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What’s the one thing email marketing, your content strategy, SEO, paid advertising, social media presence, building a brand, guest posting, email outreach, asking for referrals, and using automation tools all have in common? The goal is to capture leads.

Lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers, nurturing a relationship with them via email, blog content, updates and special offers, with the ultimate goal of turning them into paying customers.

Your Lead Generation Strategy

Anything you see on a website is basically part of a lead generation strategy, and that’s great. It doesn’t mean all bloggers and online business owners want to earn from every visitor. Instead, they provide a ton of value for free, find their target audience and turn them into subscribers and loyal readers, and eventually provide even more value to them by offering them the right product.

So, as a blogger, you want to make sure your sales funnel is perfect and anything that gets people in it works just fine.

You’re already doing that in many ways. 

Every time you write a helpful article and optimize it for a keyword, create a new lead magnet, place an optin form on a page of your website, add live chat, write better copy on your landing pages, offer free trials and demos, and design your page in a way that catches the visitor’s attention, you’re trying to generate leads.

Some techniques take a lot of time and show little results, while others are quick to implement and can make a big difference. One such example is the exist intent.

Popups and Exit Intent Technology

Maybe you use popups on your blog, or perhaps you’re one of those people who prefer to leave a website the moment something like that ruins their experience. 

Turns out most people hate popups, yet most people also respond to them which makes them highly effective.

Of course, there are many kinds of popups. Showing one right after the visitor lands on your website might be a bit too much, and often seems annoying and can turn readers off.

But there’s another kind that works wonders – the exit intent popup. That’s the form showing up on the screen when you’re about to leave the site (it’s triggered by moving the mouse upward when a visitor tries to close the page).

This doesn’t interrupt the navigation of the reader through your website and doesn’t impact the user experience negatively. 

When the user tries to navigate away from the page, you have one last chance to keep them there (and even turn them into a subscriber right then and there by offering something they can’t resist).

You can convert lost visitors by coupon popups, for example, which can help reduce cart abandonment too. There are many ways you can use this technique to your advantage. 

To get started with popups or take their existing lead generation strategy to the next level, most people rely on OptinMonster – the most powerful tool for converting visitor to subscribers. Its exit intent technology is just one of the many features the software offers. 

Mobile Exit Intent

The smart exit intent technology is designed to track movements of website visitors, detect when they are about to leave without making a purchase or signing up for a form, and show them a targeted message right before they leave.

OptinMonster offers exit intent for eCommerce (showing targeted campaigns to the potential buyers who got all the way to the checkout page but are about to leave) and exit intent for content marketing (when a user is done reading your content and tries to close the page, you can offer a free product trial, consultation, eBook, webinar, or else).

All that was available for desktop till now but OptinMonster’s newest and most-asked for feature is here: Mobile Exit-Intent. 

How to Get Started with Mobile Exit-Intent on OptinMonster

Mobile exit-intent triggered by scroll up is activated when you add exit-intent to your mobile campaign and choose an Exit Intent® Sensitivity of either Low or Medium.

How to Get Started with Mobile Exit-Intent on OptinMonster

Even then, a mobile visitor can click the back button and try to leave the site again. You have one last chance to capture them and give an even better offer by choosing High Sensitivity. This way, mobile exist intent triggered by the back button is added to the existing rule of scrolling up.

With OptinMonster, you get over 100 professional and customizable campaign templates that you can use for your forms. 

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