • How’s traffic in the area and what’s nearby; etc.

Instead of giving them the boring details, you can simply show them. In fact, this will make them feel like they are already part of this. They’re engaging with the property by being inside it virtually. Such a tour can be done from anywhere, and it involves all types of emotions.

2. Shoot quality real estate videos.

Video content must be part of your real estate marketing strategy. Not just that, but the videos you create and share that let potential buyers check out the property, must be of high quality.

3. Improve your personal brand.

Branding is part of the marketing process in any field. Real estate is no exception.

There will be other agents in your area. So you need to make sure you’re considered not just an authority, and have an online presence, but also to become the go-to guy for buying a property in the city.

Where to begin? Make a personal marketing plan.

That includes setting the right goals and making them specific. Then identifying your target audience, and knowing exactly what your ideal home buyer wants. That will help you use their language when communicating with them.

The real estate marketing plan must also include a finance section, where you can set your budget. Anything you do once you start following the steps on it must be tracked and measured.

Keep good business records, and you will easily spot what you’re doing wrong and will be able to optimize it.

4. Keep your site updated.

Your real estate site is your main marketing tool. So make sure you not only get it done professionally, but also write content for it and share it across social media.

Implement the right SEO techniques to rank higher in search engines for your keyword terms.

After all, someone who’s never bought property before won’t have any experience or connections. So they might simply google ‘best real estate agent’ and add their city. What pops on top will obviously grab their attention the most. If they like one of these first 1-3 choices enough, they won’t bother scrolling down the results page and finding you.

So the right content and distribution strategy will help you out.

To be known in the niche, you can also share updates in the real estate market. Do have a newsletter on your website and offer an incentive for visitors to subscribe. From there on, use an email automation tool to get them on board, and give them an idea of who you are and what you have to offer.

Engage them not only on your website, but outside of it too. Be on YouTube for instance, with videos not just of property, but also of happy clients, or even your daily life.

Another one of the real estate marketing ideas you might want to try is behind-the-scenes content. People love it. It can help you turn a rather boring industry like real estate into something exciting.

You can use that approach to grow a big following on Instagram or other social media channels too. Live videos on Facebook and other places also convert pretty well, and lead to brand recognition.

5. Engage people offline too.

Last but not least, you can make a lot happen by getting out there, forming connections and organizing events. Offline marketing strategies (and even physical marketing) will support your online brand.

Hand your business card to whoever new you meet and don’t forget to follow up. You can host an event for other agents and get to know them better, while discussing the latest trends. Or you can invite whoever wants to come, by promoting the event across all your channels.

Add to that networking by going to conferences relevant to your field. You can introduce yourself to influencers, get advice, find mentors, etc.

These real estate marketing ideas should be enough to help up your game.

How do I market my real estate business? These real estate marketing ideas should be enough to help up your game.