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Many bloggers, small business owners and other people that run their own websites either completely neglect landing pages, not understanding quite what they are, or how they can help. Or, they spend a fortune hiring someone to create the perfect landing page for their business, to pull in more customers and promote their company.

Many neglect or overspend because they just don’t understand the importance of getting their landing pages right.

They hire someone else, instead of using free landing page templates to create more personal pages that speak for their business.

But, there are many benefits of great landing pages.

What is a Landing Page?

Before considering the benefits, it’s vital that you understand what a landing page is and how you should use them.

In basic terms, it’s a webpage, other than your home page, that your readers and customers land on.

A landing page often has a single purpose, perhaps to welcome customers from an email campaign or social media feed. Maybe to collect subscribers’ details, and sometimes to countdown to the launch of a new product.

Your landing page can be click through, to welcome visitors before directing them to your products. Or, it can be lead generation based. These are an end. They might offer readers a downloadable product or ebook.

A Fantastic Advertising Opportunity

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A landing page can be a great way to advertise your business and its services. You can include details of special offers, your social media profiles and a diary of events, or you can use it to advertise something specific.

A landing page also gives you a great chance to monitor the success of a campaign using plugins or google analytics.

An SEO Boost

SEO is exceptionally important if you want your website to get seen and do well. A landing page with good quality, unique content will appear in your search results and give your SEO a nice boost.

To Build Anticipation

If you are a small business, on a limited budget, you might struggle to launch new products and services with a bang.

Without a big marketing budget, it can be hard to build anticipation for a launch. A landing page gives you a great, free, way to start building excitement before a launch.

You could launch a coming soon or countdown style page and use it to link to sneak peaks of your new products, as well as fun content like interviews, videos and behind the scenes clips.

Increased Conversion

Getting viewers to your website is the easy part. Getting them to sign up or make a purchase is more difficult, and many small businesses struggle to convert viewers into customers.

Your landing page gives you a way to pull people in. A good landing page gives your customer a definite option.

They can leave their email address to sign up, or they can go on to a product directly. Giving people a clear and easy action means that they are much more likely to follow through.