6 Well-Paid Jobs for Creative People - physical marketing

Today there are so many avenues to have your business name promoted, but where do you start?

There’s an infinite array of sites, blogs and media forums where you can advertise your company to a large audience at relatively little cost. Yet the more we are overwhelmed by these digital advertisements, the less we take in.

Humans are fundamentally still drawn to the objects in front of us, we trust what we see in a physical form because it is perceived as more ‘real’ to us. It connects better to our spatial memory, emotional processing and creates a connection between us and the brand. That’s why physical marketing still matters.

Choosing promotional items carefully.

A clever physical marketing campaign, though, is a lot more than just handing out customers a pen with your logo on it.

Find a company with promotional items that are specifically tailored to suit the recipient, to get the most from your investment.

There are literally tens of thousands of items to choose from, so choose quality products that reflect your business type and clientele. Cleverly chosen products ensure your brand will be appreciated, remembered and shared for many years.


Your company logo is the visual representation of your company.

It should reflect your image, your clientele, appeal to your senses and be easily recognised. Putting time and effort into your company logo and/or slogan is imperative at the start of your business. It’s harder to change your image once a reputation and rapport has been established.

Direct Advertising.

Physical reinforcements of your company such as business cards, banners, billboards, flyers and brochures are an important aspect of your advertising.

Your message should be clear and concise, whilst the delivery is warm and inviting.

You’re approaching not only existing customers but taking a huge leap to acquiring new customers who weren’t seeking your services, so you have to be creative in your attempt to win them over.


Utilize any avenue available to get your business name and logo out there.

Well designed, high quality labelled products, correspondence and anything else you come in contact with, spreads your name and exudes professionalism.

It reinforces the legitimacy of your company and places a reminder of who you are directly into your client’s hands, all for a very small cost.

Gift giving.

Giving promotional items to clients and staff is another way to incorporate physical marketing in your strategy. It’s important on two fronts.

One, it creates a positive relationship between yourself and the client. Gift giving creates a sense of gratefulness and establishes a bond however innocuous.

Two, it is a physical reminder of your business that they will utilise and be reminded of constantly. Think about what your clients are most likely to use frequently to get the best advertising for your money.

You can also donate branded items to local fundraising events, or support community programs. This not only establishes trust and respect, it also gets your brand name out amongst those most likely to utilise it, and forms lasting relationships.

Incidental Advertising.

There are many ways to round up more customers outside a traditional marketing frame. Think about how you can promote your business name through staff presents, packaging, staff apparel or painting advertising on your car.

You can also use your own knowledge and enthusiasm to directly market your business by hiring a booth in a trade show or holding a business workshop. Immerse yourself in to your brand and show you’re proud of the company, you are your greatest marketing tool.

Creating publicity through holding competitions, selling your service on sites like groupon, or having business coupons and rewards programs, can also be great advertising if executed well.

Utilising the many dimensions of physical marketing options we have available to us today, you can build up your business to be much more than a name. You can create a trusted brand that people remember and come back to.

With the right tools you will solidify your business, and warm your way into your customers hearts.