June 2020 Blog Income & Traffic Report [$4,000+ in Revenue]

So many things are happening in the online world every month during the coronavirus time. And I mean, awesome things.

Just in June, Teachable (the platform I use for courses) released Coaching. You can now become a coach and offer your services with ease using Teachable or even add that as a bonus to your existing course.

Publishers from all industries are adapting and responding to the pandemic by creating different types of content, one that readers and clients need more than ever these months and which can benefit them.

Many software companies saw more new customers than ever before due to everyone being at home and in front of the screen so much.

So many new income streams are available now with online education, coaching and therapy being in high demand. If you haven’t started a side hustle from your laptop till now, now is a chance you can’t miss. That’s why I’ll keep sharing resources on different ways you can do that or grow your existing business.

Bloggers saw a drop in advertising budget but now brands are slowly getting back on track and investing more into this again. 

Mediavine, one of the top ad networks for bloggers and the one I’m working with, updated their guidelines. Instead of accepting website owners with just 25K monthly page views, they doubled that (you need 50K before you can apply) and set some more restrictions so they can be more selective with the new publishers joining the network.

Digital products are still one of the best investments of our time as content creators (now, even more) as people are willing to take courses, try coaching, or take any other kind of lessons or follow tutorials on things in demand. 

I’m using the pandemic to complete my new course $1K Blogger (which is open for enrollment) and working on Financial Freedom Through Blogging 2.0 (that’s my premium blogging course which will now be thoroughly updated, turned into a video course with better tutorials, and made even bigger than before). 

Hope you too are keeping yourself busy these weeks and months. Let’s get to the reason why you’re here now – the numbers and updates. Here’s my blog income and traffic report for last month.

Blog Income Report

I earned a total of $4,240 in June 2020 from my blogging business.

Please keep in mind that’s gross income. A lot of it goes for fees I pay to other platforms, transaction fees, paying my own taxes (close to 30% of my income), insurance and pension. You can see all income reports.

Proof of Income

Here are some screenshots showing some of the revenue:

  • Ad revenue from Mediavine
mediavine earnings june 2020
  • Course sales
course sales june 2020
  • Affiliate income from Teachable
affiliate income june 2020
  • Other affiliate earnings
other affiliate income june 2020

Earnings from each income stream:


Sponsored content – $2,566

*My income from sponsored content is earned through online marketplaces for bloggers and advertisers (2 examples include ValuedVoice and SeedingUp) as well as networking with brands via email.

Display Advertising

Mediavine  – $879

Affiliate Marketing 

SiteGround (hosting)
Stupid Simple SEO (course)
Pinterest Traffic Avalanche (course)

6-Figure Blogger (course)

Total Affiliate Income: $400


Books $125
Courses $270

Financial Freedom Through Blogging
The Life Planner Kit
Blog Printables

Total Sales: $395

TOTAL (Gross Income): $4,240

Blogging Expenses

Business Bundle – $100
ProveSource – $21
WPX Hosting – $0 (paid yearly)
SiteGround – $52
Teachable – $0 (paid yearly)
ConvertKit – $0
Accountant – €0 (paid quarterly)
Mobile Plan – €27 
Health Insurance – €121,50
Transaction fees – $123

Blog Traffic

blog traffic june 2020

Pageviews: 60,279
Sessions: 50,433
Users: 44,200

Email Subscribers Update

email subscribers june 2020

New Subscribers: 473
Cancellations: 89
Net new subscribers: 384

The report you see is from ConvertKit – the email marketing tool I use and recommend.

Nearly 500 new people joined my list last month.

I’ve been investing a lot of time to learn the ins and outs of email marketing and pay more attention to any aspect of it, including the opt-in forms on my blog, the freebies I create, keeping my list clean by removing cold subscribers, sending a useful email to my list once a week, etc.

Something I did in June is to organize all the freebies I offer in a better way, remove some opt-ins (one was in a popular post and I was getting many sign-ups through it but it simply attracted the wrong kind of audience so I replaced the opt-in, even though the freebie is still available in the resource library), and crate the Financial Freedom Toolkit (more on that below).

Blog Updates

The Financial Freedom Toolkit

I’m taking a course on email marketing called The Hot List and I L-O-V-E it. Each module is so practical and I’m seeing a lot of stuff I’ve been doing wrong or have skipped over the past months. 

the hot list

I’m taking notes that will be reviewed again soon and am taking action after each module. 

The first thing I did was to work on my signature freebie. I knew I should have 1 main freebie, instead of new and old ones all over the place.
So, I deleted old ones on topics that are no longer relevant to my current audience and added a new one connected to my main topics and products (it’s on financial freedom + making money online + blogging). 

I re-designed my resource library and turned it into a password-protected page so only subscribers can access it. All my freebies are there and new ones will be added all the time.

I call it The Financial Freedom Toolkit, and created a sidebar promo graphic for it, a special landing page, and added an opt-in form on the homepage.

Then, in ConvertKit, I created a well-designed and actionable freebie delivery email and a whole new email series to get subscribers familiar with my story and work.

I finally did all that in the right order and strategically thanks to Krista (creator of The Hot List) and her tutorials and clear guidelines. 

Now, if there’s one thing I’d like the ideal reader to do once they land anywhere on the blog, it’s to sign up for this, get the toolkit, explore some of its freebies, and get motivated to start working on the next steps to financial freedom.

Blog Design & Branding

Branding: For a long time now, I wanted to show more of myself on the blog. I finally did it after taking the kind of photo I wanted (one of me holding my laptop) and placing it on the homepage and in the sidebar with a description and a link to my About page where I share my whole story.

Design: I’m improving the design elements in my biz in many ways at once. I use better images (latest ones are stock photos from Styled Stock Society. Grab 20 images for free using this link.)

I use new templates for my Pins and promo graphics on the blog.

I also update my opt-in forms, freebies and courses with quality images, my brand colors, etc.

Content creation

If there’s one thing I’ll always be regardless of how my business is changing over the years, that’s a content creator.

Back in the days I was creating content for freelance clients as well as blog posts for my blog which was just a side project for me.

Then, I was writing eBooks and many more articles for years.

Now, as a full-time blogger, I create courses and content for the blog and for my email list.

There are a million other tasks and activities in the day of a blogger, but content creation must be part of it. Whether it’s sending a newsletter to my audience, adding a new lecture to one of my courses, updating an old blog post, designing a Pin, publishing an income report, or replying to an email from a reader, that’s the type of content creation that matters in my biz.

No matter what else is going on, I show up in my business and stay true to my work by producing something everyday and getting it out there.

A few mistakes I see new bloggers make include the following:

  • Not creating enough content;
  • Hitting ‘Publish’ often but then waiting for something to happen, wondering what you did wrong, and giving up on the whole blogging thing;
  • Some bloggers that contact me also seem to be producing the wrong kind of content. For example, back in the days I was publishing countless new articles and waiting for traffic. Instead, I should have been building my email list and connecting with my subscribers, launching a digital product to provide even more value, designing fresh Pins for each article, and updating old content instead of covering the same topic with a new post.

How does your content creation strategy look like? And is there a strategy behind it at all, or are you simply producing and publishing?

Keep in mind that each piece of content should have a purpose. It can educate, inspire, answer a question, encourage to take action, etc.

Look at all the things you do as a content creator and see what you can change about the process.

New blog posts

Here’s some of the new content on the blog for last month:


How Elley Became a 6-Figure Business Coach

Elley was overworked and underpaid for years. She tried different side hustles, always things she was passionate about, and that got her started in business.

She then found coaching and everything changed. She now helps female entrepreneurs work less and earn more and made 6 figures in her first year as a full-time business coach.

In this interview, she shares:

  • why and how she decided to start a business
  • what she realized about her audience and niche
  • how she defined her ideal client
  • how she knew coaching was the right thing for her
  • mistakes she’s made in the early days
  • her current income streams and how she’s grown them
  • how she invests in herself and her biz
  • what helped her get to 6 figures

and much more. You can feel her passion and dedication from the detailed answers she gives in this interview.

New Biz Articles:

5 Things You Should Know Before Starting an Online Business
How to Make Money While Traveling
The 2020 Strategy to Boost Your Ad Revenue
How to Avoid Fatigue When Managing a Home-Based Business
Top Reasons SEO Should Be Your Focus Now

New Success Articles:

How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire
4 Hobbies to Perfect While at Home
Are Early Birds More Successful Than Night Owls
How to Protect Your Money

My Plan for Next Month

  • Next module for courses – I will try to release the whole next module of $1K Blogger (it’s about content creation and email marketing) as well as update the next one of Financial Freedom Through Blogging.
  • I will continue working through The Hot List and taking action after each lecture.
  • I’m working on the habit of creating new Pins daily. I stopped using Tailwind after the latest Pinterest updates as it doesn’t seem to be necessary in my case, so I simply create many fresh Pins and add them to Pinterest manually. Page views there are high (even reached a new personal milestone) and traffic from Pinterest to my blog is consistent on a daily basis.
  • I’d also like to plan my content for the month (posts and newsletters) in advance, but that will take some time. 

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