How to Do Something Big with Your Life Right Now

how to do something big with your life

I believe that we’re here to do something big with our lives. And every single one of us has the potential to do it.

I’m one of those people that can stay up in bed for hours. That can’t get to sleep because there are many ideas to be written down and analyzed.
Because there are so many things I want to do, big things.
Things, just the thought of which excites me a lot.

To others in my life, I seem foolish when I mention that. That’s why I stopped doing it and feel much better.
This way I can be working on my stuff, and do it my way. And still have a normal social life, everyday problems and tasks to do.

And to everyone, I’m just ordinary. And this is normal, which equals good. So everything’s just fine.

The thing is, I’m much more than that. I’m full of remarkable thoughts and things I want to do and achieve. On most of them I’m working right now. While others are just plans for the near future.
But I have them. And I do something about them. And this little thing – the fact that I’ve started my journey, have a direction, know what I want and am finding ways to get it – is actually the big thing.

I wasn’t confident in my goals and visions some time ago, but then realized that other people – well, most people around me – didn’t even have a vision.

They just wanted things to be the way they are now and are okay if they never change. They don’t think about the future because somewhere deep inside they fear it.

This will end up in regrets for never doing the things they wanted, and worse, never becoming the person they could have been. And that’s a sad end for everyone.

I can see the big picture and my horizons expand every day. For now, the change is mostly on the inside.
But that’s where things actually take place when something big happens.

So how can anyone do something big with their life?

The Idea

Everything remarkable starts with a simple idea. And we all have tons of them every day, we just don’t pay enough attention to them.

I can even say that everyone has a few million dollar ideas right now. But he never takes the time to notice them, focus on them and turn them into reality. The process is long but once started, turns your life into a meaningful journey, full of joy and purpose.

So value your ideas.

Whenever they pop up in your head, stop and ask yourself if there’s something bigger behind it. It’s there for a reason and your job is to make something out of it. It’s your way of doing something big and leaving a legacy.

The Belief

Nothing will ever change in your life if you don’t believe it’s possible.

Success, happiness, change and greatness are all things you can have at any moment. You just need to actually believe in yourself, your abilities and potential and then take the necessary actions.

Most people these days lack this belief. Their confidence in what they can achieve is to such a low level that they never try to change anything, that’s why they don’t even take the first step.

And without it, they can never take the journey and reach the life they’re destined to have.

We miss out on so much only because we don’t believe it’s possible, we don’t believe we deserve it, we don’t believe we can have it.

But you can change that. Realize that you can have it all and do great things once you reach your goals.

The Decision

Then comes the decision-taking.

Here’s what Chris Guillebeau – an extraordinary and passionate individual, who’s visited every country in the world and whose blog you should check out – says in The Decision to Be Remarkable:

“If you want to break out of the mold of average, the first thing you need to do is to make a decision to be radically different. Most remarkable people are people of action, and for a good reason: if you don’t take decisive action, nothing will ever change.

It calls for a clear decision to rise above the culture of mediocrity.

Of all the steps required to change the world in the way you see fit, the decision to be remarkable is the most important. With this decision in place, other variables can be changed. Don’t rush this—it’s a big commitment.
Once you make the commitment, you need a vision to change the world. What will it be? Whatever you choose, make sure it’s remarkable enough to suit every gift you have ever been given. Once you decide to defy the expectations of being average, there will be a lot riding on your ultimate success.”

So after you have your idea you need to take the decision to make something big and get it out there. Otherwise, the idea will just stay in your head and will soon go away.

Don’t let that happen! It’s not fair to you, and to the world that needs what you have to offer.
Take a definite decision and stick to it.

The Vision

Then your vision of the thing you want will get bigger and bigger, it will become clearer and the next steps you need to take will be shown to you.

That’s how the universe and your mind react when you follow your path and do what you’re supposed to.

This could be anything. The point is to make it all the way from an idea – a dream – to reality.

Another thing Chris says is:

“Instead of shrinking over time, your vision will actually get bigger. The funny thing about big goals is that they often take less time to achieve than you expect, and once you achieve them, you’ve already mentally moved on to bigger and better goals. As you proceed with questioning authority, building your army, achieving your goals, and helping others, the vision keeps expanding.”

That is the initial process, the first few steps of the biggest adventure in your life. But it’s a path worth following as there lies your destiny, the legacy that will exist long after you’re gone, and the way to become a remarkable person.
We’re talking about big things here. That’s why this should be done by going beyond yourself.

At first, you do it for yourself only. But the bigger it gets, the more you realize it’s for others as well. And you’re helping them while achieving you goals and reaching your potential.

I didn’t give any examples in this post simply because each one of us has a different kind of dreams and his own unique way to make them real.

It could be anything. Just give it a try.

Are you ready to get out there and do something big?

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Image by Jason Hargrove @Flickr

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How I Gained 20K Pinterest Views in 1 Month: 8 Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

How I Gained 20K Pinterest Views in 1 Month: 5 Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

It wasn’t until less than 2 months ago that I started paying attention to Pinterest. It’s not just a social media site, it’s a search engine, a way to add a new traffic source to your blog and promote your products or services or make a ton of money through affiliate marketing. It’s also a place to form connections, build a brand and stand out with your content. In this article, I’ll share the Pinterest tips for bloggers I followed that helped me double my views and get to 20,000 Pinterest views in 30 days.

Why Bloggers Should Be Using Pinterest to Drive Traffic

Every blogger, new or experienced, should be on Pinterest, pinning and re-pinning content, engaging with others, joining group boards, following people, improving their profile, creating pins for all of their posts, and optimizing them for keywords.

I started doing my research recently and now follow some interesting bloggers whose Pinterest accounts get a million views a month, who bring hundreds of thousands of excited Pinners to their blog and then convert a big percentage of them into buyers thanks to a solid monetization strategy and sales funnel.

It’s great and it takes a ton of work. But Pinterest itself helps a lot. In fact, if you’ve been blogging for some time now and want to make money through affiliate marketing or sell your courses, for example, Pinterest is the place for you to do it.

You can even forget about all other social media channels (if you haven’t seen success with them so far). You can leave organic traffic from search engines as it is and stop worrying about it too much. And you can start creating content that Pinterest users will like, will click on and will then act upon. Because they are the Internet users that can help you grow your online business, whatever that is.

Of course, some niches perform really, really well. So if you’re in the Crafts and DIY niche, are a travel blogger or into personal finance or home decor, you can expect a ton of benefits. But anyone else can get a piece of the pie too. I now focus on blogging, online business and making money online. Although my site covers personal development and lifestyle design too, I give Pinners what they like.

How I Decided to Create a Pinterest Strategy and Stick to It

I recently took my first course – Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. It’s by Michelle from Making Sense of Cents who earns over $50,000 a month through affiliate marketing.

In the course, she shares her exact strategies, how she writes reviews and tutorials, the exact steps she’s taken to earn over $300,000 from a single blog post, how she chooses an affiliate product, how to go about disclosure, how to promote affiliate products without being salesy but instead by building trust and being helpful to your readers, and much more.

There are many bonus materials in Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing too, including Pinterest Strategy – How To Receive Hundreds of Thousands Of Visitors From Pinterest a Month.

This opened my eyes for what I was missing till now.

I’m not really into social media and Facebook and Instagram, for instance, aren’t my thing. Not in personal life and not in business. But as a blogger, I knew there was one social media channel I should be utilizing to bring traffic to my blog, gain attention and monetize it when the right time for that comes.

I stopped seeking it though but this course and exploring what Michelle was doing on her blog Making Sense of Cents inspired me to start learning more about Pinterest.

I started doing my research and realized it could have a crazy impact on everyone’s blog traffic and sales.

Here’s some stats to show you why it’s so powerful before moving onto some Pinterest tips for bloggers:

Interesting Pinterest Facts & Stats

For a start, you can increase sales with Pinterest.

pinterest shopping stats

It’s the 3rd most popular social media site among US adults. (source)

There are over 200 million monthly active users and they seem to be more engaged than on any other platform as they are ready to buy.

2 million people post pins every day.

There are more than 50 billion pins and 1 billion boards on Pinterest. (source)

Over 80% of pins are re-pins. (source)

People spend nearly 15 minutes per visit on Pinterest. (source)

How I Got 20,000 Pinterest Views in One Month

pinterest views letsreachsuccess profile - how I reached 20,000 views on Pinterest in one month - tips for bloggers

That really happened, yes. It gives me hope that any amateur can do it as well. Especially with the Pinterest tips for bloggers I’m about to share below.

I’ve been blogging for years, had a Pinterest account and did pin most of my posts in the past (although the standard images I use for a blog post don’t work there and you need to create a Pinterest-friendly image for each). But anyone who’s starting out can achieve such results too.

In fact, it will be easier for them. I now need to go back to my 1700 articles at Let’s Reach Success, optimize them, add affiliate links naturally, create a beautiful graphic for Pinterest and pin it to a relevant board, then make a plan on how to re-pin it in the future.

That’s a ton of work but it doesn’t need to happen at once. Slowly, I will be giving Pinners a chance to be able to see all my content over on Pinterest and re-pin it if they like it.

In fact, that’s the very first thing you should do after creating a Pinterest profile and turning it into a business account (which is super easy). Without a business account, you won’t be able to see your analytics and have many other of the powerful features of Pinterest for bloggers and business owners.

Here’s how my Pinterest profile looks like now:

pinterest profile letsreachsuccess 20000 monthly views

I did many improvements to it. Pinterest is all about quality content that looks stunning and also keyword optimization so you can target the right people. Never forget to organize your boards, add featured ones, be consistent with the images you add, and also re-pin other people’s content. All this creates a great first impression.

Before getting to the best practices and Pinterest tips for bloggers and new business owners, let me share my best resources with you:

Make Your First Money Online Freelancing [Free Course] – I created a free course sharing my journey to making more than $4,000/month blogging. It all began with freelancing and you can use this course to follow the steps I took to become a freelancer with no experience and earn my first income online.

How to Start a Profitable Blog – This step-by-step guide to starting a blog is a must for everyone who wants to start earning online and become self-employed. Having your own blog is the first step to selling products, making money from affiliate marketing, building a name for yourself, getting traffic and monetizing that attention.

Blogging Resources – To build a powerful site that turns visitors into buyers and monetize it well, you will need the right tools. In my Blogging Resources page, I’ve gathered the best of the best and the exact tools I’ve used to grow Let’s Reach Success and be able to make a full-time living as a location independent freelance writer.

4 Ideas for Side Hustles – Check out 4 side hustles you can start on your own and no later than this weekend that can be your chance to achieve financial independence.

My Monthly Income Reports – If you’re curious how bloggers make a living online, check out my income reports. I publish these monthly and share all the numbers together with the lessons I learned and the new things I’m working on.

So, here are the exact things I did differently in the last 30 days to get to 20,000 Pinterest views.

8 Pinterest Tips for Bloggers to Help You Double Your Pinterest Views in a Month

If there’s one social media I’d recommend that will transform the way you bring traffic to your blog and make money online, it’s Pinterest. I recently doubled my Pinterest views and reached 20,000 a month after I got active on the site. In this post, I share my best Pinterest tips for bloggers: #pinteresttips #blogtraffic #pinterestviews

1. I improved my Pinterest profile.

Your Pinterest profile should be tailored towards the ideal users you’re targeting. Whoever that is (soon you’ll be able to see who’s interested in your content through your Analytics on Pinterest), make sure you appeal to them. But be authentic too, of course.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, do that first. Check out my quick tutorial How to Start a Profitable Blog: A Step-by-Step Guide for Serious Bloggers Only.

Then, go ahead and create a Pinterest profile, set up a business account and connect it to your WordPress site.

In my situation, however, I had to update my profile and fill in the gaps.

These Pinterest tips for bloggers will help you whether you’re a newbie or have been blogging and want to get Pinterest traffic now:

  • Add a good picture of yourself;
  • Have a good business name. Mine is Lidiya @ Let’s Reach Success;
  • Claim your website;
  • Check competitors and decide what strategy you want to have;
  • With each element, stay relevant to your main niche.

2. I created new Pinterest boards and organized them.

I had some random boards before and some of them aren’t relevant anymore, such as the one about The Let’s Reach Success Podcast which I’m not doing anymore. But I didn’t delete it as I would have lost old views. It’s okay to leave these old pins exist and know that board is placed at the bottom.

The most important thing is to create around 10 boards with the key categories you’re covering on your blog.

I didn’t do that at once as I was exploring what Pinterest had to offer and what others in my niche were doing.

Turns out, you shouldn’t name the boards in a unique way but should instead use ‘Blogging Tips, ‘Freelancing Tips’, ‘Work from Home Tips’, etc. That helps them get found on Pinterest and each clearly states what it’s about. These are actual boards I have now.

Immediately go ahead an create a ‘Best of [your blog]’ board and place it first when organizing them.

There you will add every pinnable image from your site that you want to be seen.

Don’t leave boards empty for a long time either. Go ahead and find other people’s pins that you’d like to include in them. Pin 10-15 beautiful images (that also lead to helpful pieces of content) so that your boards have something in them.

After a week or so, you’ll also have your pins in them and can choose the featured image of the board. Here’s how the boards I’ve placed on top of my profile look like:

pinterest boards letsreachsuccess

These Pinterest tips for bloggers are something I learned from experts during my research, which I’ve seen popular accounts on Pinterest do, and which I myself have found to work through experimenting. So, hopefully, you’ll just do this now instead of wasting time down the road.

3. Optimize your profile, board and pins.

SEO matters on Pinterest as much as it does on Google.

Here’s what I did to double my Pinterest views in a month:

  • Optimized my Pinterest About page;
  • Added SEO-rich descriptions to all my boards;
  • I fill the alt text on each image I pin from Let’s Reach Success with keywords;
  • Adding a few hashtags to the description is also a good idea.

4. I learned how to create beautiful images for Pinterest.

That’s how my pins look like now.

pinterest letsreachsuccess my pins

The way I learned was by simply looking at what some of the most popular pins in a certain topic looked like.

Then, I began reading about it and realized the following is ALWAYS true when creating pins:

  • Vertical rather than horizontal;
  • Have text on it – the largest possible text, actually;
  • Each pin must solve a problem, inspire or educate;
  • The most effective and simplest way to brand yourself is to include your url somewhere in the pin;
  • There are mostly women on Pinterest so keep that in mind when choosing colors, images and text;
  • Images of faces don’t work well;
  • Images on the background must be beautiful (I just kept using the royalty-free I use for each article on Let’s Reach Success. They are from and;
  • Prefer red and pink tones (It’s no coincidence that most of my pins now have pink. It wasn’t like that in the beginning.)

What hit me was that each blog with a ton of posts in its archives brings traffic from the top 10-20 articles (which are usually published a year or more ago). After checking what these are in my Google Analytics, I updated these and added Pinterest-friendly images to them first.

I’ve been missing out on traffic opportunities for long by not giving people a way to share that post on Pinterest (as they wouldn’t want to add a random image to one of their boards).

I now go back to old blog posts, update them, and create a visually-appealing Pinterest graphic using Canva (for free).

Something helpful I did the other day (as the point is to do Pinterest smarter not harder in the next few weeks and months) is to create a few templates.

canva templates for pinterest letsreachsuccess

Head to Canva and you’ll see they have a ready-made Pinterest graphic image in the right size. From there, you can choose some of the great templates they are offering or create yours.

It’s worth taking the time to do that now (after exploring the best pins in your industry directly on Pinterest) to save hours in the next weeks. Now, I simply add a different image for the background, change the title and make other little adjustments.

That’s not only quick and easy but also means I will have brand consistency. You don’t want to confuse Pinners by using different combinations of colors every time.

5. I began using Pinterest to find new content and engaged with others.

To truly understand how powerful this social media site and search engine is, it’s important to use it yourself. All these Pinterest tips for bloggers won’t matter if you aren’t pinning, re-pinning, following and being followed (although that’s not an important metric), looking at other people’s Pinterest graphics and clicking them to read more.

That’s how I realized what titles work best. It’s often practical to have one title for a blog post optimized for a keyword, but to express it from another angle on your pin.

One great resource (and one of the biggest names in the Pinterest for business industry) is Simple Pin Media.

6. I began writing content for Pinterest.

I’m a content creator and I don’t think that’s going to change. So I’m interested in finding out what works best on Pinterest and giving people exactly that.

It’s the most genuine way to bring traffic to my blog and earn money through Pinterest. It also feels great to document the journey. This post is an example and it might do pretty well on Pinterest for years to come if seen by the right people. And it does share the story of how I gained 20K views on the platform in one month together with my best Pinterest tips for bloggers.

So once people click on the link of the pin, they will find a ton of value. That’s a great reason to re-pin something.

2 recent posts I wrote (which share a lot more than what the title says) are:

How I Made $375 wth One Article as a Freelance Writer on Clear Voice

How I Earned $250 from One Sponsored Post

Also, income reports do great there. And you can create as many pins as you want for one post, title them differently and add them to different boards.

Here’s the Pinterest image from my latest income report that gained attention and brought people to actually check out how I earned over $4,000/month from my blog and business.

Learn how I earned over $4,000 in one month blogging and freelancing from home. In this blog income report I also share the lessons, challenges, new goals and income streams, my favorite tools, and all important numbers. Check it out.

7. I joined my first group boards.

Group boards are a big thing. One of the best Pinterest tips for bloggers is to join a few and contribute to them with your best pins.

That’s also the quickest way to bring attention to your account and site and double your page views.

While you’re still with your few hundred monthly views on Pinterest, the chances of having a pin go viral aren’t big (although that’s possible only by having a great pin that’s optimized well). But if you share your images and content in front of the 10,000 followers of a group board, you get more exposure.

The ‘how to’ of joining group boards can happen in a few ways.

The way I did it is by checking out the group boards mentioned by bloggers when reading about their Pinterest strategies and tips. Then, if a group board is open for new members, you’ll see instructions in its description.

Usually, it’s to follow the board and its creator, after which you should email the person (email address is given in the board description) with your Pinterest url.

They might not approve you for many reasons. When they do, you can start pinning beautiful images according to the main topics of the board and re-pinning other people’s content.

Also, that’s a great place to get followers. Start following those participating in the group board. They will most likely follow you back.

I’m now the member of 4 nice group boards on anything related to blogging and online business. The latest one I was approved for has more than 20,000 followers.

8. I followed the Pinterest best practices for success.

All bloggers should follow the rules while being unique, helpful and creative over at Pinterest.

The best practices include:

  • Pinning at the right time;
  • Saving at least 10 pins a day to have consistent activity;
  • According to Pinterest, your first 5 pins each day are prioritized so make sure these are your own content and look great;
  • Save pins to relevant boards;
  • Give visitors of your site a way to pin your images.

This post definitely doesn’t cover all my Pinterest tips for bloggers and the little things I did to double my traffic. But I will be writing a lot more as I test new strategies, understand Pinterest marketing and how it works for businesses like mine, and see what others are doing to bring Pinterest traffic to their blogs.

But the 8 Pinterest tips for bloggers you just read about are sure to help you see an increase in your views. Good luck.

Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest to see how things are progressing. And pin this post to spread the love and share the tips with others:

I recently doubled my Pinterest traffic in less than 30 days. Learn why you should be promoting your blog posts on Pinterest, and how I reached 20,000 monthly views there with my best Pinterest tips for bloggers: #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #pinterestforbloggers #pintereststrategies