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There are few businesses that can survive without some sort of marketing, even if it’s not the traditional approach. The simple fact is, if you don’t market yourself potential customers won’t know you exist. 

That’s all marketing is, a way to tell others about you and what you offer.

There are several methods of doing this. You can target customers via email, use conventional adverts, lift your profile with content, and use Pay Per Click campaigns.

However, the best approach is to merge these methods.

Content Marketing

Content marketing means creating material that can be posted online. It’s generally created as short articles that impart useful information to the reader.

During the imparting of information, there will be a reference to the company or a link to its resources. 

This allows people to build respect for a business as they can be seen to understand their specific business sector. 


Many businesses use a PPC agency and this is a good idea.

PPC is simply choosing keywords and phrases relevant to your business. When these are inputted into an online search, a link to your site will appear. If the viewer clicks your link you’ll be charged an agreed rate. But, you’ll have a potential customer on your site. 

The key to successful PPC is to choose the right words and phrases. This ensures people interested in what you have to offer click through to your site. 

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Combining Content Marketing & PPC

The first step in combining these two types of marketing is to identify your keywords and phrases. You must research this thoroughly, that’s why getting the professionals involved can be beneficial.

The aim is to find relevant words and phrases which will be searched on but aren’t being used excessively by others. 

This will keep the cost of your PPC low and the potential customers as high as possible. 

With the words and phrases chosen you’ll be able to incorporate these into the content. You’ll want to create high-quality content.

Your aim is to inform your potential customer, share information with them, and show them that you know what you’re talking about.

When they realize that you’re reputable and knowledgeable they’ll be interested n clicking through to your site.

As well as the key phrase link, you’ll want direct links to your website in all content.

The idea is that, for specific searches, you’ll have a paid advert at the top of the page, followed by your own content. This reinforces the reputation of your business.

Combine this with a call to action in every piece of content and you’ll be driving potential customers to your page. Of course, you’ll then have to make sure they are purchasing something. Content marketing can help with this, alongside good pricing strategies, pictures, and details of what you’re offering. 

Get started today by building your keywords and phrases. With a few simple steps, you can dramatically improve your earning potential.