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Uber is the world’s most popular rideshare app and it is a great way to earn more income this summer by just driving people around.

Driving for Uber offers a level of freedom for drivers that does not restrict them to working hours or specific locations, as an Uber driver you choose when and where you want to work.

Being your own boss has its advantages but it also has a level of responsibility as a new business owner.

Consider your Uber profile your business and work to make it an industry leader. Drivers with high-rated profiles receive more ride requests and earn more as a result.

5 Tips for a Better Uber Profile

Your Uber profile matters.

If you end up with a low rating on your profile, potential passengers will avoid you and rather wait for another car that is further away.

If you want to rise through the ranks and develop a five-star profile that gets you more rides, here are five strategies that you can implement immediately to provide your clients with a wow experience that will earn you a five-star review.

#1 Set Yourself Apart From Other Drivers.

There are thousands of Uber drivers throughout the country. Everything you can do to separate yourself from the pack will add up to more ride requests.

Start by opening the door for your client, especially if they are a lady. Address them by mister, miss, or missus and keep it formal to show your professional attitude.

Ask them if they would like the radio on or if they have a specific channel they would like to listen to. Keep some cold bottles of water in a cooler and other essentials such as wet wipes and tissues readily available for your passenger. Keep a few copies of the local newspapers on hand and ask your passenger if they would like to read one.

Everything that you can do to make their experience as pleasant as possible will end up in your review and comments.

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#2 Appearance is Everything.

Your car should be well kept and clean.

Nobody wants to get into a car that smells terrible and this will be a nail in your profiles coffin if you do not make an effort to make the interior of your car clean and smelling fresh.

Keep a portable vacuum cleaner that draws power from your car’s cigarette lighter port and clean the seats after every fare.

#3 Make a Good First Impression.

If you want to come across as a professional rideshare driver, then you will need to dress the part.

If you are a standard Uber driver, then dress in a button up shirt and a clean pair of jeans with semi-formal shoes. If you’re driving for Uber Black, then you should consider wearing a suit and tie to keep things elite and formal.

Never wear cologne as this can be even more frustrating to your passenger than the smell of body odor.

Your hair should be neat and your face well-kept.

Your passenger will make their first impression of you as soon as they see you and this will determine the foundation of their experience in your car.

#4 Don’t Ever Accept a Tip.

Uber has strict rules regarding driver policies and one of the most important rules is that they do not allow drivers to accept tips. Accepting a tip can land you in a lot of trouble with the Uber head office and you may even have your profile permanently suspended.

Politely decline any tip you are offered without insulting the passenger or offending them. Ask them to leave you a five-star review instead, most will happily oblige the request.

#5 Ask for a Review and Build Your Profile.

If you don’t ask then you don’t get. Keep this in mind when dropping off your passenger.

Politely ask them for a five-star review if they have felt that you offered them a service that they think is exceptional. If you have followed through on all of the tips mentioned in this article then you can expect nothing less than five stars.

In Conclusion

Driving for Uber is a great way to earn extra income while providing a valuable service that people need.

By implementing these few tips to your driving service, you can expect to provide a wow experience that all of your clients will be shocked with. No passenger will have the heart to leave you anything but a five-star review and you may even be surprised with the opportunities that develop as you go about your day, or night, collecting passengers and fares.