Why I Created Bold Business School for You

In this episode, I want to share with you why I created Bold Business School – my business program for course creators, what’s inside and how it can transform your life and business.

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Show Notes:

  • How my new program is different than anything else I’ve created
  • The WHY behind BBS
  • How I’ll help you take bolder actions in business
  • The main principles I followed when creating Bold Business School
  • How it lets you do business your way
  • How BBS sets you up for success
  • What you’ll learn and achieve inside
  • Will BBS work for you?

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There was this classmate at high school that I didn’t get along with although we were in the same circle of friends.

I remember once we had an intense argument. 

She said people don’t change. I said people can always change.

We were the 2 opposites on that matter but the only reason why I even go back to this memory and remember it vividly is because of the emotions I felt in this moment.

Truth is, I’ve always believed in people’s potential. That’s what gave me hope when those closest to me acted in a way I didn’t approve and couldn’t understand. It’s what kept me going when I disappointed others and wasn’t a version of myself I was proud of.

Knowing we always have the opportunity to change and can start that process right now is a belief I kept in my mind and heart since forever.

How my new program is different

If you don’t believe people can change, you can’t benefit from my content. At least not now. First, you need to re-frame that thinking.

The programs I’ve had so far are self-paced. Which means that you’re the one who has to do the work consistently, not leave things behind, change your beliefs if necessary and keep doing the work until you see results (whether that’s for personal development or business).

But this time, I had to create something different.

I’m saying ‘I had to’ because that’s how I know the next right step in my business. It’s the direction I have to take, the business model I have to switch to, the content I have to create, the business idea I have to act upon, the course I have to take, etc.

It’s this deep knowing that it’s time for inspired action, and the feeling of being drawn to something in particular.

So what I’m creating now is a beautiful and powerful container. A 3-month membership program for bold CEOs ready to step into their power and finally do the things they knew they should have been working on but never got to (which is advanced email marketing, creating digital products, launching, sales, deep money mindset work, etc.).

I’m calling it Bold Business School. Because it takes bravery to stop working on the many little things we distract ourselves with in business, and do the big stuff. The hard stuff. The stuff that can get you further than you can imagine. And the stuff that most people never get to.

It’s also where we’ll do deep, deep mindset work related to sales, money, and even self-worth. All these are crucial as your current mental patterns have been preventing you from creating your best product, growing your email list, writing your best copy, setting up a sales page, launching, selling with confidence, setting up systems in your business, and so much more. So it’s time to change all that.

The doors to Bold Business School are now officially open and you can learn more or directly join here.

Doors close on June 3rd and after that, you won’t be able to join until the next round.

bold business school - membership program for course creators

In this episode, I want to share with you why I created it, what’s inside and how it can transform your life and business if you’re ready to accept that challenge and join me on that adventure.

Let’s start with the why behind everything.

Why I created BBS

Here’s the thing. I could easily create a quick program on how to design your first online course. I could also add a module on launching it, as well as a few bonuses on how to sell and promote it.

But that’s not the whole picture.

What if you don’t have the audience? What if you want to know about more than one launch process? What about the email list, warming people up, writing copy, perfecting your messaging, turning your product into the dream offer?

What happens if your first launch flops (which is quite likely)? How do you get back on your feet, identify why that happened, make changes, and plan your next launch so it can be better every next time?

What about the mindset that will help you not just stay sane but enjoy your days and feel empowered during the launch?

What if you have the wrong lead magnet and are attracting people to your email list that were never interested in your paid offer in the first place?

What if you need business processes, templates and marketing materials so you can feel like a pro when launching?

What if you build the right mindset to actively sell while providing value and magnetizing people?

There’s a lot more to business than just creating a course. 

There’s a lot more to being a course creator than just selling a program.

And that’s why instead of a small course that helps you with one problem, I created something that gives you solutions to ALL the problems you’ll encounter on your journey to building a digital product business. I created ALL the materials you’ll need to design, sell and promote your magical offer, and turn it into your main income stream. (Yes, you can earn a full-time income from one course!)

You might choose to not do the rest, but prefer to create a course quickly and start selling it. 

But eventually, you’ll have to go back and fix the mistakes. You’ll have to learn the ins and outs of email marketing. You’ll have to build the right mindset to sell and run a business. You’ll have to keep building your audience in-between launches. You’ll need the tools, processes and support to guide you along that journey.

And I gathered them all in one place for you.

Bold Business School is not just a course. It’s a 3-month membership program that takes you on a journey to building a product-based business and having unlimited freedom.

You get lifetime access but the active work you do and the support you get in the first 3 months is where the magic happens. You’ll take BOLDER actions than ever, you’ll stay accountable, you’ll get the strategies and mindset work you need to build your email list, create a powerful foundation for your business, get your program out there, make it magnetic, prepare for your launch and execute it smoothly.

Here are the main principles behind BBS.

BBS Principles

sitting at home morning coffee writing journal

One of the key things that make my way of teaching business what it is is SIMPLICITY. My students constantly tell me that I’ve broken down long processes into simple steps, complex concepts into simple ideas, and big subjects into digestible content.

That’s because business gets to be simple. One of my favorite things in the world, and what comes easily to me, is to do it myself first. 

To learn a lot about something, break it down into simple steps, apply it, make mistakes and learn from them, improve, and then teach it in the form of my optimized formula that saves you time and confusion.

Simplicity in business is one of the KEY PRINCIPLES OF BOLD BUSINESS SCHOOL.


It’s a form of art to create a self-paced membership experience and to make it as personalizable as possible. But that was another one of my top priorities when creating BBS for you.

To give you the steps, strategies, mindset shifts, explanations, exercises and timeline of events. But at the same time to give you the opportunity to do this at your own pace, create your own content calendar, launch plan and unique offer. Because no one can do it like you and that’s your biggest gift to the industry you’ve chosen to build a business in.

Following PASSION AND INSPIRATION is another priority in BBS. You never need to do what doesn’t feel aligned. You can always adjust. You can always stop and re-evaluate everything. You can listen to your inner guidance and take business decisions based on that. 

I remind you of that power inside you throughout BBS and let you add your spin on any strategy I teach.

Another guiding principle in this business journey I’m taking you on is MANIFESTATION

The curriculum in the program is structured on the belief that you are powerful beyond measure. That you have unique gifts to share with the world. That building a profitable business is inevitable, and it’s just a matter of time. And that the only limitations are the ones you set to yourself.

So, I often talk about manifestation and the power of your subconscious mind and how that relates to business. I teach you about the energetics of money, the right energy to have during a launch, and the beliefs that can get you further that you can imagine in business.

I also remind you that you don’t need to set fixed goals for your revenue, launch or anything else. Because you can have your biggest launch ever when you least expect it, you can explode your brand through the content you feel inspired to create or the collaboration you attract that month.

You can fill in the spots for your program in 1 day. Or decide to create an evergreen offer and always have one thing to sell because this feels easier for you. You can be in business full-time thanks to that one offer you’ll create inside BBS.

And finally, BUSINESS GETS TO BE FUN. Nothing is BBS is final, you can always change direction. You get to play with your content topics, your branding and marketing, your offers, and your own online course. 

You get to combine things in a way no one has before and you get to create new offers that haven’t been offered before and promote them in fun and exciting ways. 

Business is a game, and Bold Business School is your strategy guide. If you feel called to join or want to learn more before the doors close, here’s the link.

Now, let me reveal what’s actually inside.

What’s inside

We start by setting you up for success, and that always happens on the inside. Most entrepreneurs admit that 90% of business is mindset work, so in the first module, we’ll tackle your limiting beliefs around business, money, sales and self-worth.

This is also a good moment for you to go through the 3-Day Money Magic Training which you’ll find in the Bonus Vault.

Module 2 is called Business Basics and is all about setting the foundation of your product-based business, such as defining your niche and ideal client, choosing your main platforms and creating your content marketing strategy. Add to that choosing your course topic, lead magnet idea, and even planning your pre-launch content.

Your email list is your biggest asset and in Module 3, you’ll see exactly how to set up one, create a magnetic freebie (that will attract only the right people to your audience), and start getting subscribers. You’ll also master opt-in forms, welcome emails, automated email sequences, and sending weekly newsletters.

The 4th module is called The Dream Offer.

People don’t want your product, they want the transformation it provides. That, together with any other action taken to present the product in a unique way and make the sale a no-brainer for the ideal client, is your offering.

You need to nail all key elements of an offer so your launch can be a success. So you’ll learn how to come up with your epic course name and framework, create a sales page that converts, add a guarantee, the right pricing, winning bonuses, and much more.

To make things easier for you, I’ve provided Plug-and-Play Page Templates so you can upload them to your site and have a lead magnet page and many other landing pages.

There’s work to be done before the launch, such as warming up your audience with strategic content, making any decisions for your launch week (such as dates, bonuses, how many emails to send and when,) and preparing the emails and social media copy. 

Together with trainings on all that in Module 5, you’ll get access to Email Swipe Copy for Your Launch.

After that, it’s time for launch week and thanks to the next module, you’ll get your first beta students before even creating your course. I’ll help you stay high-vibe during that period, follow your launch plan, and do a few things to boost sales while having fun at the same time.

Once you’ve created your bold offer, validated the idea and got the first students in thanks to the presale, it’s time to move onto creating your signature program – the one product that you’ll launch over and over again and which will become your main income stream. That happens in Module 7: Course Creation Magic.

All this continues for 3 months. Of course, once you’re in, the content in the program is yours forever. You can always revisit it, and you get access to all future updates.

Is this possible for you?

Now, if you’re asking yourself if all this is possible for you to achieve, let me tell you this.

I didn’t have ANY experience in any of the 3 business models I’ve tried over the years. No degree, no knowledge, connections, or initial capital. English wasn’t even my first language. I wasn’t tech-savvy, I didn’t know other people doing the same, and I had no proof it could work for me. No one took me seriously other than my mom. But I took a chance on myself, and I kept trying until eventually everything that I wanted worked.

And because I believe everything is teachable if we approach it with the right mindset (and can see results much faster with a proven roadmap), all you need to do today is take a chance on yourself too.

If time is an issue for you, then know that the program is structured in a way that allows you to do things at your own pace. There’s no rush, and you can always go back to a previous module and work on it again.

With focus and determination, a few hours per week invested in Bold Business School can be more than enough.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to make this work. 

You get access to trainings on anything you need, from building and designing a website (that’s inside a bonus course), setting up an email list and creating opt-in forms and embedding them on your website, to creating funnels and digital products and executing an actual launch.

If there’s a tool involved, you’ll get step-by-step videos on how to use it (in the quickest and most effective way possible).

You get access to plenty of templates and swipe files. This is done-for-you content (such as landing pages and launch emails) that you can use over and over again.

And you’re one click away from accessing all of this. If you want to start with everyone else on June 1st, this is the official start of the first BBS class, then now is the time to decide.

You already know if you want this, if it’s meant for you, if you’re ready to do the work and if now is the right time. You either feel the pull or not.

If you do, I’m so excited to welcome you inside BBS and do big things together. Here’s the page with all the details again.