6 SEO Fixes You Can Do for Better Search Engine Ranking

6 SEO Fixes You Can Do for Better Search Engine Ranking

Do you ever wonder why some brands are always doing great on search engines?

SEO is an ever-growing field that can be overwhelming for first-time users. Big brands continue to gain traction and perform great on SERP because of the consistent efforts channeled towards SEO, and with the use of Serpbook, it is even easier.

If you want to have a fair chance at competing with the big brands for a position in the first page of search engines, here are 6 SEO fixes you can do to reinforce your already executed SEO strategy, for better search engine ranking:

SEO Tips for Better Search Engine Ranking

1. Improve your visual appeal strategy.

Visual appeal is the new area of focus for today’s generation.

While visual appeal could mean using images and videos on your website, it also means enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your content.

Use heading tags to break off the long wall of words in your page, as well as pointers like bullet points to list your points.

Additionally, make good use of markup schema for your website. Since schema was integrated into website content, search engines are becoming more interactive. Remember that visual content has more retention, so be cautious about picking images that complement your content and brand overall.

2. Make your site mobile-friendly.

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As you optimize your website for desktop sites, remember to do the same for mobile sites.

Search engines change their algorithm several times in a single year, which is why Google is continually leaning more towards mobile-first indexing, and so should you.

To accomplish this and have better search engine ranking, you can use the Google Search Console SEO tool to add and verify the mobile version of your site. Then test the functionality of your mobile site, in terms of user experience, for example, the page loadd speed.

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3. Use alt text in images.

Like you would optimize for your content, you should do the same for your images.

Images today are more likable by users because of their flexibility to share with peers reinforcing the concept of social validation, which makes it necessary for you to optimize your images as well.

Using alt text not only allows you to capitalize on your keywords that will help you be easy to find by users but also, alt texts help Google understand what your image is when it crawls your website.

4. Optimize for your audience first.

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According to the SEO experts at Big Vision Marketing, many websites get caught up in optimizing for search engines that they forget to optimize for the audience, which is the most important aspect of SEO.

Ideally, your audience is the determinant of your performance on search engines because they are the ultimate consumers of your content. The more an audience likes and enjoys your content, the better your site performs.

Remember that Google is particular about the needs and satisfaction of the consumers, which is why you should optimize for them first for better search engine ranking.

Ensure the content is sensible and has a natural flow to it especially as regards the use of keywords.

Create humorous and intriguing content that will keep your audience long enough on your site, but better still, that will get them to revisit your site afterward.

5. Focus on link earning.

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Link building is an interesting SEO process that is shifting as times change.

While using other people’s link on your site does something for your ranking on search engines, link earning matters more.

Focus on gathering backlinks from other sites, but more so, from a  credible and renowned site. This is great for your credibility but also for your ranking on search engines.

For this tactic, you need to channel a substantial amount of time and effort in securing quality links that you will not lose with time. This means creating and maintaining relationships with other site owners if at all they are to link back to your site.

There are a couple of link-building tools you could use, but the main way you can get ahead of your game is by contributing as a guest writer other websites. Identify top website within your industry, and generate quality content they can use on their site in exchange for a link.

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6. Frequently audit your site.

So much of your efforts could go to waste if something as small as a broken link of a robot.txt file error happens.

Consider analyzing your site overall to scan for errors and loopholes and generate actionable reports for what aspects of your site you can improve, including page speed.

Tools like Google Analytics can provide you with full site analytics reports that can be useful for adjustments for better results.

With these 6 quick fixes, you ideally have all the prime factors to focus on as you work your way to better search engine ranking.

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