Google is the god of the internet now and there’s certainly no doubt on that.

According to the statistics, around 3.5 billion searches are made every day on this popular and massive search engine. In fact, Google is the proud owner of 85% of the desktop search engine market share.

Can you imagine now how important is Google for your blog?

Needless to say, if you want to attain high-end organic search results for your website in the coming year then you need to take care of the latest SEO ranking factors that Google considers.

So, when it comes to increasing the Google ranking of your blog, these ranking facets are undoubtedly crucial.

Interestingly, while keeping the basic ones same, most of such SEO ranking factors keep on changing as per the algorithm updates of Google.

SEO Ranking Factors to Consider in 2019

1. Website Architecture

Of course, there are many other factors out there which can impact the Google ranking of your blog but this is one of the most significant SEO ranking factors among all.

You must consider this search engine ranking factor upfront to relish the desired results. This is important especially if you are going to launch a new website soon.

You must organize your website into various subdirectories and possess some clear strings of text ( or ‘slugs’) at the end of each and every URL.

It will let Google understand what your business is about and what genres you want your business to be an authority on.

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2. Domain Security

To have the ‘https’ at the beginning of your website’s URL is one of the most important Google search ranking factors that creates an impact.

It is the major way through which Google figures out the secure websites and differentiate them from the non-secured ones.

It ensures Google that the website’s information which is indexing is safe for the searcher.

Here, the foremost indicative thing is the ‘S’ in ‘Https’ which stands for ‘secure’. So, get an SSL certificate and keep your blog’s website secured to enjoy better Google search ranking.

3. Keyword Intent

Topics are pretty important for showcasing the meaningfulness of your blog but keywords are certainly no less than that.

Precisely, a perfect optimization of keywords is one of the most important SEO ranking factors to consider while curating an effective SEO strategy.

In contemporary times, the concept of ‘exact match’ has changed a lot.

Now, the website which is having maximum instances of a keyword doesn’t rank at the highest position for the same. Rather, the one that matches the intent behind a specific keyword wins the game.

For example, your blog is all about extraordinary pieces of gold jewellery for women. If you want to run your website for the keyword ‘best gold jewellery’, it won’t rank as desired if you just incorporate this phrase several times in your articles.

Rather, what can change the entire ballgame for you is including the keyword at least once, followed by some real examples of gold jewellery, types of them, what is the most selling variety, some of the best places to buy them and so on.

As these are the information that readers will look for while entering their search term, it will be helpful for you to rank your website better.

The website which will serve such information to them in a more precise way will certainly get more engagement by the website visitors.

Finally, Google will consider this increased click-through rate as a good solution of visitor’s problems while ranking the URL higher in the search engine.

4. Page loading Speed

Another one of the most important SEO ranking factors in 2019 is page speed.

It’s nothing but how fast a webpage loads when a user clicks on it while being directed from a Google search result.

There are several factors which play a major role in how fast a webpage loads. But remember that the faster any website will load, the higher it will rank on Google.

It should be not more than three seconds for any website to load to ensure a better search engine ranking.

If it is an e-commerce website, Google suggests the perfect loading time to be as less as just two seconds. Anything that is more than that can hamper your search engine ranking.

Ideally, you should pick an e-commerce platform that allows for effective search engine optimization (SEO.) For example, if you’re using Bigcommerce, you may want to consider how this can impact your SEO  (EG. it may not be the best solution if you plan to host lots of blog content so a WordPress integration may be required.)

So, avoid the complex types of media in your website, as much as you can. It will finally help you increase the Google ranking of your website.

5. Mobile-responsiveness

Heard of the mobile-first index?

You must have come across this buzzphrase – and also one of the key SEO ranking factors – at least once, by now.

Google came up with its mobile-first index in March 2018.

It has clearly indicated that this huge search engine is now going to show the ranking results of websites based on the searches on all kinds of devices, mobile devices being the first one on the list.

So, if you’ve been neglecting mobile responsiveness till now, it will cost you huge to grow forward. It can be genuinely referred to as one of the foremost local search ranking factors which are going to rule in 2019.

Moreover, there’s this mobile-friendly test from Google through which you can optimize your blog for local search and mobile fitness.

This tool can fetch you all the information starting from whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, any page loading issue etc. Just make the best use of it and let your website rank on Google’s first page in 2019.

Summing Up

This is how you can make your website rank higher on the search engine in the upcoming year. However, it will be obviously smart to have a well-planned SEO strategy in 2019 to ensure that your business is ranking great on the SERPs.

Keep yourself updated and make the right use of these aforementioned SEO ranking factors. Thus, the coming new year will certainly prove to be a fabulous one for your profession as your blog will climb up the stairs of ‘Google rankings’ with leaps and bounds.

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