50 Important Truths About Life I've Learned The Hard Way

Human life is many things. But most of all, it’s a learning experience.

A never-ending process of growing, gaining knowledge, trying things, moving forward, learning to live with what you can’t change, and so on.

And I believe that one of the first things we need to learn early on is to accept this. One way is through understanding some important truths about life.

Many people choose to reject knowledge (be it in the form of books, people’s stories, mistakes, disappointments, etc.) and spend their whole life trying to do something meaningful, find purpose, change, or else.

But they rarely do it successfully as they can never make the most of their days if they don’t take the lesson from the past, from every failure, bad relationship and unpleasant moment.

Only when what’s already happened is accepted as part of the learning process, can we move on to something new and better.

So if you’re feeling pressure in daily life, if you’re always in a hurry and busy but never feel accomplished, if you feel lost, or jump from one goal to another, stop and reflect on that.

Maybe the solution you need is to see life as the school it is.

Once you start looking at yourself as a student and realize it will be this way till the very end of your life, you’ll find peace. That’s when you’ll also be free, independent, content and will be able to work on your personal and spiritual growth.

I started with that because the next thing I wanted to say before we move onto the list of truths about life is that life lessons are everywhere around us. And it’s up to us whether we’ll keep our eyes open for them and take them, and thus get a little better and more experienced every time something happens in our life.

So here are some important conclusions I’ve come to as a result of different situations in my life – the things I’ve experienced, succeeded in and failed at, and the stuff I’ve seen, heard and realized.

50 Truths About Life

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1. We create our future in the present moment.

2. There are many things we can’t control.

And accepting that and letting them be is true wisdom, but most of the time it’s also harder to do than what we usually choose to do (interfere and try to change things).

3. Don’t take it personally.

Most often when someone is rude to you or hurts you in some way, it’s nothing personal.

4. An ended relationship is a good thing.

Every time a relationship ends because one of the two people decided they wanted something else in life, their ex should be grateful.

As this way, they are given the freedom to also find a better fit for themselves (as obviously this relationship couldn’t have been a healthy one and would only be a waste of time to try to keep it).

5. Never again will you be this young and this old.

How you’ll use that fact is up to you. The best way is to experience and enjoy every moment in life.

6. There are some seemingly important things which you shouldn’t really care about.

7. Time is and will always be more valuable than money.

But people still have a wrong perception of that.

8. Professionalism means being an amateur long enough.

9. Being authentic is always the right choice.

No matter what you do in life, always stay true to yourself. At the end of the day, you’ll feel good and will know you’ve done the right thing.

10. Great things take time.

Many people still don’t understand the real meaning of consistency in terms of achieving massive success. They may find the willpower to start working on something big and keep going for a long time. But not succeeding simply means they need to be more patient.

Some businesses have taken up to 10 years of people’s life. And every great man in history has been after one dream for years before he had any results.

When we talk about big things and truths about life, we also need to have in mind big determination, patience, desire and focus.

11. You can learn how to be more confident if you decide.

Confidence is a skill that can be learned, and hacked if you’re in a hurry. And once you actually believe in yourself and your abilities, the world will be yours.

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12. You can become self-employed and win your freedom and time back.

The way to getting there is not easy, but it starts with the realization that we deserve such independence and that it’s possible (especially with all the possibilities of today’s world).

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13. Going back to the past is one of the worst uses of your precious time.

14. You can make it on your own in this world.

So lack of support shouldn’t stop you.

15. Everyone has a story and knowledge to share.

And it can help others in some way. The Internet gives us that opportunity in countless ways.

16. Change starts on the inside.

Before you become successful, self-employed, fit, are in a healthy relationship, win a marathon, become location independent, a business owner, or a millionaire, you first need to get ready for that mentally.

That’s a process you go through on your own, as for others things may look ridiculous if you start believing you’re rich before you actually are.

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17. Worrying about the future is a time-wasting activity that gets you nowhere.

Prepare, work smart and be ready for anything, but keep taking action here, in the present.

18. Unleash your potential by mastering a skill.

Here’s another life truth: just being good at something isn’t enough anymore, and it doesn’t let you show the world what you’re capable of. So find what you’re good at and master it.

19. Trying the same things in a different way is always a good idea.

That’s how the successful entrepreneurs of today became who they are – by doing things differently.

20. Our lazy habits are killing us.

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People are lazy to such an extent that they don’t want to hear any new things, talk about ideas, read in their free time, and so on. And they won’t see progress in life until they stop indulging in daily activities like social media, TV, discussing other people’s lives, etc.

21. Winning and losing are subjective.

The only real loss is giving up on something you believe in.

22. If you don’t start respecting yourself, no one else will.

23. Every skill can be broken down into manageable steps and learned.

24. Your work is your contribution to the world.

So make it meaningful, be passionate about what you do and put your heart and soul into it.

25. Trying to change people doesn’t make any sense.

Even if you succeed, it won’t be the same person you knew anymore.

26. Happiness takes different forms.

You can find it in your morning cup of coffee and in your child’s smile.

In both ways, it can be truly experienced if appreciated.

27. You can’t change if you keep doing the things you’ve always done.

So try another approach.

28. Daily problems and worries distract you from your path.

When focusing on them, you leave behind what truly matters in life.

29. You’ll have to say no to many things, in order to say yes to the few that are important.

Define what’s essential today and make it a priority.

30. Always go the extra mile.

If you want to achieve something, you’ll have to work harder.

This one of the truths about life is something many people avoid. They want the shortcut, but truth is that the hard work teaches you priceless lessons and the discipline and resilience you need to handle what comes with reaching your next level.

31. Do more than what’s expected.

Offering more value than what you’re being paid for is a characteristic of a smart, hardworking and great person with a lot of potential.

32. When you start giving without expecting anything in return, you’ll feel more satisfied than ever.

Giving is the best investment. Gratitude is even scientifically proven to have health benefits.

33. Everything big in life starts small.

So you’ll have to see its potential when it’s just a simple idea.

34. Turn your passion into your career and design your ideal life.

It’s worth spending a few years of your life to work hard and be focused on that goal.

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35. Eliminate the unnecessary.

Instead of trying to build new qualities, habits and mindset, eliminate the bad ones you already have.

These are the barriers in your mind stopping you from moving forward, the things preventing you from achieving your goals, the excess belongings, desires and thoughts you have in your life.

36. You’ll have to be strategic in life to save time, perform better and improve faster.

So experiment, find what works, and do more of it.

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37. Find a reason to wake up in the morning and there will be a purpose in your life.

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38. If you’re not saying a big YES passionately, then it’s not worth it.

Life is too short for ordinary things.

39. Dreams are too vague and thus often sound impossible.

It’s more practical to turn them into goals and take action upon them today.

40. You can’t have it all.

And that’s alright as you don’t need as much as you think. So be selective. Focus on what matters.

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41. Our subconscious mind isn’t programmed to aim at many things at once.

Choose wisely what you concentrate it on.

42. If you don’t fail, you aren’t doing anything.

43. You have to be okay with rejection.

Accept rejection at an early age. It’s a part of daily life.

There are 7 billion people out there, it’s impossible not to hear no all the time. Be okay with that.

If you look at it this way, it’s great to be rejected as thus others make your journey easier – they show you that this is not the right person for you, the right job, or else. And you can move onto the next and try there.

44. If most of the people you’ve met like you a lot, it means you have no opinion, or don’t express it loud enough.

Don’t try to please everyone. Live on your own terms.

45. A great way to sleep well at night is to do your best every day.

Another one of the truths of life we remain blind for is that no matter what happens in life, how others treat us, what doesn’t go our way – there’s one thing we can control. Doing our best at any moment means a life of no regrets.

46. Most leaders in today’s world aren’t people we’ve heard of.

But they’re still leaving a mark in the world by being role models and living a meaningful life. You can be one of them.

47. We’re not born to spend most of our time in a cubicle.

48. If you’re good at something, do it for free first.

Then, once you become better and turn it into something profitable and big, never forget where you started.

49. Do what makes you feel uncomfortable daily.

That’s how you challenge yourself and eventually leave your comfort zone.

50. Stop a few times every day and tell yourself to get back to the present moment.

Stay there. Look around. See the beauty around you and thank for being given yet another chance to do what you want with these 24 hours.

You know all these truths about life. But are you reminding yourself of them daily?

Most people aren’t. And they live a hectic life, forgetting about what matters and always striving for more. Unfortunately, satisfaction never comes this way.

Anyways, the life lessons are around you at any moment. That itself is a positive fact. So embrace them today.

What other truths about life can you add?

Here are 50 truths about life that we often remain blind for that might help you find your own path and reach your goals: