Business and Manifestation: How to Manifest Your Dream Business

Tune into this week’s podcast episode to learn how to manifest your dream business. I want you to have the business you deeply desire, and to keep it this way. So part of this is knowing what you truly want, keeping your vision alive, believing 100% that’s happening already, even if that might seem crazy to those around you because your current reality is so far from this outcome.

To manifest something, is – in simplest form – to turn an idea into reality. To use our thoughts, the power of our subconscious mind, our beliefs, AND aligned actions, to create any result. Here’s how to combine business and manifestation:

Show Notes:

  • How traditional goal setting keeps us small
  • How manifesting your wildest dreams feels like when it actually happens
  • Ways you’re limiting your business growth and potential
  • Actions that can help you attract financial abundance
  • How energy works and what it means for your goals
  • The first step to manifesting your business
  • A big energy leak in your business
  • What are stretch goals
  • Practices to get into the vibrational frequency of your business vision
  • How to choose only what’s in alignment
  • Examples of the energy of desperation in business
  • How to attract soulmate clients



Manifestation vs Goal Setting

Someone asked me a while ago what the difference is between manifestation and traditional goal setting. I couldn’t answer right away but needed some time to think about it.

I realized I was so into the personal development way of goal setting years ago, but now that I’m into manifesting, I didn’t even remember how it was back then. It looks so limiting to me now and a process that’s a one size fits all, which doesn’t acknowledge our unique gifts, energy and visions.

So I contemplated a bit, looked back on how I was setting goals in the past and compared it to my way of doing it now. I’ll now share the most important differences I found out. I believe this is a common question but I somehow never discussed it on the blog or podcast yet, so why not record an episode about it.

I’ll make sure it relates to business goals but of course, it can be about anything else you desire.

So, for a start, in goal setting, you use future tense and create your vision for the future from your present moment, including the current limitations you have.

In manifestation, you use present or even past tense because you get into the state of truly believing and feeling that your desires are happening. So you can start thanking for the goal you have and be as happy now as the day you’d have it. Then when it actually happens, let’s say someone hits a 10k month in business, it’s not shocking, it feels normal because you’ve already expanded your energetic field to the point where you attracted a 10k month.

So that first difference is in the language we use and the tense. In manifestation, we create the future from the future. We bring ourselves energetically to that moment when the goal is achieved, and we work backwards from there.

Ways you’re limiting your business growth and potential

In goal setting, you make a plan on exactly How to achieve something and often stick to that plan no matter what because you think it’s the only way to achieve it.

In manifestation, you only need to know exactly What you want and Why you want it and to truly feel these in your heart, not have the desires and goals for the wrong reasons. Then, you release control and let go of the How and When. 

Of course you can have a rough plan so you can take action on it. Such as to have 10 sales of a $500 product and to release a mastermind that costs $1K and let only 5 people in that month. And you can keep working on that daily, BUT don’t let it limit you. 

Because you need to follow your intuitive nudges and maybe say yes to a new collaboration, retire old offers and only focus on a new one and realize you now have a clear focus and it sells easier. 

Or make your biggest offer ever and let’s say let 1 person work 1:1 with you and go deeper than ever, do your most transformational work and this might mean earning most of that 10K in a single payment during that month.

Letting go of the When means to not worry when there’s only 5 days left before the month ends and think the goal won’t be achieved. It’s not becoming desperate and selling something only to quickly make it happen but do that with the wrong energy. 

No. It means to truly believe till the very last moment that your 10K month is a sure thing and you don’t need to know how or when it happens. 

This state is also what attracts situations that don’t make sense such as people giving you back money you lent them years ago, getting money back from a bill or something, and any other unexpected amounts coming your way and adding up to that 10k month. You could have never predicted how it would go, but it’s happening.

Actions that can help you attract financial abundance

A huge difference between goals and manifestations is that the latter is focused mostly on feelings, and there’s no pretending. You seriously gotta start living like the version of you that’s already achieved that goal. 

In terms of money, that would mean you tip people more, don’t complain to friends about money, log into your bank account daily and feel deep gratitude and abundance. And all this happens while you’re actually not earning enough, don’t have much coming in and others would call you reckless for this behavior. That’s when you gotta stick to it even harder and the universe rewards you.

The next difference is that the universe supports you in your manifestations so you’re not alone, it’s a co-creation process.

That means the coincidences happening on the way are something you gotta pay attention to and act upon. The explanation for that is that everything around us is energy, including us, because the smallest particle of an element is an atom and it’s made up of energy.

So you’re not alone on your journey. Everything is happening for you so as long as you’re after the goals that are meant for you, the universe will get you there.

This has a more spiritual aspect and is a long topic, but once it’s internalized, the result is that you let go of any worry that your goal might not happen. You stop questioning whether it’s okay to have more or whether you’re worthy, and simply focus on taking action and feeling good about already having achieved it.

In traditional goal setting you’re also limited because you don’t aim higher. You calculate what’s realistic and maybe if you’re confident you go beyond that. So a person at a certain job can know in how many years to expect a promotion and can even calculate the percentage.

Or a woman can calculate when she hopes to be living with a man even if she isn’t dating anyone by let’s say deciding to go on many dates over the course of a few months, choose the right potential partner and date only him, then expect next steps in a certain amount of time. 

All these are based on logic and how the world works on the surface. It’s also based on what we’ve seen from others, what we believe is possible or what out experience in the past has been.

In manifestation, these rules simply don’t exist. Time isn’t linear (that’s explained by quantum physics again), things don’t need to happen in the order we assume, and we open ourselves to limitless opportunities, to things happening in a way we can never imagine, to super quick progress.

Another important thing here that traditional goal setting doesn’t involve, is that you will either get what you asked for or something better, there’s no other option. That again shows trust in the universe, in the process, in our potential. Because our ego often guides us and we don’t know what’s actually best for us in that stage or in life.

I hope this helps you understand why goal setting as we know it might be keeping you small and why there’s a whole new world out there.

So here’s what you need to manifest your business:

How to Manifest Your Business

4 Powerful Things I Learned About Manifestation This Year

1. Remove the blocks on the way.

There are currently beliefs you have about business, sales, what you’re capable of, how much you can earn and in what ways, how long all this might take, and so on, that keep you stuck. That limit you before you even start. That slow down your journey and prevent you from seeing any results even if you feel like you’re hustling 24/7.

There’s also a story you’ve been telling yourself that got you to where you currently are in life, but this same story won’t take you to your dream business so you need to change it.

Money mindset is key here too. How you look at money, what you feel about it, what words you use when you talk about it – all this is directly related to how profitable your business is and whether or not you can attract abundance in your life.

Another part that goes into this first stage of manifesting your dream business is anything with a lower vibration, such as your fear of never reaching success or of actually being successful. These can be equally strong.

Then add to that self-doubt, feelings of guilt for investing time in your business and thus neglecting other aspects of your life, for example. It could also be constantly comparing yourself to those who are ahead in the game.

This is what we call another energy leak. You’re focusing on that, you’re allowing jealousy and comparison to take you away from your own path, and you create more bad energy in your life, instead of just taking inspired action and working on your business so you can actually see progress.

All these are mindset issues and they need to be tackled first. At least the serious ones.

Mindset work never ends in personal growth and in business so later on, you’ll discover deeper layers of your subconsciousness, of your soul and there will be more to heal. But for now, you need to take care of those initial blocks so you can get your business off the ground and clear the way for profit, growth and satisfaction.

2. Create your bold vision.

Be honest about the kind of business you want, how it will contribute to your lifestyle, how you can help others thanks to it and be a better person. Know why you want all this and imagine your daily life when you have it.

This vision needs to become as real for you right now as the goals you’ve already achieved. That’s how you get to the vibrational frequency that will attract that reality, and stay at this energetic level so you can keep it.

This is where you can pick stretch goals. Those that will require you to go beyond that feels comfortable and what you’ve planned but which will allow you to take bigger risks, build more self-trust, develop the qualities and skills of an entrepreneur, welcome challenges and obstacles and become more resilient.

Not reaching those milestones doesn’t define you, and you need to keep believing it’s happening even when you don’t see results.

Practices to get into the vibrational frequency of your business vision.

To keep the vision in mind at every moment of every day you can do anything that feels right and gives you results.

Such as having a vision board on your laptop and phone but also a real life one, with images, quotes, numbers and anything else on your wall at home. Looking at it daily makes these desires seem like the most normal thing in the world. You feel like they are within reach and start living as the version of you that already has them.

A vision board doesn’t work for everyone, but giving it a try won’t hurt.

You can place affirmations in visible places at home. You can journal on living the life you’ll have once your business is profitable. You can spend the time after you wake up and before you fall asleep, when your mind is most susceptible, to envision that, feel grateful for it and instill the belief that it’s already happening for you.

You can do guided meditation, hypnosis, EFT tapping or any other practice that does the job. Just do these often. They can be used for both releasing what’s blocking you from manifesting your business and creating the vision that will get you there, and even to scaling, exceeding your wildest expectations, attracting the dream clients and projects, and so much more.

3. Choose only what feels aligned.

First of all, there will be opportunities such as new business ideas, collaborations, quick ways to make money or to get a new client, easy investments, new social media platforms you can join, people and strategies that promise you wild results in no time. This is where you need to rely on your intuition and make the right decisions for your business.

Saying No to most of these is crucial so you can show the universe that you have high standards and will only accept what is in alignment with your new vision.

One of the sticky notes I have at home and which I often look at says ‘You don’t get your highest desires, you get your minimum standards.’

I think this is really powerful. It reminds us to not settle down, to go after the big vision, and to not get distracted by shiny objects or easy things on the way. Because if you give your focus and energy to those things, there’s little left for the actual business activities that will lead to living the best life you can imagine.

4. Don’t chase, attract.

Let’s say you’ve released your offer, or have an evergreen one already and now you about to welcome your first clients or students. How is that gonna happen?

Will you DM people on Instagram, even if they showed no interest whatsoever, and directly ask them to join? Will you feel upset and like an imposter if no one signs up to work with you for a few months or a whole year? Will you be in the energy of desperation and neediness? And will you say Yes to clients who negotiate, who don’t seem like the right fit, who want refunds or aren’t respecting your time and boundaries?

Because this won’t get you far. If it does get you anywhere, even if there’s profit involved, you probably won’t feel good about your business, your days won’t be enjoyable, and you’ll often question whether you created a house of cards that can collapse at any moment.

Here’s the other way you can do this, which involves using the principles of manifestation.

Instead of chasing, you can attract. Instead of lack, you can see abundance. Instead of being in the energy of desperation, you can be in the energy of gratitude and joy.

That means you know that you’re doing your best work, you only accept the right clients, you have strong boundaries in business and price your work based on value. And you won’t deal with any sort of negotiation or anyone who isn’t sure whether you’re the right person for them or whether your product is the right investment.

You will know deep within, with 100% certainty, that you’re attracting your soulmate clients and limitless amount of money by serving, by creating the content and paid offers that feel aligned, by respecting your time, not undercharging, and not trying to convince anyone to buy from you.

The whole time you’re taking inspired action and doing what you’re meant to do, and you’re manifesting clients and sales. You spend every day excited for the new sales that will come in, for the new people who will join your program, you visualize the payments coming in, and you just feel all that abundance around you.

You don’t get discouraged if it takes long. Time is subjective and you’re creating something that will last for a lifetime and will make you happier than you’ve ever been.

If you’re waiting to hear some strategy, actual ways to grow your business, to create content, do email marketing, launch your product and sell it with integrity, and feel confident when selling, then my program Bold Business School might be ideal for you.

As I said, doors open next week and I’d love for you to join. If you get on my email list, you’ll be the first one to know.

There’s a lot more to say about business and manifestation, I literally just scratched the surface now.

I hope you enjoyed listening to this today. Next week, there will be an episode where I share more about Bold Business School, so I hope to see you there. Have a beautiful day, go out there and manifest your dream business.

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