6 Common Goal-Setting Mistakes to Avoid - how to achieve anything in life

I believe that we’re here to do something big with our lives and every single one of us has the potential to achieve anything.

I’m one of those people who can stay up in bed for hours. Who can’t get to sleep because there are many ideas to be written down and analyzed.

Because there are so many things I want to do, big things. Things, just the thought of which excites me a lot.

To others in my life, I seem foolish when I mention that. That’s why I stopped doing it and feel much better.

This way I can be working on my stuff, and do it my way. And still have a normal social life, everyday problems and tasks to do.

To everyone, I’m just ordinary and this is normal, which equals good. So everything’s just fine.

We all are. But at the same time, we are much more than that. We are full of remarkable thoughts and things we want to do and accomplish.

We all have big ideas and can do something about them. In fact, we can learn how to achieve anything we want in life.

And this little thing – the fact that we’ve started my journey, have a direction, know what we want and are finding ways to get it – is actually the big thing.

I wasn’t confident in my goals and visions some time ago, but then realized that other people – well, most people around me – didn’t even have a vision.

They just wanted things to be the way they are now and are okay if they never change. They don’t think about the future because somewhere deep inside they fear it.

This might end up in having regrets for never doing the things they wanted, and worse, never becoming the person they could have been. And that’s a sad end for everyone.

I can see the big picture and my horizons expand every day. Achieving anything is possible with the right mindset and by taking action every single day.

Things first take place on the inside when something big happens. So if you’re seeing similar signs, you’re on the right path – the path to success and wealth.

Here are the steps most people take when they are chasing what they truly want in life.

How to Achieve Anything in Life

1. The Idea

Everything remarkable starts with a simple idea. We all have tons of them every day, we just don’t pay enough attention to them.

I can even say that everyone has a few million dollar ideas right now. But they never take the time to notice them, focus on them and turn them into reality.

The process is long but once started, turns your life into a meaningful journey, full of joy and purpose.

To learn how to achieve anything, value your ideas.

Whenever they pop up in your head, stop and ask yourself if there’s something bigger behind it.

It’s there for a reason and your job is to make something out of it. It’s your way of doing something big and leaving a legacy.

2. The Belief

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Nothing will ever change in your life if you don’t believe it’s possible.

Success, happiness, change and greatness are all things you can have at any moment. You just need to actually believe in yourself, your abilities and potential and then take the necessary actions.

Most people these days lack this belief. Their confidence in what they can achieve is to such a low level that they never try to change anything, that’s why they don’t even take the first step.

And without it, they can never take the journey and reach the life they’re destined to have.

We miss out on so much only because we don’t believe it’s possible, we don’t believe we deserve it, we don’t believe we can have it.

But you can change that. Realize that you can have it all and do great things once you reach your goals. To know how to achieve anything, is to believe you have the potential to do it.

3. The Decision

Then comes the decision-taking.

Here’s what Chris Guillebeau – an extraordinary and passionate individual, who’s visited every country in the world and whose blog you should check out – says in The Decision to Be Remarkable:

“If you want to break out of the mold of average, the first thing you need to do is to make a decision to be radically different.

Most remarkable people are people of action, and for a good reason: if you don’t take decisive action, nothing will ever change.

It calls for a clear decision to rise above the culture of mediocrity.

Of all the steps required to change the world in the way you see fit, the decision to be remarkable is the most important. With this decision in place, other variables can be changed.

Don’t rush this—it’s a big commitment.

Once you make the commitment, you need a vision to change the world. What will it be? Whatever you choose, make sure it’s remarkable enough to suit every gift you have ever been given. Once you decide to defy the expectations of being average, there will be a lot riding on your ultimate success.”

So after you have your idea you need to take the decision to make something big and get it out there. Otherwise, the idea will just stay in your head and will soon go away, thus never showing you how to achieve anything.

Don’t let that happen! It’s not fair to you, and to the world that needs what you have to offer. Take a definite decision and stick to it.

4. The Vision

Then your vision of the thing you want will get bigger and bigger, it will become clearer and the next steps you need to take will be shown to you.

That’s how the universe and your mind react when you follow your path and do what you’re supposed to.

This could be related to any aspect of life and it’s how to achieve anything you want . The point is to make it all the way from an idea – a dream – to reality.

Another thing Chris says is:

“Instead of shrinking over time, your vision will actually get bigger. The funny thing about big goals is that they often take less time to achieve than you expect, and once you achieve them, you’ve already mentally moved on to bigger and better goals.

As you proceed with questioning authority, building your army, achieving your goals, and helping others, the vision keeps expanding.”

That is the initial process, the first few steps of the biggest adventure in your life. But it’s a path worth following as there lies your destiny, the legacy that will exist long after you’re gone, and the way to become a remarkable person.

We’re talking about big things here. That’s why this should be done by going beyond yourself.

At first, you do it for yourself only. But the bigger it gets, the more you realize it’s for others as well. And you’re helping them while achieving you goals and reaching your potential.

I didn’t give any examples in this post simply because each one of us has a different kind of dreams and they own unique way to make them real.

It could be anything. Just give it a try.

Are you ready to get out there and do something big?