The Biggest Money Mindset Shift I’ve Made This Year

Today we’re talking about money mindset and I wanna share just 1 shift I made related to that but which can make or break your success in business.

It’s about acting as if you’re already earning your dream income regardless of what’s currently going in your bank account. That’s a manifestation principle that applies to any area of life, so the details and examples I’m about to share with you can come in handy and go way beyond financial success.

Listen to the episode below:

Show Notes:

  • The 3 elements that go into this money mindset shift
  • What’s blocking you from reaching your big goals
  • How to meet your future self
  • One of my daily abundance practices
  • How to make money moves based on your future vision
  • How to detach from the outcome and hold the energy during a launch



There are a few different elements that play a role here so we can make that one money mindset shift. There’s the desire element – knowing what you want and deeply connecting to that desire, turning into its energy. 

Then, seeing the future version of you who’s already achieved that, noticing all the details about it and acting as if that’s already who you are. 

And then, detachment. There will be a big gap between that vision and your current reality and that can feel disempowering. So the goal is to let go of what is right now as it doesn’t define your future, in fact it can only limit you. 

Not to mention the past – this has absolutely no place in this vision. To let go of anything other than the future and how juicy it feels, you gotta detach energetically from your current phase in life and business and the negatives that go with it, your dissatisfaction with it, and any low energy related to any of this. Because any focus on it will keep you where you are.

Let’s go through each of these elements separately so you too can experience this money mindset shift.

1. Desire

Get clear on what you want. And I mean clear, and I mean what you truly want.

Don’t just have random goals or visions, or copy things from others. Get to your heart’s truest desires. That’s where the magic is.

Once you do, see what limitations you have and how to remove them.

If it’s an income goal we’re talking about, are you dreaming too small? If you think $50K months are totally out of reach for you so you have the goal of earning $10K/month instead, there’s some mindset work to be done here.

Because there’s fear of success involved in this. There’s comparison (maybe you think others in business can do it because they are ahead in the game but you can’t). There’s too much logic. Once you go beyond it, almost nothing is out of reach. And there’s low self worth because you believe you are somehow not worthy of such a big number.

But there can be a day when that number becomes the norm. When you feel safe circulating large amounts of money. When money is just coming in your bank account daily because you’ve set your business in this way – with multiple four or five figure offers, upsells, 1:1 offers, automated sales funnels, and so on.

When it comes to identifying the desire, go big. In the subconscious mind, there are no limitations. Those only exist in the conscious one and that’s blocking us from reaching our potential. 

2. Your future self

There’s a version of you in the future that is already living the life with that one goal achieved. Create the vision for it in your mind and see all the details. Then, feel into them.

How does your daily life look like when this has already happened? What do you think about and do first thing in the morning? Do you look differently? Do you walk and talk more confidently? Do you focus on different activities in your business than you do now?

Do you not care about many of the things that bother you now?

All these matter because once you create that vision and have that information, you basically have the blueprint to getting there.

You can remove things from your current life and business or add new ones, and with each get closer to your future self.

You gotta live it before you have it, that’s the part many people don’t understand and the element they skip.

Here are some examples.

I have the goal of having 5-figure months in my business by selling my programs, providing massive value, growing my audience, launching, and selling while having fun and flow at the same time.

Right now, my income is lower than it was some time ago and that was usually discouraging for me. Also, I have more expenses than ever – both business and personal ones.

When this has happened before, I’d get into the low energy and take action from that place. Meaning I would stop spending on anything extra that month, I’d give up on many things I love, I’d complain about money, I’d fear new bills coming. I would compare myself to others, and lose hope that the situation can change in any way.

But now, I’m enjoying every single day, am grateful for every single expense (That’s one of my abundance practices. I teach many of these inside my 3-day program Money Magic.)

I’m excited about my business and working on new things. I even invested in a program by a new mentor and am diving into her content and excited to apply what resonates with me.

I’m also planning travels and other things in the next months, not just staying home to avoid daily expenses but still meeting people outside and paying as if it’s any other month of the year and I have plenty of money. 

Black Friday just ended and I grabbed a clients only deal from my hosting provider for 3 years. I upgraded my course platform and got even more features as that’s how much I believe in my course business and plan to scale it in 2023.

Each of these investments was made for the future vision.

Because the version of me then doesn’t skip deals like that knowing how important the right tools are for running my business. 

The future me invests easily, upgrades existing investments, feels good while doing it. She doesn’t feel like something is being taken away from her and doesn’t doubt if she’ll earn that back. It’s a sure thing, so why overthink the investment?

It’s one thing to say you believe in yourself, to actually think it and to truly believe it. But it’s a whole different vibe to act as if it has already happened. That’s when you bet on yourself 100%.

The magical thing that happens then is that you get closer and closer to that reality every single time you take such determined action.

So, do something today your future self will thank you for.

And keep in mind the energy you do it with. How you do things matters a lot here. 

In my case, any time I was making an investment I wasn’t feeling like a big sum of money is leaving my world and will never come back or thinking about what else I could have invested it in. Instead, I see the ways it will grow my business, how some time from now it will look like the only action I could have taken because without it I wouldn’t reach that vision.

The goal is to feel abundance while money is leaving your bank account, to feel as good about it as you would when you make a big sale in your business. This took me years to understand and practice. It’s still not something I always tune into, but I’m getting there.

3. Detachment

When making a transaction, I let go of the current reality. I detach from what is now. But there’s another layer to this – detach from the outcome.

That means literally not giving a fuck about when that desire will become a reality, how exactly it will happen, and even if it will happen.

That’s tricky. It doesn’t make sense. But it’s because these are the things and beliefs that stop us from going after it for as long as we need to with everything we got.

For example, are you gonna give up if you don’t reach that goal in 1 year, in 3 years, in 5 years? Then you don’t want it bad enough, you aren’t in this fully, you aren’t dedicated to the vision.

Will you get discouraged every time you try a new way to achieve it but it doesn’t work? That’s totally okay as long as you pick yourself up and go try something else.

And about letting go of whether that will happen or not, well the thing is that you gotta be 100% sure it’s happening, but also be totally okay if it doesn’t happen, even though it is happening. Get it?

Holding the energy during a launch

That’s something I’m still learning how to practice during a product launch. All my mentors admit that was one of the hardest parts, although it’s just energy not strategy. 

Let go of what will happen or whether anyone will buy, and keep that detachment till the very last second of that launch. That’s right, I said second.

It’s easy to be discouraged by day 3 or call it quits a day before the launch ends. But there’s still time and that can still mean not just sales, but many sales. It can still mean your best launch ever, as long as you keep showing up for it and take the daily actions related to it.

That detachment I’m talking about can be an unhealthy version if you do it with the wrong energy, but that applies to everything.

If you are needy, trying to convince people to buy, tricking them into it with your marketing, making promises you can’t keep or just doing anything else out of lack of integrity or a scarcity mentality, it won’t go well. It won’t feel well.

The detachment we need for this is the one where you simply aren’t bothered by anything that might happen on the way to achieving this goal.

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So, that’s what I wanted to say today. I’m curious what you think about it, if it resonates and if it’s something you’re willing to apply to your life.

Create your vision, connect to your future self and stay consistent.

If you wanna learn more about money mindset, reframe the limiting beliefs stopping you from attracting more financial success, and go from anxious when managing money to feeling empowered, then you might be interested in my program Money Magic

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