How Samantha Successfully Monetized a Brand New Food Blog (and Reached 8 Million Page Views) - Top 8 Online Learning Tips to Succeed as an Online Learner

If you enjoy writing and want to make some money on the side, you might have considered starting a blog on a subject you are interested in. But if you don’t know much about the industry, you may want to spend some time educating yourself on what to expect before you jump right in.

Doing so can prevent you from becoming discouraged and giving up right away.

Don’t Be Ashamed of Starting Small

If this is your first time creating a blog, you might not know how well it will go. You may enjoy working with content and other pieces of media, or you might find it isn’t really for you.

It’s a good idea to start with a smaller website and avoid putting anything fancy on it for a while. There are also free platforms where you can start writing.

Take your time to explore the options to see if you want to continue doing it. With that being said, if you find blogging is for you, it’s a good idea to pay for your own website at some point. It will be easier to get found on search engines with your own website.

You will be able to do more with it, which can turn into more revenue for you. It can be costly to get things set up, so you may want to look into taking out a personal loan to help cover part or all expenses that can add up quickly.

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It Takes Work

Finding ways to make money is tough and making money off your blog is like starting any other small business venture. It is not easy money, and you likely will not turn a profit right away.

You will need to write, edit, research, find images, and promote each post on different social media sites. It takes hard work to be successful. You will also need to be patient and publish on a consistent basis.

You might not always feel like coming up with a new post or going back and checking on things, but it takes effort to become established in your field. Building up an audience takes time, and you may spend months or even years before you start bringing in any significant income.

You’ll Need a Niche

There are plenty of blogs out there, so you’ll need to think about what will set yours apart. Having a niche allows you to focus on a specific topic, and you’ll plan your content around this niche.

After defining your niche, you will be able to come up with your ideal readers, as well as how you should target them with content.

If you want to write about crafting, you might want to focus on a niche such as crafts for kids. Come up with a list of topics you already have some knowledge about and pick the ones you are passionate about. You will be able to produce good content around these things.

Having passion is important because it will get you through those times you don’t feel like writing yet another piece of content.

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You’ll Need to Produce Excellent Content

Your content is what attracts an audience to your blog, not the fun name or great theme. Building an audience requires hard work and you’ll need to create engaging content on a consistent basis.

If it’s interesting, it’s more likely to be shared, and this will expand your reach over time. One way of doing so is to provide value to your readers. You should try to create something no one else is putting out, which is something that can set you apart from the competition.

This is also a great way to get on search engines because their algorithms will see your posts are not found anywhere else. It’s a good idea to create longer pieces that answer a question or solve problems your audience might have.