How to Navigate a Low Income Month in Your Business

So, you’re having a low income month, or a few? Let’s talk about that. Welcome back to the show and thanks for tuning in. I’m your host, Lidiya, and I’ve been seeing lower numbers in my business for quite some time now. So I thought, why not record an episode about it, be real, normalize all this, and share my best tips on how to deal with low revenue and still keep working on your business and loving your life no matter what the numbers are saying.

Listen to the episode below:

Show Notes:

  • The energy of a good month in business vs that of a bad one
  • What the low income actually means
  • Taking your power back by sharing your numbers
  • Finding the lesson in the low numbers
  • How to run your business with a regulated nervous system
  • Choosing the path less traveled
  • What to do during a low income month


When money is flowing in, we feel good. When the revenue is growing, we’re doing our best work, we’re inspired and motivated to work on new things. It may feel like this is the new normal.

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean easy. There are challenges with this too. The big months in your business can be the scariest ones. It’s  when your might realize that you’re now responsible for managing all that money, there’s anxiety that you need to keep up but don’t know where that same income will come from next month.

Then you even start having new problems, because every new level you reach in life brings different issues. And you gotta learn how to navigate them. That’s a whole different topic to cover, let’s leave it for another time.

The point is that when money is coming in, you don’t worry about it. It’s already there, the clients, sales, payments – it’s all working out well. 

You don’t wonder where the next payment will come from. You don’t log into your bank account before every transaction to see if you have enough. You don’t calculate monthly expenses, you just pay the bills because you know there’s more than enough. 

You might not even do your budget that month because there’s plenty, you feel abundant and you operate from that place.

This is the goal. But it’s easier to get there once the money is already in your reality. What about before that?

We usually spend out time worrying about it. The energy of worry doesn’t attract anything good. In fact, it attracts more things to worry about, more lack, more scarcity.

During a low income month, it’s normal to be in low vibration as a result of it. That attracts less opportunities to make money, it might mean losing a client, having zero sales during your launch, not feeling motivated to do work at all, and feeling like the bills never stop.

If those same things happen during a month where you make more than enough, you probably won’t even think about. You won’t give that low energy any power. 

You’ll keep showing up in your business, take care of your existing clients or students, pay the bills without feeling like you’re losing something, and enjoy your free time.

The ultimate goal is to keep doing that during a low income month. It might take some practice to get there though.

What the low income actually means

Numbers are powerful and they can dictate what we do and think and how we behave during the whole month. But lower numbers in business can mean many things.

We often immediately make it mean that the business is failing, we are a failure, and nothing is working out in our favor. That mentality isn’t something you can bring to your launch, to your coaching calls, content creation or marketing. Even writing one email to your audience from that place, can be terrible. It will turn people off.

But what if you do it from an empowered place? What if you show vulnerability, but still do it from a place of abundance? Do it knowing that this won’t continue for long, that business has ups and downs and you’re here for both of them.

So this sort of sums up my idea on how to mentally and emotionally navigate through a low income month.

Taking your power back by sharing your numbers

I was doing my monthly review the other day and it was about to bring me down. I recognized that and decided to do the opposite.

What if this monthly income report I just did for myself could help someone out there? So I went ahead, created a detailed blog post about it, I was real and disclosed everything. 

I published it on the blog and it felt really good. Then I sent an email about it to my people, it was the day I usually send the weekly newsletter so it was perfect timing.

I told everyone that this number might be big and out of reach for some. For others, it might mean they don’t see me as an authority anymore because after all, I teach business.

And people are so used to hear about entrepreneurs earning 5 or even 6 figures per month that anything that’s too low can mean that person simply isn’t successful, has no idea what they are doing and shouldn’t even be teaching others any business strategies.

Sharing my journey has always been one of my key values, the way I connect with others, the way I help them. I show them what’s going on behind the scenes, I show them what’s normal, and they reach out to thank me.

Actually in response to that email with my income report, someone wrote back and said they are so over the kind of posts that share how someone made a million dollars last month. And what I published was refreshing and authentic and helpful to them.

That’s the kind of stuff that matters, you know. The one idea, process, post or number that you can share with your audience today from a place of authenticity and with the desire to help. This is what creates real impact in the online space.

I felt so good right after sharing my numbers. I literally took my power back, turned it into a positive experience, and provided value to my people.

Finding the lesson in the low numbers

woman headphones home tablet window

So how can you be vulnerable with those following you online? Is it time to be real about your journey? How can you be more transparent in your messaging, how can you take your power back and share things openly from a place of abundance?

I was frustrated when I was doing my monthly income report. I feel imposter syndrome often. I’m constantly working on my money mindset. And it’s easy to fall into a negative thought spiral. Nothing good happens in state, though.

Something that can help you in moments like that is journaling. Maybe you just wanna write freely about what’s going on and get it out there. Or you can write down things you’re grateful for, what your business is giving you every day, and how you still won’t go back to your day job no matter what. 

Through that writing process you will come to realize that the low numbers that month are here for a reason. There’s a lesson they are here to teach, they are showing what you need to heal, where you’re sabotaging your success, where you might be lacking something.

This changes your perspective. You can then see the low numbers as something good. You can thank for them. The energy of gratitude is transformational

From that place, you can come up with the best idea ever and even act on it right away. Maybe it’s one little tweak that keeps you away from growing your income. You never know.

But once you’re back to that place where opportunities exist, where money can come from anywhere at any moment and you aren’t blocking your creativity anymore, you can do big things again.

How to run your business with a regulated nervous system

Before that happens, though, you gotta regulate your nervous system.

That can be as simple as focusing on your breath and being in the present moment. Whenever you feel frustration around the numbers, anxiety around bills, when you feel like giving up or that you aren’t worthy of being a business owner, come back to your body and listen to it. See where that feeling comes from exactly and try to figure out why. 

Breathe deeply until your are in a relaxed state and then ask your intuition questions about the situation. It has all the answers as long as you’re calm and willing to listen.

Then you can change the self-talk, it can go from negative to neutral and then to positive and empowering. You are your biggest motivator but you just gotta enter that state again. 

Once you’re there, you know that the low income which is happening during this one month of one year in your business is nothing compared to all the money you’re going to make, all the impact you’re creating in the world with what you do, and the bigger mission behind it all.

Choosing the path less traveled

If you’re in business, this is what you’re born to do. It will take some time to get to the ideal income level but on the way there, you’re learning the priceless lessons and developing the skills that will one day help you manage that money, enjoy every single dollar, live a life of abundance. 

This begins today, regardless of whether you earned $100, $5K, $10K, $50K in one month and still consider that low, or even didn’t see any profit because of the high expenses.

At any moment, remember that you chose this. Entrepreneurship is the hard way, but also the necessary way for most of us. It’s the path less traveled because it goes with challenges that are uncomfortable, with risk, too much responsibility, and the need for constant self-improvement. 

No one is there to save you or save your business. So every day you wake up, choose it all over again just like you choose a partner that you will spend the rest of your life with, you are grateful for anything that comes with it – including the new challenges and issues, and you take inspired action.

What to do during a low income month

With all that being said with a focus on the mindset work around low income months, let me share some tips on the actual actions.

All those projects you planned to work on that month, keep investing time and energy in them. Whatever was on your daily to-do list, keep getting it done.

If you’re not in the mood for big vision activities, focus on the smaller tasks. But keep taking action. Don’t let the numbers bring you down because if you waste time every day, you’ll only be more disappointed in yourself.

Be there for your business when things aren’t going well. Because it will be there for you for the rest of your life. 

Once the passive income is a sure thing, once you’re created systems and automated a lot, the income will be coming in whether or not you put in hours behind the screen daily. So you don’t need to care if things are going well or not today, you’re creating something bigger. Something that will help you build generational wealth, that will be paying your bills and allow you to upgrade your lifestyle, to travel anywhere, to reclaim your freedom in multiple ways. 

So a few months or even a year with low income or with no income is nothing when looking at the big picture. In fact, it’s not just normal and what almost anyone experiences, but it’s yet another test to see if you’re ready to be in business. It’s survival of the fittest and many people give up in the first year. 

They don’t adjust their expectations, they want quick results and they are limited by their past and present situation. But your future wealth is built by doing things you’ve never done before. So expecting to know how now doesn’t make any sense.

And I’ll leave you with that. Let me know what you think.