A Shooting Star and The Importance of Knowing What You Want

Wondering what the meaning of a shooting star is? Read on to learn what seeing shooting stars means and how that is related to what you truly want in life.

Imagine it’s late at night and you’re looking out of the window because you can’t go to sleep.

You see a shooting star. For the first time in your life.

You have no more than a few seconds to make a wish.

But you’ve got… nothing. Even you yourself are surprised by what’s going on in your head. You are trying to choose the best thing, the one you need the most. But still… nothing.

Should you ask for health for yourself and your family? For money? For happiness?
Or should it be something in the short term, something you need now? Like to get accepted in a good university? To find the dream job? Your diet to work out this time? To make someone like you? To finish your book?

And the moment is gone.

The shooting star is long gone and you are still standing there wondering what just happened. Because you realized that you don’t know what you want the most in your life. Or at all.

The Problem

It’s a common thing these days for people not to know what they want and how to define it.

We have so many desires, such a wrong perception of happiness, so little motivation to evolve and achieve more, and get used to mundane life so easily, that we no more know what exactly it is that we want.

And without knowing it, we will never get it. And we will wander in the dark with no direction, no purpose and no path to follow.

This happens for a few reasons:

  • Too many goals at once;
  • No goals at all;
  • No motivation to improve ourselves;
  • We follow the crowd;
  • We haven’t defined what a good life means to us;
  • We don’t have priorities (and thus don’t know which of the things we want comes first on the agenda).

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What’s The Meaning of a Shooting Star

People spend too much time trying to analyze why they saw that phenomenon in the sky.

We know seeing a shooting star is a rare thing and it makes us feel special. We think it’s either luck, destiny, a sign that something big is going to happen, etc.

All this sounds beautiful, yes. But there’s a deeper meaning of a shooting star that is simple psychology.

It doesn’t really matter why you saw the shooting star, it’s just how nature works and you happened to be there at that time. But there’s a lot you can learn about yourself.

And what’s more important than getting to know your inner self?!

The thing is, this little shooting star is just a star. But the fact that you stopped to look at it and so many thoughts popped up in your head, contains a lot of valuable information.

It means that you’re not happy with where you are in your life now. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have wondered what to wish for.

It means that you aren’t sure about the things you want, and especially what you want the most.

And, sadly, you can’t really get it if you’re not sure. Because there’s nothing to focus on, no vision and purpose, no steps to take and no path to follow.

The deeper meaning behind your wish

The meaning of a shooting star is that you have hope, but also that you feel out of control.

Gazing at the sky, looking at that one star and wishing something, shows that you’re in need and because you don’t think you can get what you want yourself, you turn to outer sources. How ridiculous is that?

Instead, you should be absolutely sure in your powers, potential and abilities.

You already have all it takes to be whoever you wish to be. No need to make wishes, focused action is what you need more of.

The importance of knowing what you want

It’s good that you still have hope. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be wishing anything.

Hope is what saves us when we’re on the verge of giving up.

But giving up is not an option.

Whatever it is that you’ve been through, it made you stronger, wiser, more experienced and showed you what doesn’t work. Now you can move forward exploring other options, and eventually finding the one that works.

Knowing exactly what you want in life is crucial.

So I suggest you sit down, figure out what you desire, imagine the ideal lifestyle and then make a step-by-step plan on how to get there.

It’s far from impossible. It just takes time, dedication, hard work and consistency.

Simple, but not easy.

And that’s why so many choose to give up and go back to living the mundane everyday life.

But you don’t need to be one of them.

You don’t need to be the person who never reaches his potential and keeps waiting for shooting stars to show up so that he can find hope again.

You simply need to be clear about what you want in life. To define it, say it out loud, write it down and repeat it every day in the mirror.

That’s the deeper meaning of a shooting star. That’s how they can help us see where we are in life.

Contemplate on that a bit more, then move onto deciding what you want to do with your life.

The path is waiting. And only you can walk it.

The Solution

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Something needs to be done if we want to progress and level up in life. And the first step to transformation is understanding and defining our deepest desires.

Most people these days just wander around purposelessly. They think they are busy having their daily worries, commitments and tasks to do, but nothing is actually important and has any impact in the long term.

The thing is that we rarely stop to see the bigger picture and thus miss the real meaning of life. We no longer want value, we just want denial, relief, instant pleasure and easy and fast solutions.

But living this way means never changing and getting out of our comfort zone, which also means we’ll never see what life has to offer.

We can achieve anything we set our mind to and almost nothing is impossible with the opportunities we have.

But we need to have a clear vision of the things we want the most first.

A purpose is our personal mission statement, it’s what makes everything else count and gives meaning to every day of our lives. Once we’ve found it and started working on it, we will feel like never before. We will have our ‘why’ and our actions and decisions will be deliberate and conscious.

To find it you need to carefully think of:

  1. what you wanted as a child;
  2. the things you enjoy doing the most;
  3. the things you care about;
  4. people you look up to and why;
  5. what is your passion;
  6. what do you want to change in your life;
  7. what will it take to make these changes;
  8. where do you see yourself a year or two from now;
  9. notice how you feel while doing different things;
  10.  when was the last time you felt really happy.

This is all it takes to find your true purpose and have a direction in life.

It may take some time and you need to be honest with yourself. I know most people don’t enjoy confronting their desires, regrets and facing the things they don’t like in their life, but this is the surest way to be happy and live the life you deserve.

Do this now so that you can spend the rest of your life going after your dreams and enjoy the process while doing it.

All the successful people in the world, the ones that have found what makes them happy and surrounded themselves with it, have started from defining what they really want.

This is what your passion looks like and if you define it and dedicate your time and energy to it, you will never have to work a day in your life. And you will probably be making much more money and have more satisfaction than you are in your current situation.

Once you make your passion your lifestyle, career and hobby, your life will change tremendously.

Now that you know the deeper meaning of a shooting star, are you ready to take action on your desires and go after what you want in life?

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