June 2020 Blog Income & Traffic Report [$4,000+ in Revenue]

Starting a blog of your own is a lot more complicated than people give it credit for. After all, you’ve got to set up the blog right down to the technical details, and then you’ve got to pad it out with regular quality content to keep people coming back for more. All in all, these are hard tasks to manage! 

But even when you put your heart and soul into your blog, you can still plateau and miss out on the traction heights you were aiming for.

Why does this happen? It’s often because your blogging efforts just aren’t interesting enough for what you’re writing about. 

Don’t worry, every single blog owner has had to face up to that fact at some point! This is an error we can fix with just a few tweaks here and there. Check out the points below for help on rethinking the way you blog for better success in the future.

Are You Targeting the Right Audience?

This is the first thing to be sure about. Once you know you’ve got the right audience in the bag, it won’t be too hard to think about ways to change your current blogging style to truly suit them.

So even if you’re sure you’re already targeting the right areas for you, just try double checking here – it won’t do any harm! 

Start by thinking about your niche, and what keywords within it that you’re targeting. Do they make sense for the content you publish? And are you sure you’re not batting away too much competition?  If you’re not sure where to start with changing your current strategy, you can visit a website like https://rsmconnect.com/outsource-seo-services/ for a bit of advice that’ll work for you.

Every blogger has their own personal way of writing, and that’s something you’ll want to uphold across your blogging career. However, never be afraid to make a change or experiment with something, as your audience might just like that!

And as time goes on, the way you blog will naturally evolve, so you’re never going to be stuck in just one place either. 

Use Some Literary Devices

Whenever you write a post, you’re looking to tell a story. You want to grab the reader ASAP. And to do that, you’re going to need to craft a little narrative.

Take them on a journey with a reward at the end – it’s the best literary device you could rely on in the blogging world! But there are a few others out there you could also use. 

A bit of irony here and there, if you like to write comedic entries. Some foreshadowing about what’s to come in the first paragraph, if you want to make someone read until the end.

Similarly, a metaphor here and a simile there are two great ways to enrich your writing and make it much more visually interesting.

As long as you’re expressive and have something to say, these devices will usually come out quite naturally, so use them to the full. 

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Mix and Match Your Sentences

A long sentence is all well and good, but a short sentence can be a winner too.

See the difference? A short sentence is snappy. A long sentence takes the reader on a bit of a journey. Mix and match them to create interesting posts for all reading levels. You never know who’s going to click on your blog! 

To do this you might need to go back and forth. Write a sentence and then edit it. Craft a full post and then comb through it carefully.

Use short sentences to illustrate a point. Use long sentences to really set the scene and give the reader some more information. And then find a flow in all this. The more you mix and match, the easier it’ll be to create an entertaining post – simple as! 

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Throw in Some Media

It’s not just words you can use to full effect here. Every so often, release a video or an audio file to accompany them.

People love it when a blogger has a mixed media approach, and really take the online medium to the max. It helps to keep things fresh! And most of all, it gives your blog a lot more to say for itself. 

Take a leaf out of the podcaster’s book here. You can write out a post and be done with it, or you could allow visitors to listen along to it.

You can then attach as many images and video links as you like to help a reader see your point of view. If you’re offering out instructions, for example, a video demonstration goes a long way to making your content more fun and accessible. 

Write in Your Own Tone

Finally, it’s always best to write in a tone that sounds like you. If you can hear yourself in your writing, you’re being true to yourself, and people on the internet can spot someone being fake a mile away!

So if you’ve already tried out a few different styles, or you’ve blogged about some popular topics you’re not really enthusiastic about, it’s time to head back to square one. 

You know who you are, you know what you want to write about, and you just need to put those two things together.

If you’re funny, be funny! If you’re serious about something, be serious! Whatever feels like you, make sure it’s high quality, makes sense for the niche you’re writing in, and is a subject you’re passionate about.

A winning blog post is always made up of these three elements, even if you’re not an expert on the matter. 

If you want your blog to get the recognition it deserves, you need to find your audience, your writing style, and how to navigate your own niche. Take some time to experiment and see what works – it could be a combination of things, it could be just a few tweaks to your current style! 

Want to know how to write a good blog post? Here are the elements a winning blog post is made up of. Use these blog writing tips to take your blogging business to the next level: