How This Mom Became a Fashion Blogger Making $10K/Month

If you’re setting up a blog to make money, you won’t want to wait around to see results. 

We bet you want to start bringing in the cash immediately. You might have read online this just isn’t impossible. While there’s no set rule on how long it’s going to take to start earning from a blog, there are definitely ways to speed up the process. 

Let’s explore some of the best options here that could be a huge benefit for you.

1. Content Is King 

Here’s a fun fact. 70% of marketers online invest in content marketing.

What does this tell you? Simply put: content is still king in the digital world. It’s unlikely anything will take the crown either. 

So, if you want to earn fast on your blog, you need content and lots of it. From the first week your blog is active, you should aim to add about four pieces of content each day. 

Remember though, it’s not just about quantity. The content you publish must be of high quality. Beyond grammar and spelling, it needs to be targeted, engaging and highly shareable. 

A smart trick is to build up content before the blog is live.

This way you won’t be in a rush to produce it each day for your blog. There are even tools to automate publishing. 

The best way to get results with your content is to create a post that goes viral.

If there was a secret recipe to a viral post, everyone would use it so we can’t offer you that type of set-in-stone advice. That said, there are ways to increase your chances. 

You need to get into the right mindset creating content. Ideally, you should be using content to approach an old idea or problem from a new angle.

Alternatively, you could just focus on creating content that is as interesting and entertaining as possible. 

Infographics are a great type of content to focus on. They are often shared hundreds of times because they are great, highly visual options, to convey incredibly complex pieces of information. 

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2. Get Your Social Media Game on Point

Next, think about your social media game. For a blog to be successful and catch attention, readers must be able to connect with you – the owner. The best way to trigger engagement is through social networks. 

Social networks like Twitter will let you kickstart the sharing process too. You should add a link for various pieces of content on your social feed. 

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3. Exploring Shortcuts

There are various shortcuts to help you build an audience for your blog.

Guest posting is a smart choice. Find a popular blog related to your niche and look for guest post opportunities. In doing so, you can siphon off the audience of a blog that is already established. 

Guest posting will also provide high domain authority backlinks – ideal for SEO – and build trust in your blog.

You might think that if you have no history online you’ll struggle to get opportunities like this. However, we all have a professional background somewhere. You can use your background to leverage opportunities.

You can also pay for traffic to your blog. If you do this, make sure you are looking for the right service.

You can explore using a traffic bot. This can boost traffic metrics for your site without any delay. This could attract sponsored content opportunities to your blog. 

4. Let People Know You’re Open for Business

Sometimes finding money making opportunities with your blog is just a question of letting people know you’re ready to work with them. Adding a ‘work with me’ page or similar type of page can ensure that business owners know you are open to sponsored content. 

This can take various forms from reviews of products and services to guest posts from thought leaders and much more.

Don’t forget, if you are getting paid for a post there are rules of transparency you must follow. 

5. Set a Plan For Earning

If you want to start earning without delay, you need a plan in place. 

There are numerous ways to earn using a blog. By having a plan in place you can make sure that you don’t waste any time choosing a path. 

For instance, you might want to think about using ad spots. To do this, you need to choose the areas that you want to rent out. This could include social media headers or even a pop-up box. It’s totally your choice. 

A blog can also be a starting point for offering a service. This is a smart decision. You just need to ensure the service you offer makes sense for the blog you have created. 

Alternatively, you could think about using a blog to offer premium gated content.

This will only be an option if you have a niche audience with such an interest in your information that they’ll be willing to pay for it. For this to work, you need to have expert knowledge in your chosen subject.

You should ideally have a record of academic achievement to demonstrate your knowledge too.

Remember, if you are going to use this option, then you need to have a payment system operational. The easiest and best option that you have will be to set up a Paypal account and take payments this way. 

You could even think about selling merch. Selling merch is a great way to build up your business brand. 

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6. Get to Grips With SEO 

Finally, if you want to earn fast with your blog, you have to get SEO right from day one. There are a few ways to do this.

You might want to think about exploring tutorials online. However, the reality that you need to face is that your competitors will be using professional services and solutions. You should consider doing the same. 

If you are treating your blog like a business – and we recommend this – 20% of your budget should be spent on marketing. 

Now you know the secrets to start earning fast with your blog, you’re ready to get started. Good luck!

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