How Desirée Went From Losing Her Passion for Life to Becoming a Successful Mindset Coach

This is an interview with Desirée Sher.

Hey, Desirée. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

I’m Desirée Sher of and I’m a mindset coach for busy moms and an author, motivational speaker and meditation teacher.

Thank you so much for inviting me to share with your community my journey of becoming a coach.

What was your life like 10 years ago?

Ten years ago I was living ‘the dream’- at least it looked that way from the outside.

I was married with three kids and a dog. I had a beautiful house across from the beach and a closet full of pretty clothes.

I had become a certified fitness coach and had just opened my own fitness business for new moms. Inside however, was a different landscape. I was overwhelmed, frustrated, and trying to survive an unhappy marriage.

How did you bring passion back into your life?

After my marriage ended I made reclaiming pleasure a priority for my family. My daughter was the catalyst for that when at the age of five she made the comment that we didn’t laugh like other families. 

I started small by purchasing hula-hoops. I still remember how we giggled uncontrollably as we tried to hula-hoop our way from the store where we purchased them, to the car in the parking lot. 

Then I bought myself a stand-up paddleboard.

It was hard at first to give myself permission to spend money on myself and to take time away from my business and kids to be on the ocean, especially as a single parent. But the more I carved out time for myself, the easier it became. I also began to notice that when I felt happier, so were my kids!

Then last summer I made the big leap of bringing my childhood passion of horses back into my life. Although the timing wasn’t quite right, it was in the middle of the pandemic, I allowed myself to follow the nudges from the Universe.

Spending time with horses has been powerful I am glad I leaned into the urges, instead of my fear at that time.

What was your first business and how did it go?

In my first business I was a solo entrepreneur working as a virtual assistant to the non-profit sector.

I had a lot of courage in my 20s and started this company before even owning a computer! I made it up as I went along, working to always stay just one step ahead of the client. 

I was motivated to make it successful because I didn’t want to go back to working outside of the home after my second son was born. 

What have you achieved since then and what’s your soul’s true purpose?

Since that first business I’ve also had a fitness company, and now my coaching practise. I’ve also published two books and hosted a podcast.

I have travelled across North America as an inspirational speaker sharing my story of resiliency and encouraging others to reach for their dreams. My soul’s true purpose is helping others live their best life.

Serving others is something I’ve always been doing. I started as a crisis center volunteer, then a parent support worker, a mentor to young single moms, and now as a coach.

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How did you first get into coaching? What does it take to become a certified life coach?

I started my journey to becoming a life coach by becoming a certified fitness coach.

However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that while I loved running and cycling and working out, I didn’t enjoy teaching fitness. What I really loved was helping women identify their bigger life goals, beyond the weight-loss, and supporting them on that journey.

Just weeks into my fitness company’s launch my marriage unexpectedly ended. Then in a short span I lost an important relationship, experienced a financial shakedown, and my mom died.

Through a journey of looking for my own answers to some big life questions, I discovered life coaching.

After two sessions with my own life coach I knew that this was what I was meant to do. The following year I sold my fitness business and started as a life coach.

There are lots of different programs available for becoming a life coach. One of the things I believe that is the most important in becoming a good coach is doing your own healing work.

Also find mentors and make the investment in your own coach. Attend workshops and keep learning.

Since 2012 I’ve expanded my skills by becoming a reiki practitioner, a certified meditation teacher, and most recently I completed my health coach training.

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When and why did you become a mindset coach?

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I switched from calling myself a life coach to a mindset coach back in 2019 in part to distinguish myself from all the life coaches on social media.

Additionally, because most of the coaching work I do with clients is around mindset- uncovering and shifting limiting beliefs for success.

Your mindset significantly impacts the outcome of your life. No matter how hard you work for your goals, if you have negative beliefs playing on repeat in your subconscious mind, you will not achieve the success you desire or deserve.

When you change your mindset, you change your life.

Who is your ideal client and how do you make sure they are the right fit?

The clients that are attracted to work with me are women moving through life transitions. They are seeking a deeper awareness about their passion and purpose in the next chapters of their life.

I always do an initial call with potential clients to gauge their readiness to commit to the coaching process.

I want them to be successful if they invest in coaching and not everyone is prepared to do the work. That initial call also provides me with an opportunity to understand their struggles and goals and explore if I am the right coach for them.

What do the women you work with struggle with the most?

The women I work with struggle with the same issues most of us do- believing they are worthy and deserving of their dreams.

Also as most my clients are moms they are frequently challenged with making their own needs and passions a priority. Helping my clients to understand that taking care of their own needs isn’t selfish, it’s a necessity to a happy family and happy life, is part of the teaching I do.

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What do you love the most about being a mindset coach?

I love helping women bring their dreams to life. Whether it’s publishing a book, launching a heart-based business, running a marathon, or just learning to relax and enjoy life more fully, it’s an honour to be part of a women’s journey back to her self. 

And when my client has an ‘a-ha’ moment- when the ‘light bulb’ goes on and they awake to a realization, grasping a whole new level of knowledge- I am energized and excited for them.

I truly am grateful I get to do this work!

How do you promote your business and reach the women who need you?

Prior to the pandemic 90% of my business came from speaking events, networking events and referrals.

Now I am spending more time building my presence on social media and building virtual connections.

What products and services do you offer exactly?

I offer 1:1 coaching, a group coaching program, and a free weekly meditation class.

I also have a variety of resources available on discovering your passion, creating a side hustle in a weekend, and expanding inner peace. 

Do you think everyone can benefit from mindset coaching?

I believe that there are times in our life when we all need a little extra help to break down the barriers we have built to our dreams.

Having a coach is like having an accountability buddy, a cheerleader, a soul guide and life navigator all in one. 

How does a day in your life look like?

My days typically start with a morning routine I’ve been doing for over a decade.

Meditation, journaling, reading and spending time in nature with my dog, anchors me in peace and connection, allowing me to show up fully for my clients.

Coffee and breakfast with my daughter are next and then I jump on social media and check emails. I start seeing clients at 11am.

When I am not seeing clients I am working on my blog, connecting with others on social media, and planning my next projects.  I continue to work with one of my non-profit clients from my first business so the days are full.

What are some practices that help you stay on top of your game?

Meditation is the one daily practise has been the most transformative for me. 

I learned about self-care the hard way when the Universe tapped me on the head with a stroke. Staying on top of my game has meant learning to put myself first.

We can’t take care of our families or our clients if we are ill. So I’ve made my morning routine non-negotiable, even when I travel. 

Any books, podcasts or people that have inspired you recently? 

I typically have a few books on the go at any one time. Right now on my bedside table the books are: Atomic Habits, The Compassionate Equestrian, and Writing as a Path to Awakening.

For podcasts I recommend: ProjectME with Tiffany Carter, Women Who Run with Horses, and Wild & Holy with Megan Hale.

What’s next for you and your business?

My new book Radical Inner Peace is at the printers so I am getting ready to share that project with the world. It’s a small book I wrote for my clients who don’t want to meditate but want to expand the feelings of peace and joy in their life.

I am also offering an online program called The Bravest You, which will be opening in January 2021. 

Reconnecting to my passion of horses has increased my energy and deepened my belief that making space for the things that make our heart happy is vital in renewing our energy and enthusiasm for life.

No matter what excuses bubble up when you think of reclaiming your passions I encourage you to push through them. It’s not too late and you are never too old to live a happy and fulfilling life.

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