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connect with your ultimate purpose in life

Whoever you are, you’re more special than you realize. You aren’t born just to be average, but have an ultimate purpose. And only finding it and connecting with it can let you live the lifestyle of your dreams, while reaching all your goals and contributing to the world.

Who you are today – in case you’re not satisfied with your current life – isn’t who you’re supposed to be. There’s way too much potential within and the best thing is that you can decide to unleash it at any moment and start following your destiny.

At Tony Robbins Date With Destiny event, you will learn that your ultimate destiny is determined by the choices you make. If you want to change your life, you must change your values so they match with your goals and purpose. Ask yourself this question: If you were to design the life of your dreams, what would your values need to be to shape the ultimate destiny that you desire and deserve?

The world we live in, however, doesn’t really want you to become the best you can be. It’s made for the average people, who don’t believe in themselves and who can’t stay focused on their big goals because of the many distractions from daily life (unproductive activities, daily worries, our own insecurities and doubts, other people’s opinion, unimportant tasks, a job we don’t enjoy, social media, too many devices around us, etc.)

But there’s a way to leave all that behind and get back on the right path. It’s where you’ll connect with your purpose, have a clear vision of the life you want to achieve and go after it.

Let’s see what you can do to become a winner and finally see yourself successful and find meaning and purpose in your days:

The 3 Steps to Finding Your Ultimate Purpose

1. Assess your current lifestyle.

You didn’t just wake up one day being who you are. Instead, all your thoughts and actions are a result of every single decision you’ve made over the years, the way you reacted to what life brought you, and all the little things you did and didn’t do that seemed insignificant at the time.

All that adds up and today you see the power of compound effect. It’s a combination of your personality, daily habits and practices, and every single thought that goes on in your mind.

So before you move onto changing it and turning your life around, you must first get clear about the current situation.

Be honest with yourself and define what you don’t like – your bad sides, lack of skills, attitude towards life, people you don’t want around too much, goals you haven’t achieved but still want to, things in your surroundings you don’t want to be there, etc.

Once you do that, you’ll know what needs to be eliminated from your life and can start working on it. Then, when it’s gone, all that’s left will be your ultimate purpose, the stuff you love doing, the people you care about, and only things that bring you joy and let you grow you level up in life.

2. Ask yourself the right questions.

Uncovering your ultimate purpose in life so that you can achieve your vision requires self-knowledge – a deeper understanding of what you truly desire and what will make you happy.

So ask yourself questions like:

  • How does an ideal day look like for me?
  • What is something I can do for hours without getting bored or exhausted?
  • How can I find a way to make it a permanent part of my life?
  • Is it possible to turn it into my career? Is it something people would pay for that will bring them value or solve a common problem?
  • What skills and qualities do I need to build to be proud of who I am?
  • Will I find satisfaction and have peace of mind once I get closer to my ultimate purpose?
  • How will it be my legacy? How can I use it to leave a mark?

3. Make a step-by-step plan.

Now turn all that information (the conclusions you made about your current lifestyle and the answers of the questions above) into specific goals.

Write all that down starting with your ultimate purpose in one sentence. Then, break it down into smaller actions that will take you to it.

Each of these is a goal you need to reach on your journey. Let’s make them measurable and more specific. Divide them into smaller and simpler goals.

In the end, you must have a list of actions each of which seems like a no-brainer. Then, your job is to take at least one such step daily in order to stay focused on the ultimate vision and to actually see progress.

Staying Connected to Your Purpose

It’s crucial to make sure you don’t let other people or issues from daily life be an obstacle and distract you.

There are easy ways to stay motivated, consistent and concentrated. Here are some:

  • Review your ultimate purpose daily.

If every morning you wake up with that one sentence describing how you want your life to be in the near future, and revising it in the evening, that’s what will lead you to success.

Most often the main reason why we fail is because we aren’t patient enough and can’t work on one goal long enough to see it become a reality.

So to make sure you’re always on the right path, keep your ultimate purpose in mind daily.

  • Make it a priority.

Put it on the top of your to-do list and take the action connected to it right after you wake up. That’s how you build momentum and see results pretty fast.

  • Visualize success.

Let your mind believe you can achieve the vision of your life. Imagine who you’ll be once you do that in details, feel it, have faith in it.

  • Surround yourself with like-minded people.

Instead of being around negative, toxic people who constantly complain and don’t dream big, find the ones who inspire you to be your best. Discuss your ideas with them, learn from them and support each other.

  • Find daily sources of inspiration.

Read about successful people and what they did differently. Watch TED talks, read inspirational quotes, attend events (like Tony Robbins’ Date with Destiny), take courses, etc.

So that’s how you connect with your ultimate purpose in life.

You’re destined for greatness. Never forget that.

What can you do today to get closer to that vision?

To learn more about upcoming personal development events that can help you find your purpose and achieve your vision, please visit World Class Seminars.

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