How Guest Blogging Will Grow Your Business

Growing your business through guest blogging sounds excellent, right? And with the way digital marketing is heading – it should be a component of any online marketing strategy.

Guest blogging will grow your business in a plethora of ways. For starters, your brand’s message reaches more eyes, and this establishes your company as an authority. And this is something your target audience will respect.

Through guest blogging, you’ll benefit you and your business. Still wondering how spending time writing content for someone else’s site will help your business?

I will now go over precisely how guest blogging will grow your business. And while we’re at it, you’ll learn why it’s worth the investment. After that, we’ll dive into the steps of landing guest posts on other platforms so you can grow your blog.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

1. Your Content Marketing Skills Will Improve

When you guest blog, you’re focusing on improving your content marketing skills. You’ll need to have an excellent idea of all areas of content marketing for guest post success.

Content research, finding the proper voice to write in and influencer outreach. Also, a bunch of other skills. These will all evolve as you work on your guest blogging.

The best way to get better at content marketing is to take action. Reading about these skills will help you. But you’ll need in-the-field failures and successes to gain the skills you need.

When operating a guest blogging campaign, you’re working towards growth. You’re becoming better at content marketing. With this increase in effectiveness, your business will grow faster.

It might be a slow process, but this is a long-term marketing strategy that improves with your skills. Good things take time. Remember that.

2. As Your Personal Network Expands, Your Business Will Grow

Making connections will always help to grow your business. Writing guest blogs enables you to connect with influencers. These individuals will be in your niche or industry and how they see your business matters.

A lot of websites accepting guest posts are growing a community. This community contains contributors who are continually looking for more niche content. Some of these contributors might even want to work with you to produce posts.

As you write guest posts, you’ll look for these individuals.

You’ll find ways to use your posts to culminate relationships with influencers. These efforts lead to cross-promotion, expert interviews, and various other business growth opportunities.

Staying active within the community is imperative for guest blogging. Interact with other posts, and over time, your blog will grow.

The members of this community might even want to contribute to your blog after you establish your business as an authority.

3. A Link to Your Site on a High Traffic Site Encourages Business Growth.

Traffic is essential to growth because more traffic results in more leads.

As you gain traffic from the link embedded in your guest post, this traffic might turn into sales. If you include a good landing page, it works.

Before posting a guest blog, optimize everything on your site to get the best results. From the landing page copywriting to the Call-To-Action, focus on getting conversions.

Even if you don’t get a link to your site, contributing a guest blog in your niche will help show you as an authority. In turn, this gives your business credibility.

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4. Guest Blogging Encourages Followers

Guest blogging will help with your social media influence.

An article on another site will encourage social media shares and engagement from a wider audience. In turn, followers gravitate towards your business, and this results in leads.

Followers come if your guest blog appears on a site with some authority. When you post an article on their website, it’s as if they’re telling their audience “You can trust this business!”

You’ll also craft your contributor profile most of the time.

This profile is where you’ll put links to your website, social media accounts, etc. Your contributor profile will also contain some information about your expertise in your niche.

5. Benefiting Your SEO Efforts With a Guest Post

Backlinks are vital for SEO efforts. And the majority of guest postings allow a link to the author’s website. In turn, you’ll get a backlink on an authority site.

When you receive a backlink from an authority in your niche, you’re aiding to your SEO. Google loves these efforts, and your content will become easier to find because of this.

The result is content your target audience will find with ease.

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6. Guest Posts Transform Your Business Into an Authority in Your Niche

When you contribute to an authoritative site, you’re improving your site’s authority.

That site already has an audience that views it as an authority. After the authoritative blog posts your guest post, its authority reflects on your business.

Converting an audience into paying customers is achievable once you establish authority. Your business needs trust to get more sales.

While producing your own content will help, you still need other authority sites vouching for your business.

Posting more articles on an authoritative site develops your business into an authority.

Your target audience will begin to trust you. And this translates into more active and engaged social media followers.  

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7. Leads, Leads, Leads!

Guest blogging encourages leads when you do it on a relevant blog. If the blog appeals to your target audience, the traffic it brings you can result in qualified leads.

Over time, these leads can turn into sales.

The main focus should be to find the best websites to post your guest post. Putting forth the time and effort it takes to craft a guest post is discouraging when it doesn’t yield results. Do the research, find the right authoritative site, and reap the benefits.

8. Save Money to Place Towards Other Marketing Efforts

When you focus on guest posts, you’re saving money you can spend on other marketing efforts.

This money will help post flyers, invest in an advertisement, or even sponsor a post. Any extra marketing efforts you can afford will assist in growing your business.

The more money you have to put towards business growth, the higher the chance your business has to grow.

It’s easy to see that saving money on marketing allows you to spend marketing dollars elsewhere.

Now that you know how guest blogging will grow your business, let’s see how you can become a guest contributor and land your first guest post.

Landing Your First Guest Post

Research & Target

Spend time researching and identifying larger websites in your niche that accept guest posts. Look for sites with a substantial audience and a good reputation. Targeting the right sites increases your chances of acceptance.

Build Relationships

Invest time in building relationships with editors, contributors, and influencers in your niche. Engage with them on social media, comment on their blog posts, and attend industry events. Building rapport can make it easier to pitch your guest post ideas later on.

Offer Unique Value

When pitching guest post ideas, focus on offering unique value to the target site’s audience.

Highlight what sets your content apart and why it would be beneficial for their readers. Providing a fresh perspective or sharing exclusive insights can make your pitch stand out.

Pitch Personalization

Avoid sending generic pitches to multiple sites. Instead, personalize each pitch to demonstrate that you’ve done your research and understand the site’s audience and content style. Address the recipient by name and tailor your pitch to their specific interests and needs.

Provide Social Proof

Showcase your expertise and credibility by including social proof in your pitch. Mention any relevant credentials, previous guest posts, or achievements that demonstrate your authority in your niche.

Social proof can help build trust and increase the likelihood of your pitch being accepted.

Follow Submission Guidelines

Always adhere to the submission guidelines provided by the target site. Failure to follow these guidelines can result in your pitch being disregarded.

Pay attention to formatting requirements, word count limits, and any other instructions provided.

Follow Up Professionally

If you don’t hear back after sending a pitch, don’t be afraid to follow up politely after a reasonable amount of time.

Keep your follow-up concise and professional, and offer to provide more information or address any concerns the recipient may have.

Be Persistent & Patient

Landing guest posts on bigger sites may require persistence and patience. Don’t be discouraged by rejection or non-responses.

Keep refining your approach, learning from each experience, and reaching out to new opportunities. With perseverance, you can eventually land valuable guest post placements on larger sites.

About The Author

Louis Levey is the Account Manager of No Strings Content. He enjoys helping businesses grow with engaging content and updating his knowledge on content marketing.

Through guest blogging, you’ll benefit you and your business. Here are the exact benefits as well as tips on how to land your first guest post