How to Start an Online Business on The Side [2020 Edition]

How would you like to find out how people behave on your site? What about monitoring any key action people take on a page of your site?

Luckily, you can. This is called event tracking and it’s one of the best features Google Analytics offers. 

If you haven’t used it yet, read on to see how to set it up and start improving your site.

What is Event Tracking?

According to Google Analytics, “Events are user interactions with content that can be measured independently from a web page or a screen load. Downloads, mobile ad clicks, gadgets, Flash elements, AJAX embedded elements, and video plays are all examples of actions you might want to measure as Events.”

With Even Tracking you can measure all this. Knowing how users interacts with the forms on your website, whether they watch videos, what buttons they click the most, how many times a file was downloaded –  all this information about conversions on your site can be used to take decisions for pretty much anything.

Once you track events with Google Analytics, you can know what elements on a sales page should be removed, what buttons and forms perform better, and what else you can do to get more clicks and, ultimately, sales.

How to Add Event Tracking with Google Analytics in WordPress?

So, what do you need to start tracking events on your WordPress site once you have Google Analytics set up? A tool like MonsterInsight can help with that.

MonsterInsights is the best WordPress Analytics plugin, and it allows users to measure the effectiveness of their most important links and call-to-action buttons. 

The easiest way to set up event tracking in WordPress is by using the new feature of MonsterInsights called Custom Link Attribution. With it, you can track button clicks and see how each button performs and whether it’s a good part of your overall strategy.

To get started, install the plugin (you can get it here) and connect it to Google Analytics (here’s a quick guide).

Then, simply add this tag to the HTML of a link on your site you want to track:

<a href="" data-vars-ga-category="Custom Category" data-vars-ga-action="Custom Action" data-vars-ga-label="Custom Label" >Example</a>

Once that’s done, MonsterInsights will begin tracking the clicks on that link and will create detailed reports for you.

By doing this, you’re enhancing your marketing efforts and providing a better experience for your website visitors.