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Mothers have a lot on their plate. Taking care of their child, along with juggling various other responsibilities like school and managing a household, often proves challenging.

It only gets more difficult when mothers lack financial support from family members or significant others.

Three out of 10 American women will become pregnant before they’re 20, and over half of those never graduate from high school.

Given these statistics, it can seem like the odds are stacked against many mothers, and most especially those that have children at a young age.

Contrary to what many people believe, there are ways around this. We’ve compiled a list of six great jobs for moms you can get with no experience.

We believe every mom, regardless of her experience, has the right to jump onto opportunities and build out careers of their own.

6 Jobs for Moms to Consider

1. Real Estate Broker

You can become a real estate broker with no prior experience or education.

The real estate industry only requires that you take certain classes to be accredited to practice in real estate. Your courses will teach you the ins and outs of being a realtor and broker, and with hard work, this can easily become a lucrative career.

Entry level brokers can make $56,000 per year, and upward mobility is highly rewarding. The real estate agent median salary for a real estate agent is just over $43,000. Check out these real estate success stories for inspiration.

2. Salesman

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Many sales jobs offer positions as independent contractors. Not only does this have tax benefits but it also offers mothers to schedule work around their lives instead of the other way around.

Contractors can often work for a home office and set meeting when it suits them. When juggling a family and the many responsibilities that come with it, this is a huge benefit.

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3. Security Guard

Most security guard positions don’t require more than a high school diploma or equivalent, although you’ll likely have to pass drug and background tests to qualify. Starting salary is decent, and once one security position is under your belt, it becomes significantly easier to get promoted or transition to higher paying jobs.

Contrary to popular belief, women can be security guards, too. Many businesses prefer to have women security on staff because women can reach places that men can’t.

For example, if there’s an issue in the women’s restroom, a male security entering the premises could become a troublesome situation, and even result in a lawsuit.

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4. Florist

If you’re passionate about flowers and are creative, you can make a career out of it. Becoming a florist is one of the ideal jobs for moms and a great way to earn some money on the side.

You might arrange flowers, grow them for profit, or even end up having your own flower shop.

5. Bartender

If you’ve got quick hands and social skills, you might want to consider being home with your little ones during the day and bartending at night. Like real estate, the only real requirement for being a bartender is having previous bartending experience or a certification from a bartending school like ABC Bartending School (which has locations around the country).

Of course, the necessary experience varies from venue to venue, but one thing is constant: the tips alone can help you tremendously. The median hourly tips is $15 in addition to base pay, while tips in cities like New York can skyrocket to $300 per night. Having bartending experience also looks good to the hospitality industry as a whole.

6. Freelance Photographer

Working in the freelance industry with any skill – writing, web design, etc. – requires no formal education and only that you work hard at your craft and build an online portfolio.

Freelance photographers receive an average pay of just over $25 per hour. With nothing but a camera to start, you can begin taking shots and selling them to local newspapers, blogs, magazines, and more.

Put together a website to market your services, and even volunteer to photograph events to build out your website profile. Then you can check out local listings for events (like weddings) and pitch them your services.

The best part about this type of job for moms is that you set your own hours and dedicate as much or as little of your services as you’d like. Even better is that you never know where your photography skills can take you; the highest-paid photographers started out small, too.

For mothers that are so busy that they don’t have time to go job hunting or don’t want a long-term position, a good option would be to go to a temporary staffing company. This way, they can hold a position for a limited amount of time and still attend to life’s duties.

For example, many moms only want a job while their kids are at school and don’t want to continue during the summer. Or they want to work while they are pregnant and call it quits when the baby is both. On the other end, mothers that want a more stable and long-term position that is also flexible, the options above are worth exploring.

Which of these jobs for moms sounds like something you’d try?

Check out these 6 mom jobs you can get with no experience so you can kickstart or continue your career on your own and be the best mom you can be: #jobsformoms