From Losing Her Job During The Pandemic to Building a Successful Coaching Business: Interview with Jillian Murphy

This is an interview with Jillian Murphy.

Hey, Jillian. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

I am a sales closing & confidence coach for online coaches who are ready to break the fear of sales & create consistent cash in their business

How has your experience in sales for the last 20 years prepared you for what you do today?

I began as an entry level sales person who did not know much about sales but I did know a lot about people & this is what I lead with today, this is not a sale business it is a people business. 

I grew to the top of my sales organization through relationship based selling & was a top performer year after year. 

What have you learned from being surrounded only by men in corporate? And why did you choose to work with women now?

I loved working with men in corporate ( I was the first female sales person inside of my company), but what I learned was women were so fearful in sales and needed to work through the mindset in order to gain the sales.

What did you go through when you lost your job during the pandemic?

I saw a massive gap in the industry for sales as everyone was now “selling” online either as a coach or in network marketing and they had zero skill set on it and this is my zone of genius. 

I took messy action, launched a coaching program and was able to replace my 22 year corporate income in less than 3 months and doubled it in 6 months.

What actions did you take straight away to land on your feet and turn this loss into a win?

Messy Action.

I see so often we see a need for what we do but that we want it to be perfect before we can do it. I always reminded myself the people you are meant to serve do not care about perfect, they care that you can solve their problem.

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What inspired you to become a business owner and enter the coaching industry?

First it was to help (make an impact) but what is my north star is the ability to have the life I want through impacting others.

What steps did you take first to become a coach and land your clients?

The first step I did was a Facebook group to serve the people who needed me and was able to give them quick wins inside of this free community. 

I served them, saw them, heard them and then made an offer to help them. 

Who’s your ideal client and why?

My IDC is an online coach who is wanting to grow / scale but is not achieving the sales they know they deserve.

I work with women who have an idea all the way to 7-figure earners because sales is truly the oxygen of the business and a skill set for life.

How can people work with you?

I have my signature sales course that I launch 4 X per year, a monthly sales membership group, a hybrid mastermind for mastery of sales and then 1:1 coaching which I have 1 open spot left for.

What was the first program you created?

My first program was Real Girl Real Sales. I sold 32 spots and made over $50K.

How did you build such a magnetic brand on Instagram?

Total authenticity to who I am and who I want to work with. 

I create content that is geared to help my IDC clients have wins right from my IG page @jillianmmurphy. I wanted my IDC to be energized and educated from being on my platform. 

I have a REAL SIMPLE approach to sales and this is who I create all of my content & programs for. Sales is truly the greatest job you can have.

What does it mean to be ‘salesy’ and why do most women fear this?

People associate “Salesy” with being annoying and pushy when this is the opposite of what sales truly is. Sales is the business of solving problems & building relationships. 

I find that women have a fear around sales because they are:

1. Too attached to the outcome;
2. & take it personal.

We begin each of my programs at the foundation of WHY we feel like this as women and how we can break these limiting beliefs

What are some of the other biggest fears and struggles female entrepreneurs have to deal with?

How to stand out in a saturated market, how to stay in alignment with their message, comparison and imposter syndrome.

How important is your personal and spiritual growth to being the best boss babe you can be?

This is massive! If you want your income to grow, you need to grow.

This can mean personal growth work, setting boundaries, growing your network, being focused on WHY you are doing what you are doing. 

What are some resources or people that have helped you on your business journey?

Project Me with Tiffany Carter is my all time favorite podcast.

Also Chris Harder’s Fast Foundations Mastermind, Raquel Quinet as my personal business coach, the book Atomic Habits and being around people who are on the SAME journey as me for growth and vision.

How do you stay REAL in a niche where everyone’s trying to be someone else and close sales?

I show up every day as ME.

I find so often that people are not REAL to who they are and that does not connect well with you audience.

I am also very big on being relatable to my audience. I show all parts of my life, not just the highlight wheel which also allows my ideal client to see themselves in my journey.

How does a day in your life as a sales coach go?

It is fun and energizing. I begin my day in gratitude that I GET to help women!

I spend my day connecting and building rapport with my audience which is KEY to being a sales professional.  Mid day dance party is always on the schedule and I coach my clients in the evening.

What’s your advice for other women who lost their job during the pandemic?

Monetize your God given talent!

People are looking for solutions to their problems and you are the answer to it! 

Multiple streams of income is also a huge thing I speak on because when one stream goes away, you do not want to have that as your only source. 

I have 4 streams of income and if any of them went away, my life would not have to change very much. This is why we need multiple streams, now more than ever.

What’s next for you and your business?

BIG things in 2021. I am going to be launching my 2nd mastermind this year to ensure women have the right container to be part of for business & personal growth. 

I will be starting a podcast to bring sales made simple to everyone and connect more through this platform! I am ready to serve hundreds of women in sales confidence & closing.

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